Equal Rewards, Extraordinary Perks: The Benefits of Travelpayouts for Partners

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Travelpayouts stands out by offering not just competitive reward rates, all the same you get with direct affiliate programs or networks plus exclusive benefits such as special increased rates, promo codes, and promotions to help you earn more. Let’s delve into how we can help you maximize your earning potential in travel partner marketing.

Equal Rewards, Extraordinary Perks: The Benefits of Travelpayouts for Partners

Competitive Reward Rates Across the Board

Travelpayouts promises reward rates on par with those offered by direct brand affiliate programs or other affiliate networks (with rare exceptions). We pride ourselves on ensuring that your rewards remain intact, without deducting any portion of your earnings. For a deeper insight into our practices, we encourage you to explore our article “Travelpayouts Explained: How We Work, Earn, and Help You Succeed”.

It’s important to note that differences in how rewards are calculated may lead to misconceptions. For instance, while a direct affiliate program like Booking.com might offer a 25% revenue share, we offer 4% of the booking value, which is essentially the same amount of money, just in different representations. The ‘booking value percentage’ approach helps our partners better understand and manage their earnings, ensuring transparency and ease.

Exclusive Rewards for Our Partners

Thanks to our significant impact on generating bookings, we often negotiate unique enhanced rewards with brands, including benefits that aren’t available through their direct affiliate programs.

For example, during events like the Black Friday Sprint in November 2023, we secured exclusive increased rewards and special conditions from several brands specifically for our partners.

Screenshot of the brands' special offers from the Black Friday Sprint landing page
Brands’ special offers from the Black Friday Sprint landing page

Beyond Rewards: Technology That Fuels Growth

  1. Our all-in-one platform makes it straightforward to earn with multiple travel brands simultaneously. Whether you’re expanding from, let’s say, hotel bookings to include excursions or any other travel service, Travelpayouts makes it seamless to manage over 100+ travel brands. Discover all the benefits of the platform in our article, Why Travel Bloggers Choose Travelpayouts Over Direct Affiliate Programs.
  2. Creating affiliate links is a breeze, whether directly from your account homepage or via our Chrome Extension
  3. Switching from direct affiliate programs to Travelpayouts is a one-minute move with our LinkSwitcher tool. LinkSwitcher сonverts links (affiliate or usual) leading to travel brand websites into Travelpayouts partner links, allowing you to start earning with us. And here’s the kicker… LinkSwitcher automatically analyzes all URLs on your site and finds broken links, such as those with typos or those leading to a 404 error, so you’ll never miss out on potential earnings! Try out LinkSwitcher tool →
  4. Almost every partner program has affiliate widgets, which increase the average conversion rate to bookings by 2.5 times with the help of links.

Moreover, our vast experience in travel affiliate marketing (woah, is it 11 years already?!) allows us to offer valuable advice on monetizing your travel blog. Plus, our responsive support team is always on hand to assist you.

We collaborate with industry experts who frequently share their insights with our partners. For example, prominent travel SEO expert Sharon Gourlay (Digitalnomadwannabe.com) put together a course specifically for the Travelpayouts Academy. If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend it, as it’s a great base for anyone interested in travel blogging. 

Screenshot of the Sharon Gourlay course description from the Travelpayouts Academy landing page
The description of the course with Sharon Gourlay on the Travelpayouts Academy landing page

Travelpayouts goes beyond offering competitive rewards by providing unique benefits, technology, and support designed to maximize your earnings in affiliate marketing. By aligning with us, you gain access to exclusive rewards, advanced tools, and expert insights that empower you to grow your bookings and enhance your income.

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