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Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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According to 2015 Report of the W3Techs laboratory, 25% of all websites use Wordpress platform, and we are not an exception. By popular request, we have updated the Travelpayouts plugin, and added more currency options and Aviasales domains. But first, let us tell you what this plugin is for and how to install it on your website.

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What is the Travelpayouts plugin for?

You can simply add the search form to your website’s sidebar or download the plugin and take advantage of its advanced functionality. We always encourage our partners to use the tools inside the articles. Let’s say you wrote an article about how to travel to Mexico, so why not to add a flight search form and “best deals” section in it? Thereafter, you will gradually bring your reader to make a purchase.

Our plugin features handy tables with cheapest flights to the selected direction for the coming dates, current month, direct flights, etc. One of the pros of these tables is the flight price displayed right on your website, so you won’t have to additionally search and open a bunch of tabs to find out the flight cost.


How to install the Travelpayouts plugin?

Plugin installation and configuration will take you no more than 5 minutes:

  1. Select the Travelpayouts plugin from the WordPress.org Plugin Directory and press Download.
  2. Activate the plugin after it gets installed so that you could track the clicks and purchases for your referral link. To do that, specify your personal marker and token, which can be found in “Developers – API” section of your Personal Account.
  3. Now you only have to select tools that will be used on your website: search forms, widgets or tables.

What currencies are now supported by the plugin?

  • US Dollar USD
  • Euro EUR
  • Brazilian Real BRL
  • Canadian Dollar CAD
  • Swiss Franc CHF
  • Hong Kong Dollar HKD
  • Indonesian Rupiah IDR
  • Indian Rupee INR
  • New Zealand Dollar NZD
  • Filipino Peso PHP
  • Polish Zloty PLN
  • Russian ruble RUB
  • Singapore Dollar SGD
  • Thai Baht THB
  • British Pound GBP
  • South African Rand ZAR
  • Ukrainian Hryvnia UAH

Now, all these currencies are supported in the tables.


What domains are now available in the plugin?

  • Aviasales.com
  • Aviasales.com.br
  • ca.Aviasales.com
  • Aviasales.ch
  • Aviasales.at
  • Aviasales.be
  • Aviasales.co.nl
  • Aviasales.gr
  • Aviasales.com.au
  • Aviasales.de
  • Aviasales.es
  • Aviasales.fr
  • Aviasales.it
  • Aviasales.pt
  • aviasales.ru
  • ie.aviasales.com
  • Aviasales.co.uk
  • Aviasales.hk
  • Aviasales.in
  • Aviasales.co.nz
  • Aviasales.ph
  • Aviasales.pl
  • Aviasales.sg
  • Aviasales.co.th

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All of your comments and suggestions on the plugin are also welcomed.

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