Winter destinations with high profitability from Kiwitaxi

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Winter is coming. For some people, this is a reason to prepare skis and snowboards and climb higher in the mountains, and for others – to put a new swimsuit in the suitcase and set off on a long-awaited holiday. Traditionally, Kiwitaxi affiliate program has prepared you a selection of popular winter destinations. We’ll share what you can successfully sell during this period, perhaps in order to beat the record of your colleague-webmaster who earned the maximum income of $8,349 for the 2017-2018 Winter season. So, take note of the popular winter destinations and remember the “life hacks” you can use to sell the transfer to your subscribers.

Winter destinations with high profitability from  Kiwitaxi

Ski resorts


The Alps are on-trend, as usual. Austrian resorts are in great demand. The most affordable and convenient options to get to popular resorts, i.e. Ischgl, Mayrhofen, and others – through international airports in Munich and Innsbruck.

Tell your users that German taxi drivers have an official right not to accept cards for payment and may even increase the cost of the trip for non-cash settlement. In turn, it is convenient to pay for the transfer online at home.


Courchevel, Chamonix, Val Thorens are among the most popular French resorts.

It is convenient to arrive at the airport in Geneva to travel further in these directions: a lot of low-cost charters land at this air hub. However, the rates of Swiss taxis vary depending on the time of day and season.

Explain to your subscribers that with the transfer from Kiwitaxi, they won’t have to fear extra expenses: the price is the same both by day and night.


Alpine skiing in Italy sells well. This particularly applies to one of the oldest Italian resorts of Breuil-Cervinia and prestigious Madonna di Campiglio. By the way, in the second half of February, a traditional Habsburg festival with a costumed procession will take place in Madonna di Campiglio as well as a ball in the spirit of the XIX century. It’s worth seeing.

Remind your customers that Italian taxi drivers do not speak good English. In the case of transfer, you do not have to communicate with the driver at all: he/she already knows the route. However, it would be nice to say at least hi and bye.


Sochi ski resorts are new favorite destinations among skiing lovers: they are relatively cheap, and the service there more and more resembles the one in Europe.

However, the experience with Sochi taxi drivers may be not the most enjoyable: blatant music in the car, obscene expressions, and bold driving style. The transfer drivers, on the opposite, comply with the rules of communication with customers: this is what their rating and income depend on.

Christmas in Europe


Before Christmas, a lot of Christmas fairs appear in Paris: the village of Santa Claus, the bazaars of the Eiffel Tower and the Italy square, the Christmas village of Montparnasse, the markets near the Alsatian house and the Bois de Boulogne. The fastest way to get to them is via Charles de Gaulle Airport. You can also plan a trip to Paris Disneyland. The attractions are mostly in indoor areas, so you will not freeze there in winter.

Tell your users that they can wait in a taxi line at Paris Airport for a long time. The transfer will pick you up right after your flight has arrived.


In this country, the most beautiful Christmas markets are in Bolzano and Bressanone. One should also visit the celebratory mass in Vatican, on December 24th. It is easy to get from Rome to Bolzano and Bressanone by train.

Explain to your customers that taxi drivers who offer tourist services at Rome Airport, as a rule, offer very high tariffs. Kiwitaxi service monitors market prices and sets an adequate cost for travel.

Czech Republic

The main Christmas markets in Prague located in the Old Town and Wenceslas Squares open in December and finish work only after the New Year. For comparison, in Western Europe, fairs close right after Christmas. In the provinces, holiday markets are more modest, but you can look at the Masaryk Avenue in Karlovy Vary and drive to the colonnade in Mariánské Lázně.

The common trick of Czech taxi drivers is to speed up the work of the taximeter in order to charge a tourist more. Tell your customers that in Kiwitaxi everything is transparent: you pay the sum you see on the website.

Beach holiday


About 500,000 tourists every year escape from the cold into the hot Thai winter. Popular cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya are more suitable for New Year celebration in Thailand, and for a lazy beach holiday – popular Kata, Patong or Karon.

Remind your users that if they do not want to take an expensive taxi in the parking lot at the airport, they can only call a car with a Thai sim card. With the transfer it’s much easier: make a booking at home online and meet with the driver in the arrivals area.


The Emirates are invariably at the top of popular winter destinations. In January and February, shopaholics in the UAE rejoice: it is the time of trade festivals and sales with very large discounts as well as the famous lotteries with cars, gold jewelry and even real estate as the prize.

  • Tell your subscribers that taxi drivers in the Emirates can drive long around the city in search of a hotel. The drivers of the transfer will know the route in advance, so tourists are taken right away to the right place.
  • Dubai Airport – Abu Dhabi. Webmaster’s commission – from 7,5 dollars (for Economy class) to 18 dollars (for Minibus 10 pax).
  • Dubai Airport – Ras Al Khaimah. Webmaster’s commission – from 6 dollars (for Economy class) to 22,5 dollars (for Minibus 10 pax).
  • Dubai Airport – Palm Jumeirah. Webmaster’s commission – from 3 dollars (for Economy class) to 11,5 dollars (for Minibus 10 pax).


Do not forget about Vietnam! Slowly, but surely it gains popularity with the tourists. And although it is still far from European service and all-inclusive resorts, everything is compensated here with a warm dry climate, Asian exoticism, and cheap shopping. At this time of year, tourists usually prefer the southern coast of the country.

Tell the subscribers about your favorite trick of Vietnamese taxi drivers – to drive tourists in circles through alike quarters, increasing the mileage on the meter. In order not to control the driver with a GPS navigator in hand, book a transfer and safely travel from the airport.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka entered the list of the most visited countries for New Year holidays. It takes a long time to reach the island by plane and it is not cheap in the high season but the wish to enjoy the equatorial sun and the sea overweights everything.

Explain to your audience that Sri Lankan taxi drivers often cheat with the change: they give less money or do not give it at all hoping that the tourist will not notice. You can pay for the transfer online and simply show a voucher to the driver.

As you can see, winter is an excellent time to make money by offering transport services. Place materials, put deeplinks, and increase your income. Good luck!

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