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October 16th, 2pm GMT along with Musement we held a webinar “Join travel’s megatrend: offer tours and activities with Musement”. On this page we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar. If you want to see recording, please use this link.

Rohan Singh: I Want to Start a Hotel Deal Website, Could You Please Help Me?

Yes sure. We have a guide on how to start a travel blog -> http://travelpayouts.com/blog/start-travel-blog/ or read our affiliate’s experience -> http://travelpayouts.com/blog/creating-and-monetizing-a-travel-website/

Murshid: How Can I Give the Offer to Our Customers ..? I Need to Give Offer Rate of Flight Tickets and Hotel Booking for Special Periods Like Christmas Offer Etc

Murshid, I guess you already a member of Travelpayouts. In your personal dashboard, you can find a set of tools for flight tickets and hotels. For Christmas and other special periods you can make a list of hot offers with affiliate links, or use Best deals widget, or calendar to provide automatically updated information.

Neven: How Much Money Can I Make as an Affiliate From Your Website?

Neven, your income varies on how much traffic you have, the niche you chose and other factors. Please read this article: http://travelpayouts.com/blog/make-money-travel-blogging/ to learn more, but take a note, that it’s hard to predict how much you can make as an affiliate. We have affiliates who earn $0 and $70 000 monthly.

Bogdan: How Can I Implement the Program on My Website?

To implement Musement affiliate program on your website, firstly subscribe to the program -> https://www.travelpayouts.com/campaigns/83, and use the affiliate tools on your website. For now you can use banners and links.

Malik: Do You Support on Call?

No, but we’re pretty fast emailers, so connect us via email support@travelpayouts.com

Vincenzo: Will Musement Tours and Activities Be Available for Affiliates?

Vincenzo, Musement is already available for the affiliates: https://www.travelpayouts.com/campaigns/83

Korab: How to Make Money With Affiliates?

Korab, if you’re new to Travelpayouts, check our webinar for newbies — it has answers to your question!

Rohan Singh: How We Can Add Commission?

Rohan, you can’t add an extra fee for online prices. But in case you have a travel agency, you can sell the activities for the prices you want. We have such affiliates, here is an interview with one of them.

Mike: Travelpayouts Summit Is an Amazing Idea, I Remember the Last Year’s One. Do You Have Any Plans to Organize a Summit in English Too?

Mike, we work on it, maybe we’ll start with meetups for webmasters in Europe – stay tuned!

Mike: Shradha, Are Your White Label and Widgets Available on Travelpayouts? I Don’t See It in My Dashboard… When It Will Be Added?

Mike, we’re working on it right now, I expect in one month we’ll have widgets and white label available if everything goes right!

Rohan Singh: Musement and Travelpayouts Are Different?

Rohan, Travelpayouts is a travel affiliate network with Musement and many other offers, Musement – is a T&A company.

Neven: Can I Add Hostelworld on My Website?

We don’t have Hostelworld affiliate program in Travelpayouts network, but Hostelworld is included to the Hotellook. So, you may use our hotel affiliate program and provide for your audience the best tool to find the lowest prices around the different services, not only Hostelworld.

Mike: What Works Better – Deep Linking or Widgets? Or White Label?

Mike, there is no answer that would suit for all and forever. You should try all, and find which affiliate tool works better on your project.

Murshid: How Can I Post Offers in a Particular Area (Tickets) In Our White Label Home Page?

Murshid, unfortunately, it’s impossible on our white label, however you can always add a new section with in-destination activities or add links to them in your blog articles.

Mike: Shradha, Can You Please Briefly Explain, What’s the Difference of Your Offer From the Similar Offers in Travelpayouts? I Want to See the Difference Between Let’s Say Musement and Tiqets, What Is Better?

Mike, Musement offers a wide range of activities, while Tiqets and most of the other competitors are narrowly focused on one product or one marker. For example, Tiqets is focused on the skip-a-line tickets, when on Musement your visitors may find them and much more other products as well.

Neven: How Do I Get 50% Commission?

Musement shares 50% from the own income. It doesn’t mean that your commision will be 50% from the ticket price.

Rohan Singh: We Have to Send Customers to Musement or to Travelpayouts?

Rohan, send your customers to your website proposing them services from Musement and other offers on Travelpayouts.

Neven: Can I Make 10K Monthly?

There is not any maximum payout limit.

Yajnesh T: Is It Possible to Have WWW.mysite.com Rather Than mysite.musement.com as White Label?

Please send this question to our support team support@travelpayouts.com

Jens: We Prefer API Only. Can You Provide API Access to All Your Products?

Yes, with Musement API, you have access to all our products, content, graphics, catalogs available across 8 languages.

Aruna: How to Get API Access of Musement?

Aruna, contact Travelpayouts support team with this request, they’ll help with all the ins and outs.

Mithun: Shradha Please Share Your Email ID So I Can Ask You to Clear My Doubts Regarding Travel Affiliate.


Holiday: Is There a Registration Process or Is It the Same as Travelpayouts?

Holiday, to join Musement affiliate program, you need to make Travelpayouts account first, and then subscribe to Musement in the Offers section or via the link -> https://www.travelpayouts.com/campaigns/83

Mike: Sorry for a Lot of Questions. But About Revenue Share – It’s Quite Hard to Predict What Is 50% From Your Income… How Much in Percent From the Price I Will Earn, at Least Approximately

The exact commision depends on the particular product. Every product has own conditions.

Aruna: I Have Access to Affiliate API but I Can’t See Musement API There?

Aruna, contact Travelpayouts support team with this request, they’ll help with all the ins and outs.

Mike: How I Can Find the Most Profitable (Highest Commision) In Italy?

Italy is our home market, there we have a lot of well-paid offers. Please write to email shradha.bhatia@musement.com to learn the products with the highest commision.

Aruna: Can I Get API Access for Mobile Application?

Yes sure, its the same for website and app.

Yajnesh T: Are There Apis for “Popular Destinations”?

Yes, Musement can share a list with you of all our key destinations and you can filter the products from the API basis the destination.

Holiday: In Your Experience Is It Better to Specialize in Something Particular or Would a General Approach Work?

Both strategies may work good or bad. You can combine both – start from the specialized project and then extend it to the general one.

Mahendran: If I Have a Blog and if I Need to Join, Do I Need Any License?

No, you can join Travelpayouts and Musement without any license

Chaabane Hameida: With Your Experience What Is the Best Media to Promote This Kind of Offers?

Travel blogs and content projects with the recommendations and reviews of the tours and excursions have good conversion rates.

Husein: Does It Have an Arabic Language and White Label for This Service?

Husein, not yet, but we’re working on it.

Fernando: What About Spanish?

We’re absolutely available in Spanish!

Aruna: Is It Necessary to Have a Website for API Access to Musement?

Any kind of a website or App is necessary for API access

Fernando: Is There a Link to the Tutorial on How to Implement the API?

Yes, Musement has a detailed documentation which is a step by step guide on how to implement our API. Musement also has a dedicated support team to help you at all times during and even after your integration.

Holiday: If You Are Just Starting Out With a Website Can You Still Register? (WordPress)

Yes, you can join with the new project as well, you are welcome.

Noble: From Your Past Experience, Would You Be Able to Share an Estimate on How Much Time Clients Have Taken to Integrate With Your Products?

Noble, for some of the affiliates, was enough even less than an hour, as they integrated the banners to the template. It’s hard to predict how much time it would take from you because it depends on the size of your project and skills. If you meet any troubles, we are always here to help you.

Yajnesh T: Is There a Minimum Conversion Threshold?

No, there is no minimum here. We together work with you to help increase your conversion rate as much as possible.

Dino: Most of the Amusement Product Don’t Cover Asia So Much, Can You Do Something for Maldives?

We do not have products available in Maldives and they wont be available anytime soon. However, we are expanding across sun and beach destinations greatly in Asia and Worldwide. We cover Asia and trying to expand our coverage, so soon there will be more products available.

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