Earn on train tickets and rail passes with Rail Europe

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Join the Rail Europe affiliate program and earn on European rail products, like rail passes and train tickets. In this article, you’ll find out the benefits of the Rail Europe service, popular destinations and ideas of how to inspire tourists travel by train.

Earn on train tickets and rail passes with Rail Europe

What is Rail Europe

Rail Europe is the leading distributor of European rail products. It provides access to an extensive array of rail products from over 50 European train companies. Rail Europe helps travelers find their own path by guiding and offering tools and inspiration for traveling by train in Europe.

On raileurope.com you can choose destination, find detailed information about trains with photos, read about classes of service and features of booking tickets.

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Rail Europe affiliate program

Join the Rail Europe affiliate program and get 3% of the train tickets cost and 4% of the rail passes cost.

Rail Europe affiliate program benefits

  1. Wide audience: Rail Europe provides localized, expert service to 5.5 million travelers per year.
  2. Excellent service, which is easy to recommend. Rail Europe makes trips comfortable and support clients before, during and after the journey.
  3. Rail Europe’s web-page is user-friendly and localized.

Promotional materials

Use banners and custom links. Links to pages with routes can be found on page Discover Europe or on page Destinations.

Market segments

There are five audience segments. We will explain why they choose to travel by train.

Families with children

Traveling by train is comfortable, safe and quick. If you count the total time spent on the road to the airport and airport control, it turns out that traveling by train is faster. Also, you can walk at any time on the train, which is very important, because children don’t sit still for a long time.


Traveling by train is romantic. During the trip you can observe beautiful landscapes through the window.


The plane is not always suitable for seniors for health reasons. In addition, traveling by train is easy. No need to come to the station a few hours in advance and think about what you can or cannot take on board.

Young tourists

Train tickets are frequently cheaper than flight tickets. The railway station is usually located in the city center, so you can reach it by public transport without spending money on a taxi. You can network with other travelers in the train as well.


Time spent on the train will not be lost. There are sockets and Wi-Fi in trains, so during the whole trip you can connect to the internet and work.

Rail Europe advantages for travelers

  1. Rail Europe collaborates with over 50 European rail companies. Travelers have a choice among best railway offers on the European market.
  2. Moving around Europe by train is a comfortable and romantic adventure – not just transportation.
  3. If a tourist wants to simply “see Europe,” but has no idea where to go, Rail Europe will help them decide. The list of itineraries with description is truly inspirational and it helps to choose a destination for a future trip.
  4. The web site is translated into eight languages, so that tourists from different countries can easily use it.
  5. Users can choose between tickets and rail passes, as well as between different kinds of trains and classes of service, and there is a detailed description for each one of them.
  6. Rail Europe’s trip planner will construct the most perfect and comfortable itinerary, considering the time limit of a traveler.
Rail Europe travel planner

What to write about

In this part of the article, we’ll tell you what content is useful and interesting for readers and convert them into Rail Europe customers.

Service review

The best way is to try the service and describe your experience. First person narrative and real photos taken on the trip always impress more than dryly reciting the service description and add a few screenshots. If you don’t have an opportunity to travel now, try to collect reviews from people who actually used the services of the company.

Route description

Choose a few of the most popular itineraries and describe them in detail:

  • What trains follow this route and how they are different from others?
  • What train and class of service would suit a young couple or a family with children?
  • Which stations do the trains stop at on the way, and what beautiful places can you see in the meantime?
  • Should print out the ticket or just show it on your phone?
  • Where should you eat on the way? How you can buy a ticket including meals on the train? Do you need to book a seat?

Description of trains and seat classes

It is always interesting to know the conditions of your traveling:

  • What different seat classes look like
  • What you can see through the panoramic windows on the train
  • What meals on the train consist of

You can write articles or make videos for your YouTube channel or social media.

Ticket or rail pass

Describe the difference between a ticket and a rail pass and help your readers understand when each one of them is beneficial. Rail Europe has a special material on that.

Calculate the trip cost

Choose popular destinations and calculate the trip cost for different transportations. You can also come up with a few itineraries for beginners. Suggest what cities to visit, what to see in each of them, what tours to take and how to buy tickets for transport. Indicate how much time it will take and how much it will cost. For example, “See Germany in five days.”

Popular destinations

Rail Europe shares their top itineraries.

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