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Travelpayouts has a referral program – for our partners, this is a great opportunity to receive both additional earnings and passive income. You just need to share the referral link with friends or fellow travel enthusiasts who are looking to monetize their content.

You’ll receive 7% of a referral’s earnings on all programs for two years after you register your referral. In this post, you’ll learn how much you can earn with the Travelpayouts referral program and how you can effectively promote a referral link and earn more.

How the Travelpayouts Referral Program Works

How to Participate in the Referral Program

The referral program is open to all registered users. Here are three easy steps to get started:

  1. Join Travelpayouts.
  2. Copy your unique referral link. You can find this link in the “Main” section of your account. Click the “Invite” button and copy the link or use the social share buttons.
  3. Share your referral link with friends and colleagues, add it to the bio of your social media profile or website, and/or distribute it via emails, messengers, and forums.

What Referral Reward Will You Receive?

Everyone who registers at Travelpayouts via your link will become your referrals. If your referrals start earning with the Travelpayouts’ brands, you’ll receive 7% on their income for two years. 

You can go about your business and track the statistics in the easy-to-read “Referrals” report to monitor the lifetime of your referrals and your income.

Referrals report in the Travelpayouts account

We pay referrals at the expense of Travelpayouts. This means that the earnings of the involved partner don’t decrease in any way. We reduce our own earnings to pay the referral reward.

Let’s look at an example: If a person registers with Travelpayouts via your referral link, recommends for their audience to book an accommodation on Booking.com for $200:

  • Your referral earns $8 (4% of the booking price under the terms of the Booking.com program)
  • You earn $0.56 (7% of your referral income under the terms of the Travelpayouts referral program)

How Much You Can Earn

In 2021/2022 alone, Travelpayouts paid $36,751 to referrers. 

In the table below, you can see how many referrals have attracted our best referrers and how much they earn through the referral program alone:

Referrer’s Revenue for the Last 12 MonthsReferrals Who Earn with Travelpayouts

You can earn any amount, but it is important to understand that the beauty of referrals is not in high revenue, but that some of your passive income is generated by recruiting other people.

11 Tips for Attracting Referrals

As you can see, it’s not the number of referrals that matters for your income, but how actively they promote travel brands’ offers as well as their motivation to earn with Travelpayouts.

The most motivated audience is travel bloggers, because they want to monetize travel content, affiliate marketers, and webmasters. They effectively help referrers earn more.

We learned what Travelpayouts partners do to promote their referral links, attract their target audience, and motivate that audience to join the partnership platform and earn. Here are eleven ideas for your content. Take note!

1. Use the Social Media Sharing Buttons

One of the easiest ways to share your referral link is to use the social sharing buttons. You can use these buttons to quickly publish your referral link on Twitter and Facebook.

social sharing buttons for sharing Travelpaytous referral link

Click on the social network icon to automatically create a post that contains a brief description of Travelpayouts and a link to join the platform with your ID. This means that any users who register at Travelpayouts via your link will become your referrals.

2. Describe the Advantages of the Travelpayouts Affiliate Network and the Travel Niche in General

First of all, take some inspiration from the High Paying Affiliate Programs post.

If your audience is comprised of people who want to monetize travel content, tell them about affiliate marketing and about Travelpayouts in particular, including: how the network works, which travel brands partners can collaborate with, and what powerful tools they can use.

Focus on trusted travel brands. Content creators can earn with well-known brands, such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor, GetYourGuide, and others, on the same platform, rather than connecting directly to each individual affiliate program. Users who are not registered on Travelpayouts can view a full list of brands or affiliate programs from a specific category in the brands directory.

The Travelpayouts’ brands directory as well as the landing page for each partner program supports a referral marker. This means that, if you recommend the brands directory, a certain category, or even a specific brand via your referral link, any user who follows your link and joins Travelpayouts will become your referral. Furthermore, you’ll receive 7% of the earnings of such users.

How you can create a referral link to the brands directory or partner program landing page:

  1. Copy the link to the brands directory, a specific category, or program landing page from the browser’s address bar.
  2. At the end of the link, add “?marker=XXXXXX” (XXXXXX is your ID). You can find your unique ID in the upper righthand corner of your Travelpayouts dashboard.

For example, a typical link to the accommodations category in the brands directory is:


A referral link to the accommodation category in the brands directory looks like this:

https://travelpayouts.com/brands-directory/accommodation?marker=XXXXXX ("XXXXXX" is your ID)

Mention restoring the travel niche after the pandemic and the profitability of the niche. Your audience should be clear about the fact that travel services are in demand and they can earn by promoting these services. Don’t forget to add registration buttons at Travelpayouts with your referral link.

3. Compare Affiliate Networks

The collection of several partnership networks found in the High Paying Affiliate Programs blog is useful content for audiences that are interested in the monetization of travel content or affiliate marketing in general.

In a post, speak about several partnership networks honestly. Note the advantages and disadvantages of each, based on your personal opinion or other customers’ feedback. 

Your audience will make the right choice and seek to join the comfortable and profitable affiliate network.

4. Share Your Personal Experiences With Travelpayouts

Personal experiences are always engaging. Write a post with your own story. Share how you earn with Travelpayouts and how much. Don’t forget to provide proof.

You can record a video review of Travelpayouts, such as the one featured on the Affiliate.Watch blog.

In your video, demonstrate how Travelpayouts works, take the viewer on a virtual tour of your account, explain how you choose partnership programs, and show yourself working with the tools.

Remember to reply to comments under posts and videos. It’s important that your audience doesn’t have any questions about how Travelpayouts works, so that they can immediately register and begin earning (and you can earn along with them).

5. Tell Travelers How They Can Save on Trips With Travelpayouts

One of the advantages of Travelpayouts is that partners don’t need to have their own projects to promote travel services.

Travelers can also join Travelpayouts. Every time they buy tours, tickets, bookings, and other services, they’ll be rewarded. It’s a kind of cashback system.

If your audience is comprised of travelers who want to save money, ask them to organize a trip with Travelpayouts. Join partnership programs and book travel services via the partner link.

Just keep in mind that, with this method, you can attract many referrals, but the income you receive from them will be small.

6. Add Referral Links to the Most Visited Pages and the Most Viewed Places

Place referral links on the most visited pages and the most viewed places on your website, social profiles, and emails. For example:

  • If you have a website, place a referral link on a banner on the main page or add it to your most popular posts.
  • If you attract a lot of traffic from social networks, add a referral link in the bios of your social media profiles.
  • If you have a large database of email contacts, add a referral link to the email signature.

If you use one of the above options, don’t forget about the call to action. It’s an excellent approach to increase interest in your proposal. This way, users will know what they’ll get after they click on the link. You can find more about calls to action in our blog.

7. Use Travelpayouts Affiliate Program Widgets

The Travelpayouts programs’ widgets include a link with a partner marker. That is your referral link.

If users click the “Powered by Travelpayouts” button, they’ll be sent to the Travelpayouts website. If they join a partnership platform network, their registration will be assigned to you. As a result, the users in question will become your referrals and you will receive a portion of their income as a reward.

discover cars' widget
Discover Cars’ Widget on the awaytraveldeals.com

8. Create Multiple Coupons and Specify the Advantages of Travelpayouts 

If your project is a website with coupons and discounts, such as CouponsPlusDeals, create coupons for Travelpayouts.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what kind of message will capture your audience’s attention. One user may value good income in partner networks, while another might be drawn to the possibility of saving money on trips, and a third might be interested in Travelpayouts’ powerful tools.

To meet your audience’s needs precisely, create several coupons. On each coupon, specify one advantage of the partner network. Here are some phrases you can use:

  • Recurring income
  • Monetization of travel content
  • Powerful tools
  • International community with trusted programs and exclusive tools
  • Save money on your own trip

9. Share Your Referral Link on the Forums

In addition to the main ways to promote the referral link on your website or social media profile, you can explore forums, question-and-answer pages, or consumer review websites. 

Find questions about affiliate marketing or content monetization and answer them. Recommend users to try Travelpayouts and share your referral link. For example, this is the approach taken by Ioana Florescu on Quora.

10. Promote Travelpayouts With Social Media Ads

You can attract paid traffic to Travelpayouts from advertising networks or via targeted advertising on social networks like Facebook or Instagram.

But remember: Travelpayouts cannot be promoted with contextual advertising.

11. Contact Travel Blog Owners

If you know of travel blogs that are not using Travelpayouts tools, you can contact their owners and tell them about the Travelpayouts partnership platform. 

Additionally, if you know your referral personally, you can invest your time by briefly training them. The more earnings your referral has, the more you’ll earn. Send a new referral to our blog or knowledge base for training. We have everything required for a successful start.

Try to use our tips in practice right now! Join Travelpayouts if you are not already registered, copy the link, and share it. You can ask questions about the Travelpayouts referral program in the comments below.

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