Use Skyscanner Flights API to Earn More on Flight Search and Flight Booking

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API integration allows you to display near-real-time data on your website and provide your audience with the latest information about their flight. This greatly helps you to build trust and grow a loyal community around your website or blog. With many different APIs available today, you should consider how to choose the best solution for your brand. In this post, we’ve shared an overview of Skyscanner’s Flights API, a leading solution in the travel industry, reviewed the service’s affiliate program, and shared alternatives for earning money on flight tickets.

About Skyscanner

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Skyscanner is a global travel search platform that allows users to compare and find the best travel deals around the world on flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and more. Skyscanner displays real-time offers from both local and global providers, such as Expedia,, etc.

Launched in 2003 as a simple way to compare flight prices, Skyscanner has grown into a global company whose services are used by over 100 million travelers per month. Today, the service is available in over 30 languages and accepts all major currencies to make the booking process as simple as possible. Skyscanner is also available as a mobile application.

To help travelers and grow the tourism industry, Skyscanner regularly shares its expertise through reports, insights, rankings, webinars, blog articles, social media posts, and newsletters.

About Skyscanner’s API

Skyscanner’s Flights API is a leading solution for connecting to all important flight data and building a website or app with advanced price search options and rapid response times. 

Here are some of the main features of Skyscanner’s Flights API:

  • Price streaming in real time
  • Access to browse and live prices feeds
  • A wide range of geo formats and simple integration with geo-tagged pages that already exist on your website
  • RESTful API format with JSON or XML responses available
  • Developer portal offers online test harnesses and change logs, while providing technical support and all necessary documentation
  • Regularly optimized technology
  • Enable broad search queries with browse cache API


As there are multiple API solutions available in the niche, sometimes it is not easy to choose the best option. Below are some of the advantages that make Flights API by Skyscanner stand out among the competition:

  • Enhance travel search on your website
  • With this API’s mobile-first approach, you can reap the benefits of the latest niche trends
  • Simple and flexible travel search integration
  • Full technical support for integration with a dedicated account manager, engineering team, and developer hub
  • Webmasters can track and manage their rewards via a dedicated dashboard
  • Global coverage of more than 30 markets and languages and over 1,000 travel partners

How to Get Access

To access Skyscanner’s Flights API key, you need to fill in the request form. Remember that by using the company’s API, you agree to follow its UX, design, and usage guidelines.

How to Earn on Flight Tickets

If you want to integrate a flight API on your website or blog, you should also look into how to monetize your traffic with affiliate links. You can do this by becoming a Skyscanner affiliate or using other aggregator or airline affiliate program that better suits your business.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

The Skyscanner affiliate program allows webmasters to earn commissions by referring users and enticing them to complete bookings via affiliate tools. 

The program is available through the CJ Affiliate network. Payouts are based on geo-targeting, so you need to join regions that you are knowledgeable about, as you’ll only receive rewards for local traffic. You also need to have a website to join the program.

WayAway Affiliate Program

However, if you cannot meet the conditions of the program (for example, if you haven’t been approved for the CJ Affiliate program), make sure to explore other affiliate opportunities, such as the WayAway affiliate program.

WayAway is a flight aggregator that allows users to compare and book flight tickets from all major US and international airlines. Furthermore, users can earn up to 10% cashback on bookings of flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel deals with the WayAway Plus membership plan. This is actual cashback sent to users’ PayPal accounts and not just points or miles.

Affiliates can earn 50% of the brand’s revenue from airlines and travel agencies, as well as $10 for each sale of the WayAway Plus program. In contrast to other affiliate programs, the WayAway affiliate program allows projects of any type and scale to earn, including content projects ranging from travel sites to social network pages, travel agencies, and cashback projects. The WayAway affiliate program also allows for media buying and lets you save money on your own trips or earn from your friends’ trips.

You can join WayAway partner program in just one click on your Travelpayouts affiliate dashboard to start earning immediately. 

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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