Let’s Meet Up and Network at TBEX Europe 2024!

Maria Kuznetsova Maria Kuznetsova
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Travelpayouts is gearing up for an exciting adventure at TBEX Europe this May 28-31 in the stunning city of San Sebastian, Spain. We’re looking forward to seeing you there! We believe that every chat with a travel blogger opens up new avenues for innovation. That’s why TBEX Europe is so important to us. It’s not just an event; it’s where we get to listen, learn, and find new ways to help you make money while doing what you love – traveling!

Let's Meet Up and Network at TBEX Europe 2024!

Every time we talk to a travel blogger, we walk away with something priceless – insights. Your experiences, challenges, and needs help us fine-tune our technology. They inspire us to create solutions that not only make your life easier but also boost your earnings. Simply put, you help us to help you.

TBEX Europe: A Hub of Opportunity

TBEX Europe is the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers; it’s a melting pot of ideas, stories, and passion for exploration. Taking place in the beautiful Basque Country, it’s the perfect backdrop for inspiration and creativity. And as the only Emerald sponsor this year, we’ve got some cool activities lined up just for you, which we’ll talk about next.

Join Us at Speaking Session at 10.35 a.m. May 31

Don’t miss out on our public-talk, “Unveiling the Secret AI Weapons of Travel Bloggers”, at 10.35 a.m. May 31, where we’ll be sharing our thoughts about using artificial intelligence in travel blogging and partner marketing, the conclusions from our own research on how travel bloggers use AI, and applicable strategies and insights into making technology work for you. 

Our public-talk promises to be an enlightening experience, full of tips and tricks that will empower your blogging journey.

Stay Energized with Us!

We understand that the most brilliant ideas come when the mind is refreshed and energized. On that note, Travelpayouts is delighted to offer complimentary coffee, lemonade, and smoothies to all guests at the conference. The beverage stand will be located at our branded desk during both days of the conference. It’s our little way of ensuring you stay fueled, hydrated, and in high spirits as you mingle, learn, and get inspired.

Let’s Network at TBEX!

We’re always delighted to share our tools, updates, and ideas with you. As the Travelpayouts platform is entirely focused on making money through travel blogging, all of our technology is niche-specific. And we’re also an oracle of knowledge and advice!

Five people from Travelpayouts are coming to TBEX:

  1. Elizaveta Chobitko, Influencer Marketing Lead 
  2. Yuta Dobkyavichute, Business Development Team Leader
  3. Kristina Burlya, Business Development Manager
  4. Alexander Zaytsev, Head of Business Development
  5. Max Pavlov, Head of Product

It’s no coincidence that they’re all from different teams. We figured that would be the best way to allow you to discuss literally everything: from the development of your blog to our product updates,  partnerships, and collaborations!

Where to Find Us: Look out for the Travelpayouts desk and banners – you can’t miss us! Our friendly team will be there throughout the conference, ready to chat, answer questions, and share insights.

TBEX Europe is an incredible opportunity to connect, and we can’t wait to meet you and explore how we can grow together. See you in San Sebastian!

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