Travelpayouts WordPress Plugin New Beta (v 0.7)

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We would like to present to you a new beta version of the plugin. The plugin will be released in the repository next week. We’ll be glad if you install the plugin and test it now. If there are any errors, we will try to fix them as much as possible by next week. Download the archive file containing the beta version.

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Why haven’t we released an update for so long?

We wanted to create a lot of tables for hotels. We’ve almost done it but we realized that in the current format of the hotels data API, it would be very difficult in terms of speed of operation on weak hosting serves (most of them are weak by the way) – too much data would have to be downloaded and processed. As a result, we had to partially rework and comment out part of the work done till better times. But there is also some positive news. Once we finish developing the hotel white label – and that could be earlier than scheduled – we will complete work on the hotels data API and add more useful tables to the plugin. Fortunately, the work was not done in vain.

What’s new in the current version:

  • 2 hotel tables: selections and selections by dates. Note that selections by dates are displayed if these data are present in the cache. Otherwise, nothing will be displayed. Simple selections are shown in 99% of cases. When the plugin is activated, different themes for avia and hotel tables are automatically selected so that users could visually see the difference.
  • Optimized statistics query. By the way, does anyone use it in the plugin? We plan to remove it.
  • Added currencies, now we have 63 of them. Some of them are not yet supported in our white label, but they will be in the next update, which will feature new currencies and 15 new localizations.
  • We’ve added an option for displaying currency symbol in the price. Now you can hide, or show up to a numerical value, after or just show the currency code instead of the symbol.
  • We’ve fixed a bug with the popular trend widget. Some users had problems inserting it using the plugin.
  • We’ve added an exception to the scripts of our plugin from automatic mini-floating Cloudflare and plugin WP Fastest cache.
  • We’ve removed old redirects, added support everywhere for migrating through https.
  • We’ve fixed a bunch of bugs in the layout and other minor errors.

How to test

I recommend testing on a separate WP install. Be sure you have a backup of your site and make the plugin’s settings export (Settings – Export).

Again make sure you have a backup, download a ZIP and install it to your WordPress manually: unzip to your FROM to /plugins/ or upload it via WP dashboard. Be sure you deactivated the current version of the plugin and deleted it.

What’s next?

We are expanding our plugin development team to speed up the development.

After that, we plan to carry out a major refactoring of the plugin. We will rewrite the code (backend, JS) so that it could work faster and new features could be added more conveniently. Also, a new settings interface has been partially rendered – finally, we won’t be ashamed of it. Thank you for enduring this 🙂

So that’s the news we have for you today. Any questions and suggestions? Please put them down in the comments section.

Do you have any questions and suggestions? Leave them in comments. Thanks.

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