Earn with Snaptravel’s revolutionary approach to hotel bookings

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As more and more customers are booking their travels on smartphones and other mobile devices, travel brands that offer mobile experiences present greater earnings opportunities for affiliate marketers and travel bloggers. Snaptravel is one such platform. Snaptravel allows brands to deliver personalized offers directly to their customers, who only need to send a message to receive the best deals on the market. Read on to learn more about Snaptravel’s advantages for clients and how to earn with its affiliate program, which is now available via Travelpayouts.


About Snaptravel

Snaptravel homepage screenshot
Snaptravel homepage screenshot

Snaptravel is a revolutionary product created by Snapcommerce that offers the best travel deals via SMS, WhatsApp, and Messenger. The service accumulates thousands of hotel offers via an advanced machine-learning algorithm directly from its partners. All offers are filtered by price, destination, quality, and value.

What sets Snaptravel apart is that it allows travel brands to deliver personalized offerings directly to their customers, who can conveniently book hotels or flights right in the messenger.

So, how does it work? The process is very straightforward:

  • The user sends a message with their desired destination, dates, and travel preferences.
  • Snaptravel’s team picks three top deals and sends them back to the user via personal message.
  • The user selects the best option and receives an instant confirmation. 

Users can talk to both bots and human agents to make reservations.

Customer journey on Snaptravel
Customer Journey on Snaptravel

Snaptravel was founded in 2016 by Snapcommerce, an international commerce platform focused on evolving mobile shopping experiences across various niches. Since its foundation, the service has been able to generate over $100 million in funding, $1 billion in total sales, and 30 million users in its database.

This growth is due to the company’s revolutionary technology that allows users to discover the best travel items upon request by simply sending a message instead of spending hours on price comparisons and endless browsing. This especially aligns with the needs of Gen-Y and Gen-Z customers, who usually don’t have a personal computer and use their mobile devices to shop and surf the internet.

Thanks to Snaptravel’s smart approach, the company was able to reach and even grow more profitable during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and economic decline. Snaptravel’s focus on delivering the best possible prices to travellers, with a mobile first approach, has attracted a loyal customer base of price conscious travellers in a segment that is growing rapidly. 

Brands also benefit from partnering with Snaptravel, as they can reduce marketing expenses and reach their target audience via personal messages. Direct communication also allows for trust to be built and for the customers to personalize their experiences.

Advantages for Snaptravel’s Customers

  • Clients can save up to 50% on stays in over 200,000 hotels with exclusive deals from Snaptravel
  • Accommodations for every taste and budget
  • 24/7 support via Facebook Messenger or SMS
  • VIP Packages include upgrades, expense integrations, and credits
  • Payments can be made by card, PayPal, or Apple Pay
  • Snaptravel’s team will send top three picks that match the client’s destination and dates

The Snaptravel Affiliate Program

With Snaptravel, partners can earn 5% of the completed hotel stay cost. With the average booking price being about $120, one sale can generate about $6. 

All purchases made on the desktop and mobile versions of the Snaptravel website are commissionable, except for bookings made in the app.

Allowed traffic types include: 

  • Content Projects
    • Websites
    • Newsletters
    • Social Networks 
    • Content Platforms
    • Mobile Apps
    • Messengers
    • Video Platforms
  • Travel Agencies
  • Cashback Projects
  • Coupon or Promo Code Websites
  • Media Buying
    • Ad Networks
    • Context Ads
    • SEO
  • Saving money when using Snaptravel for your own travels or trips taken by your friends

Advantages of the Snaptravel Affiliate Program

  • Accommodations at the best prices on the market
  • Strong conversion rates
  • Worldwide geotargeting
  • Sales attribution on desktop and mobile purchases

Learn more about the Snaptravel partner program in your personal account at Travelpayouts.

5% partner reward
30 days the cookie lifetime
$120 average price
The Snaptravel Partner Program

How to Earn on Hotel Bookings with Snaptravel

Below, we’ve gathered some information on how to increase your conversions and earnings with Snaptravel.

Brand’s audience

Snaptravel’s travellers are extremely price sensitive. They are customers who don’t just want to save on travel, but they need to save on travel. They are predominantly mobile first, younger, and looking for travel in the very near future, often booking lodging for the same day, next day, or for travel within the current month. 

Popular products and destinations

Snaptravel’s travellers are looking for the best available pricing on lodging and favour pricing over luxury. Focusing on lower price and lower star hotels and accommodation will drive customers centred around Snaptravel’s core value proposition. 

Top 20 Destinations for Snaptravel users

  1. Las Vegas
  2. Toronto
  3. Atlantic City
  4. Banff
  5. Orlando
  6. Cancun
  7. San Diego
  8. Cabo San Lucas
  9. Houston
  10. London
  11. Dallas
  12. Manchester
  13. Phoenix
  14. Perth
  15. Austin
  16. Sydney
  17. Chicago
  18. Paris
  19. San Antonio
  20. Marseille

Best Marketing Practices

  • Create inspirational content that will encourage readers to travel and book their journey with Snaptravel. Start by analyzing what your audience is looking for and then create content accordingly. For example, you can write about the best destinations for each season or create travel guides to particular locations and encourage users to book their trips with Snaptravel.
  • Sharing personal stories can always help yield results, so it would be perfect if you could write about booking with Snaptravel from your own experience. Details might be very useful to readers and may help them organize better stays.
  • Discuss the advantages and features of Snaptravel and how it differs from other platforms in the niche.
  • Create top lists, such as “Top City Breaks”, “Best Summer Destinations This Year”, “The best cheap hotels”, and so on.
  • Provide the audience with solutions. Think about what might be hard for audiences when organizing a trip and share content that will provide useful solutions to their problems.
  • Use CTA’s focused on price and discounting. 
  • Cross-promote. If you have several promotion channels, be sure to leverage them to reach out to the maximum number of users.