Webinar Q&A:“How to Earn on Travel in the New Normal With Klook”

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On September 3, we hosted the webinar “How to earn on travel in the new normal with Klook” with Daria Sukhoroslova, Senior Partner Relations Manager at Travelpayouts. On this page, we have collected answers to all questions from the webinar.

​What Are the Top Geos for Klook?

Answer: Of course, currently the APAC market is the main one for us, EMEA is the main growth opportunity. But while working with markets in Klook, we’re looking at the top destinations for each origin market. For the moment it means that all our markets are concentrated primarily on domestic activities. In a normal year, for example, top destinations for Russia would be Thailand, Middle East, and European capitals (Paris, Rome).

​Will You Cover Today the Best-Converting Destinations and Services You’re Offering Right Now? What Are Your Numbers Saying About the Current Trends?

Answer: That would be, first of all, domestic activities in each of the markets: staycations, food & beverage, delivery and also transportation: we’ve recently launched a point-to-point platform for airport transfers, which is the safest form of transportation in these uncertain times, and it shows very good results. 

​How Would You Define the Word “Tourist” in 2020? Can a Person Traveling Within Their Own Region Be Considered a Tourist Now?

Answer: Definitely. International and domestic tourists have the same aim: to discover, to find some recreation. 

​Klook Just Approved My Affiliation Yesterday. My Question Is How Klook Can Now Help Me Get the Commission Since International Travel Is Not Happening as Expected. I’m From Bangladesh.

Answer: Welcome onboard! We understand the challenges for international travel, therefore we recommend you to promote domestic experiences, transportation services, or regional travel to countries nearby. There are a wide range of options available on Klook for you to promote.

​Is Klook’s Wl Available on TP?

Answer: Unfortunately, Klook’s WL is not available at the moment. However, we do offer product feed and dynamic widget as the latest affiliate integration.

​I Already Work With Getyourguide but Would Like to Try Klook. So, My Main Question Here Is: What Are Your Advantages Compared to Gyg? Which Affiliate Tools Perform Better Specifically for Your Program?

Answer:  First of all, in most cases we have better prices. Secondly, we cover more verticals and offer everything from tours & attractions to staycations and food delivery. For transportation, we make sure we follow user flow people are used to that is why we have separate pages for rail and airport transfers.  In terms of affiliate tools, we currently have dynamic widgets, product feed, as well as banner visuals.

​Have You Seen Any Growth in Demand for Certain Services Within Klook?

Answer: Growth varies based on different target markets. In Europe, we see demands in domestic experiences and transportation services (rail, car rental etc). As for Asia, we see an increase in bookings of f&b activities and hotel staycations. 

​What Are the Current Traffic Requirements to Get Approved? / My Traffic Is Very Low at the Moment, Can I Still Get Approved for Your Program as I Work on Building Back?

Answer: Yes, we welcome anyone to be our affiliate. 

​Could You Please Show Your Breakdown of Affiliate Commissions for Different Services?

Answer: Affiliate commission is 5% for all categories and 2% for Special activities. Reach out to your Travelpayout account manager to get the detailed breakdown.

​I Have Not Made Any Commission Due to COVID-19, How Does That Affect Klook and Your Travelpayouts Program?

Answer: We understand it is a challenging time during COVID for travel affiliates. We hope you stay with us and grow with us when travel resumes.

​I’ve Heard That You Have Some Kind of a Bonus Program for Your Customers (When They Receive Points for Purchases and Can Use Them Later). Is It True? Can You Tell More About It?

Answer: Yes, for each booking we grant Klook Credits. The total amount of credits you get will be shown at the booking stage. You can also get some bonuses for reviews. More information can be found here.

​Do You Have an API Integration for Websites for More Direct Sales(Type of an Ota Service)?

Answer: We do offer API integration for direct sales. However that won’t be part of the affiliate program at Travelpayouts. Feel free to submit an enquiry through Daria Sukhoroslova, Klook’s account manager at Travelpayouts: daria.sukhoroslova@travelpayouts.com

​What Are Your Predictions as to When Everything Will Go Back to Normal? When Will the “New Normal” Go Back to “Normal Normal”?

Answer: We would love to be able to give you an answer. Unfortunately, the world is showing rebound in some places and then an increase in cases in the other. We think travelling will be closer to normal by the end of this year, but people definitely will remain more cautious.  

Does Klook Work in India? Does It Work for Domestic Flights and Hotels in India?

Answer: Yes, it does. We offer a wide selection of experiences across multiple cities in India. Feel free to check out our offer here.

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