How to Earn on Flights: 6 Expert Tips and Review of the WayAway Program

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Travel industry experts, Janis Dzenis, Michael Cole, and Guillaume Schaer, revealed the current state of the flight niche and shared tips on how content creators can use changes in the niche to maximize their profits. In addition, Janis, Michael, and Guillaume discussed a new product called WayAway, a travel search app with the best rates for flight tickets, cashback in real money, and a high-paying partner program.

All insights and tips can be found in this post or in the recording of “How to Earn on Flights? Expert Tips & WayAway Program Review”.

The State of the Flights Niche

Demand for Flights Is Increasing and Will Continue to Grow

A lot of people have not been able to travel at all for the past two years or at least not as much as they wanted. Now, they can get back to traveling, which is why we have seen a lot of demand and many new opportunities for travel. As a result, air travel has returned to pre-pandemic levels in the US and close to it worldwide. Experts say that demand for flights will continue to grow.

flight niche revenue 2017–2026

This is one of the reasons for the growing income of our partners working in the flights segment, which has tripled since January of this year. If you know how to meet the demand, working with flight partner programs can be very profitable.

Air Ticket Prices Are Rising and This Is an Opportunity to Receive a High Partner Reward

Jet fuel prices are skyrocketing and, because of this, the cost of flight tickets are increasing as well.

 cost of flight tickets 2018–2022

This makes things challenging for travelers, but it’s also an opportunity for travel content creators. Higher prices plus increased demand equals bigger commissions.

Prepare your website: evaluate existing content and create new content that will help you get closer to your goal of earning on flights. The biggest flight aggregators pay up to half of the revenue they receive, which typically amounts to 1.5% of the ticket price. Our most successful partners earn up to $15,000 every month. But, at the start, a realistic goal would be $400 per month.

WayAway Partner Program Review

WayAway Is a Flight Aggregator With the Best Rates for Airline Tickets

WayAway is a flight aggregator that helps travelers find the most convenient, fastest, and cheapest tickets when searching for a specific route. In addition, users can book a hotel at their chosen destination on WayAway has great coverage for many destinations worldwide.

In November 2022, WayAway was chosen as #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Product Hunt is a place for tech lovers to share products and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

WayAway is much more than just an aggregator. The platform also offers the WayAway Plus Membership Plan, which provides:

  • Real money cashback. When travelers buy flight tickets or other travel products, such as car rentals, excursions, or other services, they receive up to 10% cashback. Active travelers will recoup the annual subscription fee in one or two trips.
  • 24/7 support, which will solve all issues with the airline and share the best places for dinner. If your flight is canceled and you’re entitled to compensation, you don’t need to spend four hours on the phone to receive your reimbursement. Instead, the situation will be handled by the support team. In addition, if you like Thai food and want to know about Thai restaurants nearby, the support team will find great restaurants for you.
  • Full city guides. Locals from different cities around the world shared information about popular and less-well-known places, as well as insightful advice.

Two Ways to Earn With the WayAway Partner Program

  1. Lead users directly to the metasearch. If they buy tickets, you’ll receive 50% of the income provided by airlines and agencies on each booking.
  2. Direct users to sign up for WayAway Plus. In these cases, you’ll receive $10 per sign-up.

You have a decent amount of time to convince users to buy flight tickets or join the membership plan. The WayAway partner program has a 30-day cookie lifetime on the website and a 180-day cookie lifetime for the app. To make your work more effective, the WayAway partner program has intuitive and easy-to-use partner tools, such as a deep link generator, widgets, customizable WayAway Plus promo code, and banners with QR-codes for rapid publication on social media.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
Join Now

6 Tips to Earn on Flights

1.   Don’t Try to Sell Everything to Everyone

Don’t try to sell different travel services to every single user. Find your niche and figure out who to sell to.

For example, if you want to create a new website for an audience who lives in or is interested in flying to Italy, try to become an expert on travel to Italy. You can show your audience some itineraries and interesting places to visit. In addition, you can tell them how they can save on flights, hotels, and more. If you show the audience that you know the place you’re writing about, you’ll inspire confidence in your words.

With a niche site, you have a good chance of making it to the first pages of the search results. If you promote everything, it will be harder to find unique keywords and attract a new audience. Those who want everything are likely to go, for example, to a well-known source like Expedia.

2.   Target People Who Are Ready to Travel

Target people who are ready to travel and ready to book right now. This audience is easiest to convert into purchases. Find purchase-intent keywords to best reach them.

3.   Encourage Your Audience to Book as Soon as They Find the Right Ticket

Currently, one of the major issues in the travel niche is the availability of tickets. For example, if you’re looking for a flight from Paris to Istanbul, you might see some prices, and some availability. But these tickets might not be available in an hour or two.

Show your audience that there will be some changes. If they don’t book a ticket right now, they will not be able to secure a ticket at the special price. So, it’s a big risk not to act immediately.

Some booking platforms allow for a full refund within a 24-hour period. You can tell your users to buy a ticket now and think later. There are people who are kind of on the brink and can’t decide whether to buy a ticket or not.

If you explain to them that it’s a great price right now and that there’s not that much risk, because they can cancel the order, it will make them more comfortable with booking a ticket. To do so, use effective CTAs (calls-to-action), such as “book now”.

4.   If You Don’t Know What Your Target Users Want, Just Ask Them

Instead of trying to give your audience something without really knowing their needs, ask them what they want. There are a couple of ways to do this, but the main question you might want to ask is: “What is the single biggest challenge you’re facing right now?”

You can mirror the same terms or wordings that they use in their answers in your own to attract people with the same kind of issue to your website. Eventually, you will sell more and find ways to get users to come back to your website over and over again.

5.   Create Content That Targets Specific Demographics

If you’re into something and you have, for example, a group on Facebook about dune surfing, target this specific demographic when creating content.

Tell subscribers that they can surf on the dunes in Dubai on their next trip. Show them where they can buy a flight tickets and book hotels. Don’t forget about other brands. Tell your audience about Viator or TripAdvisor, where travelers can easily and quickly book activities around the world.

Watch the webinar recording for more secrets about the perfect content strategy [37:06].

6.   Use WayAway Content to Craft Your Own Posts

If you know that your audience loves to visit the Caribbean, for example, and WayAway offers users the ability to search for flights in that region, you might see what content WayAway has for the Bahamas or Caicos. Once you find the coolest place in that area, make a post about it. You can tell your audience that this location is featured on the WayAway app, which is why they should check it out and buy a flight.

Pay attention to understand what your readers want. If your audience is older, focus on warmer destinations like Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Also, look into seasonality. People aren’t going to be flying to Germany as much in December as they might in the summer. So, pay attention to that kind of thing, know the industry, and use that to make decisions.


You can download the presentation at this link.

Watch the full webinar recording to get more data and learn more tips from experts. Join the WayAway partner program to start earning on the flights right now and make time to get special conditions to work with the program.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
Join Now
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