Earn on Booking Hotels Worldwide With the hotels.com Affiliate Program

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Every year, the tourism and travel niche contribute more into the world’s economy. Income from the online bookings is forecasted to constitute 434B dollars in 2019 and increase by 6% in 2023. Take advantage of this growing market segment and join the Hotels.com affiliate program to receive 6.4% on hotel bookings all over the world.

Earn with Hotels.com, hotel aggregator

Earn with Hotels.com, hotel aggregator

What Is Hotels.com

Hotels.com is one of the leading hotel booking platforms around the globe. It offers big hotel networks, private hotels and hostels in over 200 countries. You can filter search results by countries, cities and even sights.

What is Hotels.com

There is a loyalty program for users of Hotels.com – it offers a free night if you book 10 nights or more on the website or in the app. You’ll be able to take advantage of this free night in any of 500,000 hotels worldwide.

What is Hotels.com

Hotels.com offers not only hotel rooms, houses and all-inclusive packages, but also conference halls and rooms for business meetings and buffets. Corporate clients will receive discounts for group bookings and have a personal manager. On top of that, a group coordinator will receive a free accommodation if he books more than nine rooms.

Hotels.com Affiliate Program

Hotels.com is a leading hotel booking platform and is a part of the Expedia group of companies. It is one of the few holdings in the world which have almost all the income from bookings in the United States and Europe. Such a solid position in the market provides great opportunities for the corporate partners.

Join the Hotels.com affiliate network and receive 6.4% of the booking price. If a user has already registered in the Hotels.com Rewards program, you’ll get 3.2% commission on their booking.

Earn with Hotels.com, hotel aggregator

Advantages of the hotels.com Affiliate Program

  1. World’s tourist and bookings niches are growing every year. Such platforms as Hotels.com have a lot of opportunities to promote their services on the international market.
  2. The average check in this segment in $250 which provides $16 commission for every booking.
  3. The website of Hotels.com ranks third among the World’s best accomodation services.
  4. The offer of a free night within the Hotels.com Rewards makes customers return to the service again and again. They use the platform to accumulate more free nights. Over one third of the clients open the website directly which means that Hotels.con has a loyal audience and positive reviews.
  5. Hotels.com offers discounts for group bookings and customers can save up to 70% of the booking cost. The service is often used by sports teams, weddings and conference planners.
  6. Users don’t pay additional commision on the booking or its cancelation.

How to Work With Hotels.com

You can take advantage of this market leader’s offers and provide your followers with a service that is trusted by millions of users worldwide. Note that business trips constitute 13% of all the travels, and their spending limit is expected to increase by 7% in 2019.

While placing Hotels.com ads, remember that the platform has special offers and coupons on the main page and landing pages. You can take coupons from the main page and receive 6.4% commission, but coupons from landing pages that look like  https://hotels.com/hotel-deals/coupon/… won’t bring you any income because the commission is not paid if you bring traffic with the help of promo codes starting with CLP.

Most Popular Cities by the Number of Visits With Overnight Stop In 2017

Bangkok, London, Paris, Dubai, Singapore, New York,  Kuala-Lumpur, Tokio, Istanbul, Seul, Antalya, Phuket, Mekka, Hong Kong, Milan, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Pattaya, Osaka, Bali.

Hotels.com Target Audience

Your audience:

  1. Independent tourists who book hotels and buy flight tickets themselves and always look for special offers because they often plan their trips a year in advance.
  2. Wedding and tour planners.
  3. Business trip planners who organize business trips and meetings and pick conference halls. Hotels.com also offers such options as well as free support to such planners.
  4. Planners of trips to sporting events and competitions.


  1. Links.
  2. Banners.

It’s better to combine different tools. For example, users might not pay attention to a link but they are likely to click on a banner.

Earn with Hotels.com, hotel aggregator

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