21 Blogs That Spill All the Monetization Secrets

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With the rising competition in the blogging niche, it becomes more and more complicated to claim your own space and make decent money with it. Thus, it’s very important to learn the best blogging practices and keep your project in line with the current trends. In this post, you’ll find a list of sites to follow if you want to learn blog monetization strategies that will make you a fortune.

1.Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn, the blogger behind Smart Passive Income, shares strategies of generating passive income. In this blog, you can find extensive guidelines on affiliate marketing, business development, email marketing, podcasting, digital marketing, and more.

There are also different online events to connect with the teams such as webinars and workshops, as well as a number of resources to help you grow: from books and courses to dedicated tools.

2.Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is an award-winning finance and lifestyle blog by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.

There, you can learn all about money making, and saving both online and offline. A few sections are dedicated to blogging best practices: how to start and grow a blog, what affiliate marketing and blogging courses to take, how to make extra money online, and more. There are also tons of valuable budget tips and career advice.

3.Shout Me Loud

Shout Me Loud aims to liberate people from nine to five jobs by teaching online entrepreneurship.

Here, you’ll learn about blogging, podcasting, social media marketing, and other types of online businesses. It will be especially appealing to WordPress fans, as there are many valuable tips on setting up a WordPress blog, choosing a hosting site, as well as plenty of coupon codes to help bloggers reduce their expenses.

There are free products such as WordPress and AdSense ebooks, and a paid affiliate marketing handbook.

4.Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is an award-winning Internet marketer with decades of experience in digital marketing and SEO.

In his blog, you can find tons of tips on how to start a blog, generate traffic, build links, and increase sales of your business. Marketers will learn 465 ways to make money online and 36 ways to earn with Fiverr.

5.Fat Stacks

On Fat Stacks, you can learn how to make money with niche websites. The site tackles various topics from becoming an online entrepreneur, choosing the best blogging software, finding niche site ideas, and the like.

There are case studies of how to grow a niche site, a number of exclusive courses, income reports, links to blogging tools and more. Readers can also request a free report and get premium materials for free by referring their friends.

6.Believe in a Budget

Created by a former interior architecture and designer, Believe in a Budget will teach you how to start a blog, make extra income, and save your budget. You will also learn how to leverage Pinterest to promote your blog, and you can sign up for a free blogging course.

There are a number of paid products such as cheat sheets, guides, day trackers, and more.

7. Niche Pursuits

Spencer Haws, founder of Niche Pursuits, shares his knowledge and experience of how to build, grow and monetize niche sites.

The blog covers diverse topics from other marketers’ success stories to the latest technology news and case studies. There are also a number of tools for blogging that Spenser personally recommends, and you might find them useful too.

8. Create and Go

Create and Go is an educational platform with various courses on how to start a blog and make money online. Apart from premium services, there is a free email course, as well as plenty of useful tips and guides. You will learn how to earn with Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, freelance blogging, or by selling digital products.

Students with interest in writing can also apply for a scholarship to cover their college expenses.

9. ProBlogger

Darren Rowse, founder of ProBlogger, is one of the industry leaders and Australia’s premier bloggers with almost two decades of experience. The project is devoted to teaching bloggers how to set up and grow their projects.

Darren shares comprehensive advice: how to start a blog, create content, find readers and build the community, make money blogging, and more. There is a big list of free and premium courses available for Problogger’s audience and a job board with new openings for writers and bloggers uploaded every day.

10. Income Diary

IncomeDiary shares practical advice on blog monetization and online entrepreneurship. You’ll learn how to create a blog, grow traffic with content, email marketing, and SEO.

There are also tons of inspirational posts such as interviews with niche experts, lists of top earning blogs, quotes, wise thoughts, and so on. IncomeDiary features over 400 blog posts, seven courses and a software product to help you jumpstart your blog.

11. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is a team of online entrepreneurs with years of web development and blogging experience.

On this blog, you’ll learn how to start a blog, choose software, grow your traffic, build links, and make money online. There are lots of reviews of hostings, domain registrars, website builders, and other software to help you become tech-savvy.

12. How to Make Honest Money Online

Project’s founder is a Wealthy Affiliate’s graduate, and in his blog, you will learn about making money online with affiliate marketing.

The author shares a proven step-by-step formula of building a profitable niche site and generating income. You will find a lot of useful tips on how to earn with YouTube marketing and set up an online business. There are also numerous case studies on increasing traffic and monetizing it as well as income reports.

13. Do You Even Blog

Do You Even Blog is there to help you start growing profitable blogs and podcasts. You’ll learn how to start and monetize your blog or podcast, build an email list and more. A whole section is dedicated to income and traffic reports behind Do You Even Blog so that you can see blog expenses and evaluate effectiveness of different monetization strategies.

There are also a number of courses on how to produce content fast, start a podcast, optimize your site, and more.

14. Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is one of the leading websites devoted to blogging and writing. Today it accounts for over 300k followers and four million readers around the world.

What makes Smart Blogger stand out from the competition is that it teaches you how to align blogging efforts with your goals and be intentional about every move you make. Here, you’ll learn how to start and grow a blog, as well as monetize it through content and affiliate marketing.

The authors share tons of tips on how to improve your writing and find freelance gigs. A separate section is devoted to podcasting. You’ll find out how to launch a successful podcast and get lifelong fans.

15. Make a website hub

Jamie Spencer, the voice behind Make A Website Hub, is a blogger with almost a decade of experience. On this site, he shares practical web development and blogging advice to help readers develop a passive source of income.

You will find comprehensive tutorials with screenshots for every step of the way and you can sign up for a free seven-day email course. There are also reviews of web hostings, website builders, domain registrars, and webinar software.

16. Blog Ambitious

Blog Ambitious aims to help female entrepreneurs start an online business. Here, you’ll learn how a small home decor Instagram account turned into a blog that earns over $10K per month.

Apart from income reports that the author honestly shares, there is practical advice on how to start a blog, create better content, grow traffic through Pinterest and SEO and monetize it with affiliate marketing and display advertising.

17. Adam Enfroy

With Adam Enfroy, you won’t only learn how to start a blog, but more importantly how to scale it and cover a larger audience than you thought you could.

Adam believes that old-school blogging tips don’t work anymore, and to succeed in 2021, you need updated tactics. Scale your blog as a business from the very start, and you won’t need years to get decent traffic. It will come in months. Adam also shares online business ideas as well as tips on how to make money through affiliate marketing, on Youtube and Instagram, or find a remote job.

There are a number of software reviews, from web hosting and website builder guides to best ecommerce platforms, podcast hosting, and webinar software.

18. The She Approach

Ana Skyes, the voice behind The She Approach, shares a step-by-step guide on how to start a website and grow your readership fast. At the moment, her audience accounts for over 12K subscribers around the world.

In this blog, you’ll find tons of free and useful materials: blog posts, online courses, and ebooks. There is a large section devoted to blog monetization, from affiliate marketing and selling ebooks to freelancing and other income generating strategies.

Ana also offers a number of paid products, a referral program and 1-on-1 live coaching sessions to help aspiring bloggers take off their businesses.

19. Shemeansblogging

On Shemeansblogging, you can find a lot of practical advice on starting a new blog, skyrocketing traffic, and boosting up engagement, as well as making money with your blog.

A huge section is dedicated to Pinterest monetization tips – from using the right keywords and formatting images to growing your Pinterest community and avoiding common marketing mistakes.

To begin with, you can download a number of freebies such as an 11-day email series, online blogging course, ebook, case study or blog planner.

20. The Make Money Online Blog

This is another success story of a blogger who’s made a fortune with the Wealthy Affiliate online marketing training. Simon, founder of The Make Money Online Blog, shares his online business journey, explains how to sign up for a Wealthy Affiliate training, and provides tips on how to create a website, get ranked in Google, make your first sale and replace your monthly salary with blogging income.

You’ll also learn about setting up or buying an Amazon niche site and more.

21. No Passive Income

Erik Emanuelli, founder of No Passive Income, is a professional blogger with a decade of experience, social media marketer and freelance writer. He has traveled to over 40 countries and has built a successful blog where he shares tips on how to build a passive income through blogging, social media, SEO, digital marketing and more.

In the Money Making section, you’ll find comprehensive financial advice: from saving your budget and paying taxes to finding online business ideas, trading, app development, and more.

How to Learn Blog Monetization Strategies

Looking forward to becoming your own boss and generating income with a blog? To succeed in such a fast evolving niche, you need to keep up with trends and learn blogging firsthand from the best industry experts. With the blogs mentioned in this post, you’ll easily master blogging skills and grow your own project in no time.

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