Case №1. Travel site with Android app

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We have got the first case from our affiliate Jaseel. He has his own travel project and gets the main income from Android App based on our free Flights SDK.

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How did I start my project?

I have started this project exactly last year and I really didn’t mean to start a travel business. I have got a new domain and I googled what I can do with this and my luck I had got Travelpayouts and started my project in a professional manner. I tried to utilize the widgets available to make a website good looking one. I always tried to improve and spent more time to promote the website.

I have created a website through Weebly and my main website promotion media is Facebook. I have used a tool NinjaBlaster which is a fully automating tool on Facebook and we can control multiple accounts easily with this. Even it costs $99 for the lifetime it is much helpful for me and fully automated my Facebook promotion work. I have used Hootsuite for controlling all social medias under a single platform.

Proper support and continuous engagement of our customers will surely increase the number of bookings. Integrating Helpdesk should be more helpful to proper customer support. And Mailchimp is another one from which you can send customer offers and all to make them connected with us always. At starting of a basic plan both Helpdesk and MailChimp are needed.

How to promote Android app?

In Android App I always look for keywords in the description. Because it’s the way google shows the app. But in my opinion keyword stuffing is not useful in App store. And I have also looked for good looking app screenshots and app reviews. These both are major factors that attract people to download the app. As in my experience it’s sure that you can make much more downloads if you work on it constantly. I have iOS app, too.

The main thing that influences downloads is the app name. It’s the main keyword that google considers. For good traffic we need to impress the visitors in the first look for that we need a good rating, description, and set of screenshots as well. In the case of reviews, you can get it from Fiverr in low cost with your own comment. It should be much useful for you app and helps to increase play store rank. And in description keyword stuffing should be useful in play store. The app will show in the play store as per your app name and description keywords. For screenshots, you can use LaunchKit and it will help you to create awesome ones for Android as well as iOS. Keep monitoring your app and should reply to good and bad user comments. App monitoring can be done by AppTweak and it suggests better SEO.

And at last you create the App link at the bottom of the website and it makes perfection on your business.

Some advice for colleagues

To my new affiliate friends, as in my knowledge Travelpayouts is the best affiliate program I have ever seen. There is no affiliate who has many options and I am very impressed with their customer support. This is the best way you can earn by starting your own branded company. And one more thing don’t disappoint if your start earning less, you can increase it easy and keep increasing as in my case.

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