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Radical Storage is a service that allows travelers to find and book online luggage storage in over 70 countries around the world.

Radical Storage

This service is used by tourists who want to visit a museum, but worry that they won’t be able to enter with a large backpack, as well as those who want to enjoy a walk around the city before checking into their hotel or after checking out when there is still time left before their departure.

Join the Radical Storage affiliate program and earn 8% on each paid booking. 

About Radical Storage

Travelers can find and book luggage storage on the Radical Storage website or via the mobile app. For this, users simply need to:

  1. Go through a simple registration process, which takes under three minutes. 
  2. Choose the necessary destination from a list of cities to find available luggage storage. On the map, the user will see the approximate location of each storage option. They will only be sent the exact address after paying for the booking.
Luggage storage options on Radical Storage
Luggage storage options on Radical Storage

3. Choose any convenient date and time to check-in and return the luggage. The time that the traveler indicates is approximate. While it’s possible to check-in or check-out the bag earlier or later than the selected time, the drop off or pick up must be done during the working hours of the luggage storage facility.

4. Pay for the luggage storage. After paying for the booking, the user will see a page with a QR code that they should show to the host (the owner of the storage facility). If the QR code doesn’t work, it’s possible to use the booking number from the letter with the booking confirmation. 

If the traveler pays for the luggage storage in the Radical Storage mobile app, they’ll get access to free audio guides (when available), brief recommendations on what to do in the city, as well as discounts and special offers from partners of the service. 

Advantages of Radical Storage for Travelers

  1. Ease of Use. Users can book and pay for luggage storage in a few clicks on the website or mobile app. These quick instructions will help them navigate:
How to store luggage on Radical Storage in four steps
How to store luggage on Radical Storage in four steps
  1. Guarantees. Radical Storage covers the luggage with insurance up to €3,000 per bag. If something happens to the luggage, the service compensates the traveler for any damages. 
  2. Popular Locations. Radical Storage provides over 3,500 luggage storage options, which are located mainly in city centers and near major attractions. Users can take advantage of Radical Storage’s facilities in both big cities and small settlements, such as the Greek island of Zakynthos. The full list of the cities is available in the Radical Storage destinations catalog.
  3. 24/7 Customer Support. Users can contact the support team via web chat or by using the app. Support agents will answer users’ questions day and night within five minutes.
  4. Fixed Pricing. The price to storage a single bag is €5 per day. No additional fees are charged for the volume or weight of the luggage.
  5. Loyalty Program. When using the Radical Storage app, the traveler receives bonus perks, such as free online tours to popular tourist destinations as well as discounts for public transportation and sightseeing.
Radical Storage mobile app
Radical Storage mobile app

Radical Storage Partner Program

The partner reward is 8% on each purchase completed by users on the desktop and mobile versions of the site. However, partners won’t be rewarded for bookings made via the mobile app.

The brand allows various traffic sources: content projects, traffic arbitrage, cashback projects, coupons, and promo codes. Travel agencies can also earn with Radical Storage. 

Partners can access the link generator, links, and banners.You can learn more about the terms on the partner program page.

Advantages of the Radical Storage Partner Program

  • Largest Luggage Storage Network. Radical Storage works with over 3,000 luggage storage facilities.
  • 24/7 Service. Travelers can book luggage storage on any day and at any time. Should any questions arise, the 24/7 customer support agents will answer any questions and help travelers pay for the service. 
  • Worldwide Geotargeting. The Radical Storage partner program accepts traffic from around the world. 
  • Adaptive Design of Landing Pages. The user can easily book on any device, which increases conversions.

Tips on How to Earn With the Partner Program

Tell About the Service Importance

Tell your audience why they might need the Radical Storage service and how it can be helpful during their trips. It’s more efficient to share a personal story. For example, you can explain how your bag was stolen in a hostel’s shared room while you were talking a walk or how a security guard didn’t allow you to enter a museum because of your big bag. Many users can relate to such stories. 

Try Cross-Selling

Radical Storage offers services that travelers can purchase separately or together with other travel products. To take advantage of this, use cross-selling, a strategy that allows you to increase your income by recommending related goods and services.

For example, a tourist who wants to book a tour on GetYourGuide might worry that their personal things could get stolen. Offer these travelers the chance to leave their bag or backpack in a Radical Storage facility to travel light and worry-free.

Update Information

Radical Storage, just like any other business, is constantly growing. For example, in June of 2021, the service offer 2,500 storage locations, while now it offers over 3,500. Follow the service updates. There will probably be new luggage storage destinations added to the list of cities or a better offer that your audience might be waiting for.

Join the Radical Storage partner program and earn 8% on the cost of each luggage storage booking made.

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