Earn Money With Tripadvisor, Social Network for Travelers

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Tripadvisor is one of the most popular websites in the travel industry. Join the Tripadvisor affiliate program and earn on reviews of hotels and experiences.

What is Tripadvisor 

The thing about Tripadvisor is that it mainly hosts user-generated content, as customers leave reviews on hotels, restaurants, and other tourist objects. For this reason, the service is also called a social network for travelers.

Tripadvisor has been operating since 2000. According to SEMrush, the company’s site features monthly search traffic is about 200 million.

tripadvisor monthly traffic

Travelers from around the world fancy Tripadvisor because of its useful reviews on restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and city sights. Recent estimates place the number of reviews at 878 million, and the volume of user-generated content is growing every day.

Tripadvisor systematically monitors fake reviews. Authors should back up their reviews before publishing them on the site. Perhaps, this may be the reason for multiple checks, photos of menus, and other useful materials.

If a hotel or any other location is suspected of placing fake reviews or trying to intentionally downgrade a competitor’s ratings, that spot will lose all awards earned on the platform.

The service’s homepage features popular destinations that are currently trending among travelers. By clicking on a city, you’ll open a card with tips, a list of sights, as well as cafes and restaurants with high ratings.

One major hallmark of Tripadvisor is the platform’s thematic compilations. Travelers can learn more about local traditions and search for places with authentic cuisines. For instance, New York’s page shows hotels with great bars for those who enjoy nightlife and pizza places.

The top menu has convenient filters to facilitate the search for hotels, restaurants, car rentals, flight tickets, and experiences.

Each restaurant’s page has detailed information for tourists. For instance, whether it serves Italian cuisine or vegetarian dishes. This is the same for hotel pages, which display many high-quality photos, the average room price, a list of services, guest reviews, as well as nearby tourist sites.

Each hotel’s card has a separate section on COVID-19 protections. Representatives of each Tripadvisor page explain the measures that are being taken to ensure the safety of their guests. For instance, whether there is round-the-clock medical care and social distance floor markings and whether face masks are mandatory in the hallways.

Tripadvisor doesn’t verify the accuracy of this list of protective measures, but if guests start complaining about false information, the service might punish the hotel or business.


Reviews help other travelers understand whether a hotel is worth staying at, which restaurant serves the most delicious pizza, and what stage performances are worth your while.

Every review contains useful details: the overall rating, multi-criteria assessment, photos, and tourists’ impressions. Some travelers share tips and tricks to make their stay more comfortable or choose the best dishes at a local restaurant.

You can filter reviews by rating, time of year, languages, and other criteria. Users also share the goals of their trips, so you can easily understand which hotel is good for business or for a family getaway.

Advantages of Tripadvisor for Travelers

Tripadvisor has long evolved from an encyclopedia of reviews to an easy-to-use tool for trip planning. The service helps travelers save time and money as well as find interesting places.

Advantages of Tripadvisor:

  1. 8.4 million facilities, including top hotels, restaurants, experiences, and places that only locals know about.
  2. 878 million reviews. Tourists share their experience at places they’ve visited on a daily basis. 
  3. Cheating controls. Tripadvisor removed 1,000,000 fake reviews in 2018 alone. 
  4. Price comparison. Each hotel card has the average room price at partner hotels. 
  5. Panoramas. You can check out 360° photos of the interiors of most locations.
  6. A lot of useful information. For instance, if a restaurant hasn’t uploaded their prices, you can still find that information by checking photos of the menu or bills in the tourist reviews. These reviews can also help you determine the cost of a kilo of oranges at a Barcelona’s market or condiments at a Georgian market. Some hotels and restaurants share basic information, while travelers complement this material and help users find the most relevant details.
  7. Geolocation. Upon choosing your location and currency, you’ll see the contents in a corresponding language.
  8. Huge Coverage: Tripadvisor is available in 49 regions of the world and in 28 languages.
  9. Ratings and awards. You can select a hotel or restaurant with high ratings. Every year, the Tripadvisor team awards the best facilities as part of the Travelers’ Choice awards.
  10. Gamification for users. TripCollective awards points to users for sharing any content and logo on social media. 
  11. Personal account. Upon registration, you can write reviews, receive notifications on changes to your favorite places, and create lists of sites visited during your trips.
  12. Travel forums. In these forums, users are eager to help fellow travelers out. 
  13. Mobile app. You can plan your trip and share reviews in any place with an Internet connection.

Tripadvisor Affiliate Program

Through Travelpayouts, affiliates can join the Tripadvisor affiliate program and earn on hotel and experience reviews.

In the hotel niche, Tripadvisor works according to the CPC model, in which affiliates earn a 50% revenue share from the advertiser for each click-out from Tripadvisor to partner resources made by their users. Thus, commissions are accrued if your users click-out to Tripadvisor and open one of the partner’s offers. The links are displayed in hotel cards or in the object section on the hotel search page. The commission is confirmed after the 10th of each following month.

Within the experiences niche, Tripadvisor uses the CPA model, in which affiliates earn 4% of the price of a tour or entrance ticket. The commission is displayed in the statistics section of the affiliate’s personal account on Travelpayouts roughly seven days after the event (if the order wasn’t cancelled).

Tripadvisor accepts traffic from around the world, but only from websites. You can apply to the partner program through your Travelpayouts personal account. The brand manually checks applications and selects new partners. Upon approval, you’ll be granted access to partner links, banners, and a deep link generator that allows you to create a URL on any page of the brand’s website.

Advantages for Affiliates

  1. Tripadvisor is a famous travel brand, trusted by many users. 
  2. Tripadvisor is one of the few affiliate programs that uses the CPC model. This program could be an alternative to contextual advertising, which some partners place on their sites these days. People still check reviews, create lists of places to visit, and use the Tripadvisor service in various other ways. Users will probably book a hotel later, but will click the link now, which is what you need them to do.

How to Earn With Tripadvisor

The Tripadvisor audience is highly engaged. Users check at least five pages and spend about 10 minutes on the site. There is plenty of useful content, fast page speeds, and convenient tools to make users return again and again. 


The statistics data below has been gleaned from open sources, such as SEMrush and SimilarWeb, and might differ from real figures.

  1. Interests: Traveling, food and drinks, art, etc. 
  2. Traffic sources. 82% of traffic is gained through search systems. 

Tips on How to Work With Content

  • Create ratings and compilations: top hotels, hotels for business trips, family vacations, or trips with friends.
  • Content project owners and travel bloggers who want to earn with the Tripadvisor partner program should focus on creating lists of hotels. People like checking ratings and sharing their experiences.
  • Personalize your content for your audience. If you haven’t stayed at a hotel yourself, try to find and share life hacks, such as how to book a hotel for less money.
  • Offer more visuals. Beautiful pictures of room interiors or hotel exteriors help draw attention better than anything else.
  • Use keywords in your articles. Research queries for hotels and create detailed reviews.
  • Don’t reduce links and redirects. Let people see that your URL leads to Tripadvisor.
  • Don’t constantly chase content volume. When done properly, short descriptions will be more useful than long texts.

You can join the Tripadvisor partner program through your Travelpayouts account.

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