The Priceline Affiliate Program

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Priceline is a one-stop travel booking platform that offers hotels, airline tickets, car rentals, and other travel services. You can earn on most of the services provided by joining the Priceline affiliate program.

About Priceline 

Priceline is one of the largest US platforms on which to book hotels, airline tickets, rental cars, cruises, tours, and other travel services.

Previously, the platform made a splash in the travel market, allowing customers to book services at prices they determined themselves, thanks to the “Name Your Price” concept. Today, Priceline is one of the most popular web-based booking platforms in the US and, along with the companies that make up the Priceline Group, one of the largest travel companies in America.

Priceline offers customers a wide range of travel services, which include:

  • Airline Tickets
  • Tours and Attractions
  • Cruises
  • Ground Transportation
  • Car Rentals
  • Accommodations
  • And more

One of the main specializations of Priceline is hotels. Recently, Priceline also introduced a special hotel booking option called Express Deals. In the search results, the names of the hotels are hidden and customers are only provided with the prices.

Priceline offers services to tourists and business travelers alike.

How the Priceline Affiliate Program Works

Priceline’s travel partner program is a one-stop solution for monetizing travel traffic. The company works with the following industries:

  • Airlines 
  • Tourist Attractions 
  • Ground Transportation
  • Financial Institutions 
  • Hospitality
  • Resorts
  • Travel Agencies 
  • Tour Operators
  • Wholesalers
  • Aggregators 
  • Credit Card Programs 
  • Corporate Travel
  • And more

After joining the Priceline affiliate network, you will earn commissions from each travel service sold. For example, you will earn money on selling flight tickets, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Thanks to the large selection of available travel services, Priceline is not just a flight affiliate program, it is a travel affiliate network where you can earn on various travel services.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

Cookie Lifetime30 days

The Priceline affiliate commission rate varies between 3 and 5%. For flights, you will receive the lowest commission. Priceline is known for high commission rates on the hotels; however, the rates on flights are average as most alternative programs offer similar or better rates. The 30-day cookie duration is also an average market duration. Therefore, the Priceline offer is within the realities of the market but does not offer any extremely favorable conditions.

Benefits of Joining the Priceline Affiliate Program 

The Priceline partner network provides partners with an extended set of tools, including:

  • Links
  • Banners
  • API
  • Private Label

The last two are not available to all partners, but the presence of such advanced tools makes the affiliate program suitable not only for bloggers, but also for travel agencies and other advanced users. This is quite an impressive set of tools, as most alternative airline programs, such as Airfordable, Air France, British Airways, or Scott’s Cheap Flights, do not provide even half of these tools.

By joining the Priceline affiliate program, partners receive advanced tools as well as the following benefits:

  • World-class global hotel supply 
  • Cars from all major rental car brands
  • Flights from more than 200 airlines

Priceline offers a customizable booking engine for partners’ needs.

Review of the Priceline Affiliate Program

Priceline is more than just an affiliate program for airline tickets, it’s a travel partner network. The brand does not have a clear specialization in airline tickets. Priceline is most often used by partners specifically for working with hotels since, in this niche, Priceline provides one of the best conditions on the market (over 980,000 properties and exclusive discounts).

Anyone who is looking for the best flights affiliate program should look into alternative programs. For example, you can join the WayAway affiliate program, which is a flight tickets aggregator to provide your audience with a convenient price comparison tool for hundreds of airlines and agencies, while earning on every booking.

WayAway also provides customers with a unique cashback opportunity from various travel services. This means that, when buying a ticket or other service, a person can return part of the cost and eventually buy it for one of the lowest prices on the market. Partners also receive commissions for promoting the cashback subscription.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
Join Now

Priceline is connected to 263 major airlines worldwide. This is a decent amount, but may not be enough in some markets. Before offering brand services to your audience, be sure to determine if, among the available destinations, there are destinations and airlines that your audience needs.

The Priceline commission and cookie lifetime are both average for the market, therefore, the affiliate program does not differ from most of other offers. With that said, the brand offers fair conditions for different travel services. As a result, thousands of partners have already chosen Priceline for monetization of their travel blogs. Among the partners, there are also travel agencies, as the brand offers advanced tools, such as API and White Label.

The Priceline affiliate program accepts traffic from all over the world, but in some cases, restricts partners from using the program in certain countries. The offer is available both directly and via some affiliate networks. Priceline’s conditions may vary slightly depending on the network and region (this also applies to the remuneration policy).

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for monetizing travel traffic, the Priceline affiliate program may be an attractive option. However, according to Priceline reviews from partners, the program is suitable mainly for making money on hotels, along with the affiliate program and car rentals via Rentalcars.

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