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In 2019, the total revenue of the car rental market is expected to grow by 3.2% and reach $59.51 billion. The growth in this niche is not surprising. With the development of tourist destinations and the growth of tourism in general, which we have been observing in recent years, the demand for car rentals is also growing. Join the Discover Car Hire affiliate program and earn in the growing car rental niche. Get up to 61% of Discover Car Hire revenue.

Discover Cars

What Is Discover Cars?

Discover Cars is a worldwide car reservation service. The company was founded in 2010. The service works as an aggregator platform on which 2,000,000 car rental offers are available in more than 150 countries.

Discover Cars allows customers to compare the offers of both large international companies and local ones, therefore the website always has competitive prices and a huge selection. Discover Cars’ major partners are Avis, Hertz, Alamo, Dollar, Thrifty, National and Sixt.

On the main page of Discover Cars’, the user enters their pick-up location, date and time, as well as the date and time of return. Then they get hundreds of options. It’s possible to immediately filter all the offers by car class with approximate prices in each group, and there is a separate set of filters including the type of transmission and gasoline, the number of seats, air conditioning and so on.

In addition to these filters, there are few more choices: tank full, deposit size, location of the car, full or partial prepayment, user reviews and franchise size.

What is Discover Car Hire?

The advantage for the user is that they can see the exact rental company that provides the car in each offer. There is also a filter for car rental agencies.

Another advantage of the service is that in addition to providing insurance, Discover Cars offers its own insurance called “full coverage.” The service returns up to $3,000 in case of any problems with the car. This not only includes repairs, but also the cost of a taxi, lost keys, damage to wheels, windows and mirrors.

What is Discover Car Hire?

You can learn more about Discover Cars’ and the operation of the service on the official website.

Discover Cars Affiliate Program

Discover Cars’ offers two types of affiliate rewards: 54% of their own income on each car rental reservation and 23% of their own income on each car rental reservation’s additional product FullCoverage purchase.

With the long cookie lifetime of 365 days, you can rely on great conversion rates. On average, partners receive $18 per paid reservation.

Join the Discover Cars affiliate program and earn up to 61% of the service’s revenue.

Discover Cars Benefits for Affiliates

The Discover Cars brand has an excellent reputation and a loyal audience. On the international review-website Trustpilot, the company has the highest score of five stars and more than 13,000 reviews. Support for the service includes active responses to users via chat, mail and phone, around the clock and in several languages.

How to Make Money With Discover Cars

Your audience:

  1. Both men and women, equally.
  2. One-third of the audience includes young people from 25 to 34 years old.
  3. A slightly smaller proportion includes people from 35 to 44 years old.
  4. 18% of the audience is over 45 years old.

These are families with children, couples and groups of travelers.

Separately, two large groups of tourists can be distinguished by the type of car use in travel.

  1. Those who take a car to transfer from the airport and back. This includes business tourists or those who came to another country for work.

The global airport car rental market is expected to reach approximately $49.1 billion by 2023. Experts suggest that it will grow by an average of 6.7% from 2018 to 2023. The main driving forces of this market are the increase in air travel and the high volume of domestic and international tourism.

  1. Those who rent a car for part of their trip or for the entire duration.

Case Study: Getting the Maximum Out of Discover Cars’ Affiliate Program

Your blog is an informational field, your readers are your world, Google is a judge. A process of creating a successful blog has its own rules. Good thing we’re happy to share them.

Let’s go back to the judge. Or actually, let’s come along with him because it’s impossible to get the maximum out of Discover Car’s affiliate program without following his rules. There is something tricky to remember: not every post ranks high on Google, even if it’s written perfectly in terms of writing style.

Step Number 1

Writing a post about renting a car in one of our most popular locations gives you the best conversion rate, i.e. higher commissions. No need to search, here you go:


Step Number 2

Choose the correct title. Not necessarily the most creative, but the right one. There will be plenty of opportunities where you can use your creativity. Title and subheads aren’t usually those opportunities.

There are certain types of headlines which help your articles rank higher on Google, bringing you more readers, and increasing your conversion rate and commissions. It’s as simple as saying, “I want to provide information about renting a car in Italy” to the “judge.” You are not going to start with, “I’ve had an amazing trip searching for wonderful places on the dusty roads,” right?

Here are some ideas for your main title, which will bring you one step forward to earning more:

  • Things to know before renting a car in Portugal
  • X Things to know before renting a car in Italy
  • How to rent a car in Spain
  • XX Tips for renting a car in Iceland
  • Things to know about renting a car in Croatia
  • Car Rental in New Zealand
  • Renting a car in Ireland

Google enjoys long-reads. Give it to him. The more subtopics you have in the article, the more chances you will have to get into the search results. Here are some other ideas you may use for headlines or subheads:

Pre-rental topics:

  • Should I rent a car in Portugal?
  • What to Know Before Renting a Car in Turkey
  • How to book an affordable car in Iceland
  • Car Hire Morocco: Our best car rental advices and tips
  • Car Rental in Italy: Availability and rates
  • Car Rental Companies in Spain
  • Car Hire New Zealand: Know Before Booking
  • What kind of car should you rent in New Zealand
  • Car Hire during the winter time
  • Book early
  • Payment requirements
  • What kind of driver’s license I need for car rental in Turkey
  • Minimum and maximum age

In the process of booking a car:

  • Factors that Affect Rental Car Price
  • Renting a car in Morocco – your full guide
  • Determining Car Rental Prices
  • Car rental Croatia: Insurance and cross-border fee
  • Choosing a Company
  • Manual vs. Automatic
  • Choosing the right type of car for your Italy trip
  • Different Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations
  • Get that full coverage!
  • Before renting a car – check if you have mileage limits

Getting ready for your trip:

  • Don’t leave home without these essentials for your New Zealand holiday

On a trip:

  • Toll Roads
  • Speed traps
  • Taking a car rental on a ferry
  • Respect road rules
  • Cross-country car hire
  • Car Hire: Picking up the car, and getting on the road
  • Car Hire: Returning the car

Why Does This Kind of Post Work?

Simply put, most people use their preferred sites for searching for flight tickets and accommodations. But, Google is usually the first one to ask when it comes to car rentals.

What do we ask Google? Usually:

  • Car Rental Italy
  • Car Hire Portugal
  • Cheap car rental Iceland
  • Ireland Car Rentals, etc

What happens next? Info sites and travel blogs provide useful information for the readers and Google tends to include them in the search results along with the commercial sites. So, here is what we get in return:

  • Comparison websites: Kayak, Expedia, Skyscanner, Rentalcars, Carrentals…
  • Car rental suppliers: Avis, Budget, Sixt, Enterprise, Alamo, Hertz…
  • Info sites & bloggers
Why does this kind of post work?

Step Number 3

It’s not about what you can do yourself, but what you can make people do for you.

People value information and those who are actually planning their trip want to do it properly. They want more details, more tips and more ideas. They want to learn about “How to rent a car in Italy,” “Things to know before renting a car in Ireland,” and get more “tips for renting a car in Croatia,” etc. Planning means turning useful information into an actual to-do list, so provide readers with straightforward details they can use. Send them to the Discover Cars website, and make them book. That way, your affiliation circle will work properly, and you’ll increase your sales and commission.

Bonus. 8 Practical SEO Tips From Aleksandrs Buraks (Head of SEO at Discover Cars)

  1. Do not concentrate on the keywords. Meaning, Google understands synonyms perfectly, as well as topics and subjects. The post should be easy-to-read and useful for the readers. Don’t spam with keywords – Google algorithms will recognize them.
  2. The most important tip – include subtopics with additional information. The more, the better. The size of a good post is about 2,000+ words; the size of an excellent one is 3,000+ words.
  3. To create an easy-to-read post, divide the text into paragraphs, use subheads, embed images and use bullets/numbers.
  4. The most important tags include <title> and <meta description>. Google uses them for snippets.
    Why does this kind of post work?
  5. URL: it’s better to use two to four words and replace spaces with hyphens (rent-car-ireland, car-rental-tips-italy).
  6. Provide one-click access to this post from your main page. Provide two clicks, if it’s not possible to get there with one click, but no more.
  7. Link your post to other related posts on your blog, the more links, the better.
  8. There are certain advantages for getting backlinks to this post from other websites.

Follow these tips for a success rate of 80%.

Join the Discover Cars affiliate program in your Travelpayouts dashboard.

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