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Writing posts for your blog may take a lot of time and effort while keeping the project afloat is not just about creating articles. Sometimes, you might want to delegate this task to other blog writers who will execute your plan and deliver decent materials. If you find yourself asking “Where can I find a writer for my blog?” this article might just be for you as it encompasses the best methods to hire authors and explains how it all works.

Best Places to Look For Content Writers

Nowadays, 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to reach customers through content. There are five basic sources where you can find a writer for the blog: 

  • Freelance platforms. These are huge marketplaces for freelancers in various niches, and there is a great range of blog authors.
  • Article-writing services. These platforms work on a turnkey basis and usually allocate a manager for your project. 
  • Guest blogging networks. These communities of bloggers exchange articles for cross-promotion of their websites. 
  • Forums and other communities. Here, you can find authors for your niche and contact them “face-to-face” to escape mediators and commissions. Forums allow people to discuss their ongoing projects, share experiences and offer services. 
  • Your blog’s comments. Pay attention to your readers’ opinions and reviews to select the most full and professional ones in order to engage their authors for writing for your blog.

Freelance Platforms

These are marketplaces for many different types of freelance services, including writing. You can find authors of any kind of expertise and skills and choose the most appropriate one. Such platforms allow writers to build their profiles, include work samples and acquire feedback from customers.


  • Compare writers and choose the most appropriate one.
  • You set the price.
  • Choose any language and skills you need.


  • You’ll need to think through the terms and conditions of the project.
  • It might be hard to prove that the submitted work doesn’t meet the requirements.
  • Delays in the execution of the project are possible.



This is one of the leading freelance platforms. To start off, post a job and Upwork will match your requirements to a certain range of authors. You’ll then get a list of candidates to choose from.

On Upwork, authors get paid by the hour or project. After picking a contractor, you’ll get an online workspace to communicate and share files. 

Upwork Basic plan is free, but there are paid services like access to pre-vetted writers, pre-funding of your account and personal assistance, which costs $500/hire and 10% of the invoice. Check out the platform pricing to find out more.



ProBlogger is designed to help you with blogging, and it allows you to post jobs to find writers as well. You’ll need to describe the project and list the requirements. Authors who are interested in the project will be redirected to your website or any other page you specify. 

Posting a job for 30 days costs $70 but you should pay $300 for five standard listings for 30 days at a 20% discount, $500 for 10 standard listings for 30 days at 33% discount, and $335 for three featured listings for 30 days at 20% discount.



Fiverr is another versatile freelance platform. You can filter authors by their skills as there are three categories: Level 1, 2, and Top Rated, based on the author’s activity, performance and reputation. Just like Upwork, Fiverr allows you to look through work samples and reviews for all the authors.

The prices start at $5/job, and you’ll get access to support, full protection and verified authors.



BloggingPro is another platform dedicated to blogging. You can post a job as well as get proofreading and editing services to ensure the articles’ quality. Jobs can be full-time or part-time, contract, temporary, internship or freelance. The responsive time is up to 48 hours or more if a job is posted on holidays and weekends. Posting a job opening costs $30 for 30 days.



Craigslist is a great marketplace for different kinds of services and products, including writing jobs. The platform simply connects clients and contractors but cannot be held responsible for performance quality.

The pricing depends on the region – the larger the city, the higher are fees. Posting a job ad might cost you from $10 to $75.

Article-Writing Services

This is the perfect option if you need the job done quickly and qualitatively. You’ll need to first pay for getting access to the outsourced bloggers’ database and then pay for the project itself. 


  • Writing services usually provide SEO-optimized texts.
  • There are no authors with poor writing skills, so the article quality is impeccable.
  • All texts are edited and proofread.


  • Higher prices.
  • Small orders might be unprofitable, it’s better to order a few articles at once.
  • Such services usually feature inflexible terms of use.



iWriter is remarkable for fast order performance. However, the speed might be coupled with the average quality. Despite that, the best writers for the blog here are less pricey than on the other platforms.

The website features four plans based on the authors’ skills – Standard, Premium, Elite and Elite Plus. For example, you’ll pay $1.40/150 words if you’re buying the Standard plan and $13 for the masterpiece within the Elite Plus plan.



This multifunctional website is designed for both content writing services and project management. That’s why it fits perfectly with the mid-market companies and comes in handy for both small and large businesses.

ClearVoice is remarkable for easy navigation and eye-catching writers’ portfolios. The platform allows hiring writers for a blog in a cost-effective manner. Prices start at $99, and you’ll have to pay upfront.



TextBroker features more than 100,000 US-verified writers and flexible pricing. The authors get 0–5 stars to indicate their rating, and the more stars a writer has, the more expensive their services. A top-quality article with editing will cost 7.2 cents per word, while the cheapest price is just 1.5 cents per word.



WriterAccess is one of the most affordable platforms which might be perfect for the novices in blogging. However, it doesn’t provide editing services, so you’ll need to manually check the articles before publication or hire an editor. Each customer gets a 30-day free trial. The membership costs from $39 to $349 per month.

It’s possible to pay for one job at a time that usually suits small businesses. Besides one can be sure of perfect customer service for any level of membership.



Contently is a content production service, where writing services are coupled with marketing strategies. You can purchase a personal suite including access to authors, a dedicated editor and content strategy that are developed just for you.

Such features entail solid pricing in the range of $50,000 –$200,000 per quarter that only large companies can afford.

Guest Blogging Networks

Guest blogging is a marketing tool that is used by bloggers to cross-promote their websites. Thus, a blogger creates content for another blog in exchange for a backlink to their own resources. Resorting to such networks will help you connect with influencers and improve your online authority.


  • You get high-quality materials almost for free (except registration fee on networks).
  • A well-known blogger can increase your traffic.
  • Your website will have a fresh perspective and an expert’s opinion.


  • You should pay to get access to bloggers.
  • Your blog is supposed to be authoritative.
  •  You might be sending traffic to your potential competitors.



BlogDash helps companies, agencies and individuals get in touch with bloggers relevant to their niches, requirements and budgets. Moreover, it offers SEO filters to increase traffic and PR marketing solutions. On BlogDash, you can find bloggers with any kind of expertise.

To start off, sign up for free and look through blogger profiles. You can filter them by niche, social media presence, location and SEO skills. Customers pay either per project or purchase a subscription for $199/month in order to reach pitched bloggers, receive full support and create lists.



MyBlogGuest is free to sign up and use. It is developed to help you promote a blog and offers 24/7 support as well as a forum featuring a lot of insightful information. Strong quality control prevents generating poor content. In addition to articles, you can acquire infographics and even e-books.

To find writers, sign up for free and get access to the content database. MyBlogGuest Direct allows you to get guest posts right to your blog’s dashboard. You can also subscribe and get notifications about new content within your industry.



GroupHigh helps choose the appropriate candidate for your target market and cultivate that relationship over time. The platform also offers key search options and the opportunity to filter by Moz score, social followers, country, state, city, etc. It comes with a seven-day free trial and then you can buy a plan for either $179/month or $499 annually.

It’s possible to identify both micro and top-level influencers. To that end, sign up on the platform, create a list, add an in-browser bookmark and an extension, and pick the relevant keywords. Then make a search, add people to the list and rate them on the basis of their rates, strengths and quality of content.


Exploring forums is a free way to stumble upon good freelance writers and ideas for your blog. People use forums to share their experiences and exchange contacts. Naturally, you might need to look through many threads before you find something relevant, but it is free of charge. 


  • Find authors for free.
  • Get valuable content ideas. 
  • Discuss pricing and work terms with competent people who might give you insights and recommendations.
  • Promote your blog at the same time.


  • It takes some time to find something relevant.
  • No opportunity to see the authors’ rates.
  • No guarantee is provided.



WritingForums is a free community and discussion board where you can find writers in the “Community” section. Members are very experienced and usually offer solid realistic advice. Many young writers are there, meaning there’s a chance to reach a profitable arrangement.



Travellerspoint focuses on tourism and traveling of all types (business, family, backpacking, etc.). It’s designed to be helpful in planning trips and search for accommodation. If your blog deals with traveling, visit the “Community” section to find people with a relevant traveling experience and offer them a writing job.

The “Travel Forums” page gives access to the latest posts and allows you to look through the authors’ profiles, as well as exchanging personal messages.



Travel-Writers-Exchange unites travel bloggers, writers and journalists. They usually post links to their latest online articles, so you can evaluate their writing skills. There are both travelers and professional writers. In the “Contributors” section, you can view profiles of authors to check their background and experience.


TravelBlog offers very convenient navigation based on world regions – Africa, Asia, Europe, etc. In each section, you can find the latest and hottest discussions to reveal the most creative writers.


In the “Bloggers” section, it’s possible to filter authors by name (if you already have someone in mind) or see random bloggers to choose from in order to look through their blogs and profiles. Moreover, you’ll have access to the list of the top-rated bloggers that updates weekly.


It is worth exploring comments people leave on popular blogs, let alone your website.

For example, Quora and Reddit have an enormous number of threads on different topics where you can find either writers advertising themselves or people with relevant experience who might be skilled enough to deliver the content for your website.

the majority of bloggers and writers develop their social media accounts, it’s always possible to invite a freelance blog writer with a large and relevant audience. It means the authors will bring you both the posts and their readers. However, it takes time to dig out the right person.

How to Find the Best Writer for My Blog

When looking for blog content writers, it’s crucial to ask yourself several questions first. How much content do I need for a certain period? What type of content is necessary – articles, reviews, e-books, etc.? What resources can I draw from my budget and which type of communication with authors is preferred? Then, it’s important to create a list of requirements and pick the platform that is able to satisfy your needs and provide you with the most appropriate writers.

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