The Best Free Blogging Online Courses to Grow Your Blog

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To be successful in blogging, you need to have certain skills like writing articles and promoting your blog. For this reason, taking a blogging course might be a good idea to extend your expertise and make your website more attractive. All the courses presented below are taught by professional bloggers and writers. So, if you are thinking of taking a blogging class online, it’s time!

Best Free Blogging Courses

In the majority, free blogging courses are rather introductory and give a general understanding, so they might be good for beginners. But, more experienced users might find useful suggestions as well. Also, such courses can help you understand if you want to do blogging in general.

Travel Blog Prosperity

Travel Blog Prosperity is a membership program that helps travel creators take their blogs full time. As soon as you enroll, you’ll have access to 65+ courses helping you grow your blog’s traffic, community & income. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a profitable affiliate strategy
  • Get results on Pinterest as a blogger
  • Get your blog into Mediavine

Profitably work with brands as a bloggerThat is on top of perks like an onboarding call, live monthly Q&A calls, and weekly paying opportunities sent to your inbox.In total, you’ll get access to over $2250 in course material & more than $2200 in bonuses like brand pitch templates, workflow Trello boards, and mastermind group access.

Love discounts? Click here and use code TRAVELPAYOUTS to snag your first month for just $9! After that it’s $49/month to stay a member and you can cancel at any time.

Blogging Basics

This is a free course intended for beginners, introducing the basics of blogging. The author is a freelance travel writer and blogger Theresa Christina from the United States. Theresa shares her experience of starting a blog which has changed her life, and this is the reason why she wants to teach the basics of blogging to others.

The course consists of seven short lessons and covers five topics such as where to build a blog, how to choose its design, what pages to set up, how to connect social media and how to create great content in general. Over 17k students have already taken the course and left multiple reviews, so feel free to check them out to have a better understanding of what this course can give you.

Elizabeth Stapleton’s Blogging Course

The course was created by Elizabeth Stapleton, a Pinterest marketer, online entrepreneur and recovering attorney. On her website, Elizabeth offers a lot of informative materials on blogging and online promotion, and one of such materials is this crash course on blogging.

You’ll learn how to buy a domain and hosting service, install WordPress, choose a theme, build your first page, publish posts and take advantage of various tools. To access the course, you’ll need to leave your email and fill in basic information about yourself. The course is quite short and includes six chapters, so it won’t take much time to get familiarized with it.

What Is Social

This free course is designed to help you get expertise in social marketing. It might be useful for business professionals, marketing executives and more. What is Social will teach you how to create a social strategy of your own, reach out to valuable customers and build a relationship of trust. On top of that, upon completion, you’ll be awarded a Coursera certificate.

It will take you four weeks to finish the course, and every week you’ll receive videos and other types of content for gaining skills in social media marketing:

  • Week 1. Introduction to Social marketing
  • Week 2. Social trends
  • Week 3. The business of social
  • Week 4. Social overview

What is Social is only the first of the six-course program. In contrast to other trainings, it has start and completion dates, so you’ll have to check the nearest date.

10 Easy Steps to Create a Website

This is a step-by-step guide to building a website in the travel niche and generating income. If you are thinking of becoming a travel blogger – it is definitely for you! In this course which is available in PDF format you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a website on a small budget
  • Set up domain and hosting
  • Install WordPress
  • Find copywriters
  • Prepare content
  • Choose tools and plugins
  • Take advantage of affiliate marketing to generate income, and more!

To download the guide, you’ll be required to leave your email address. The course is created by one of the best Travelpayouts webmasters, and it contains useful tips for those who plan on building a website.

Alison Diploma in Web Design

An attractive web design is what distinguishes a good site, so this skill can’t be underestimated when launching a blog. This course is aimed at beginners, as well as intermediate webmasters, and it teaches the most important skills of web design, such as working with HTML, CSS, Flash, JavaScript and more. You’ll learn how to create your HTML page and insert different types of content, get introduced to basic concepts of web design such as cascade or inheritance, learn how to choose a font, background styles and work with different settings like GUI, index files and more.

The course takes 10 to 15 hours to complete, and there will be assessment in the end (you’ll need to get 80% correct answers), with a certificate upon completion. Even though the course is not big, it is highly informative, so in a short span of time, you’ll get the most important skills for building your own website.

12-Month Blog Plan

This is another free course on creating successful websites from scratch and generating up to $9,000 per month. The author, Suzi Whitford, is a mom of two children and a famous blogger who makes over $20,000 per month with her website. The course is self-paced, so there are no strict start and completion dates. Moreover, access to the materials is unlimited, in case you decide to revise information later.

With this course, you’ll learn what type of website will suit you better, how to grow your blog, what revenue model bloggers have, how to find the best name for your blog, and in general how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when you enter this whole new world of blogging.

You’ll also receive a lot of visuals such as an editorial calendar, a step-by-step plan to generate a decent income, traffic tips table and more. In contrast to other free courses, 12-month blog plan shows the class curriculum right on the first page and you can access it without enrollment.

How to Start a Successful Blog

This is a free seven-day email course about creating a blog. Every day, you’ll get an email on a new topic:

  • Reasons behind starting a blog
  • Choosing a topic and name for your website
  • Creating the website
  • How to make income by blogging
  • How to make $500 by blogging
  • How to grow your audience and more!

Best Paid Blogging Courses

Paid courses usually offer well-structured materials with tons of examples to help you learn how to blog. They are normally taught by experienced bloggers so you will be learning from the best in case you choose one of these.

Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2019

This crash course on blogging will teach you the best strategies for creation, promotion and monetization of your website.Consider taking it if you are just starting out. It will teach you how to find a profitable and interesting niche, create an attractive website and always come up with ideas for articles, improve your writing skills and never run out of content. If you already have your blog, this course might bring you insights into its promotion, optimization for the search engines, and monetization. Finally, you’ll learn about the mindset of a successful blogger, which is half the battle sometimes.

Blogging Masterclass offers three and a half hours of video, one article and certificate upon completion. The course was created by Brad Merrill, a successful writer and blogger with half a million monthly readers. His articles have been featured multiple times on famous magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, for instance.

The Blog Village

The Blog Village is a great platform that offers four courses on how to create, grow and monetize your travel blog.

  • The Starter pack is perfect for beginners. You’ll learn how to choose a domain, hosting service and set up WordPress. The course contains nine lessons and access to the community forum. The price is only $1!
  • The Basic pack includes over 100 lessons and is aimed at the entry-level as well. It covers the basics of blogging, such as how to install WordPress, the most important plugins, how to use Google Analytics and deal with photos. Also, there is this Social Stats Dashboard tool that you can take advantage of, knowledge base, community forums and different templates and tools for blogging. A monthly subscription costs $9.
  • With the Plus option, you’ll get access to over 170 lessons and SEO tools for optimization of your website. In addition to the basic lessons, you’ll learn how to use Lightroom, social media, search consoles and work with ads. Also, support for Plus customers is much better because they have a live chat and a private Facebook group. All of this is available at a price of $29 per month.
  • Finally, the Pro pack offers over 260 lessons and SEO optimization tools. In addition to the Plus option, you’ll learn about shooting videos, using Adobe Premiere and Media Kit Mini-Site, working with affiliate marketing and brands. The course includes many more tools and bonuses and costs $300 per year.

Superstar Blogging

Superstar Blogging teaches how to get into the travel niche and launch a blog of your own. It offers blogging classes online in writing, photography and vlogging. The course was created by Nomadic Matt, a famous travel blogger, in cooperation with other travel experts like photographers, videographers and writers. All of the four courses include webinars, tutorials, case studies and interviews. Let’s see each one in detail:

This 10-week blogging training course will teach you the basics of how to monetize your travel blog. You’ll learn all you need to know how profitable blogging can be. Get technical skills to set up WordPress and plugins, make your own brand, optimize your blog, engage social media and attract other writers, and much more!

Photography is not hard if you have the right concepts, and this eight-week course will teach you everything you need to know about this art to get started: how to work with composition and light, use compact and mobile cameras, edit pictures, and grow your business.

The teacher of the course is Laurence Norah, a professional travel photographer, whose works have been published in many famous magazines such as The Times and more. He will personally check all home tasks that students are asked to do.

It is aimed at both aspiring and more experienced writers. The course is created in collaboration with an award-winning travel writer David Farley who has been featured in many famous magazines such as the New York Times or National Geographic Traveler. David teaches writing at the University of New York, so you’ll be getting assignments from one of the top professors in this field.

The course covers many essential things that any writer should know: where to find inspiration, what every story consists of, what is editing, how to work on your grammar, how to find a job as a freelance writer and many more. The blog writing classes last for six weeks and include various types of materials such as videos, texts, guides, and assignments.

This course will be useful to learn making travel videos, which is a trendy content today: it easily becomes viral and is especially advantageous in the travel niche. This course is taught by two YouTube stars Nadine Sykora and Kristen Sarah who are among the most-watched travel vloggers today. They will teach the art of filmmaking, how to become a superstar on camera, film inside and outside, conduct great interviews, edit your videos, collaborate with others and monetize your vlog. To buy the course, you can make a one-time payment of $249 or three monthly payments of $99.

WordPress for Beginners

The course is aimed at beginners who want to set up their blog with the help of WordPress. No coding experience is required, which is perfect for the entry-level. Also, the course is constantly updated to cover the latest WordPress version. Andy Williams, the WordPress author, will teach you to:

  • Install WordPress on your PC and avoid purchasing hosting
  • Use the WordPress dashboard
  • Create new pages and publish posts
  • Customize your design
  • Insert categories and tags
  • Install themes and plugins
  • Build a responsive and attractive website
  • Protect it from hacking
  • Join affiliate marketing and build an affiliate website and many more!

All in all, the course includes seven and a half hours of video lessons, 10 articles, 31 resources for downloading and a certificate upon completion. The normal price is $297, but you might be lucky to come across a discount of 95%, so the final cost will be only $15!

Blog Mastery

This course teaches setting up and monetizing your personal blog. It is taught by three professional bloggers: Ricky Shetty, Daddy Blogger and Scott Paton. All the materials are reduced into three different categories: branding (how to choose a topic, set up domain, build a brand), marketing (email, social media, guest blog postings, SEO, giveaways and more) and monetizing (how to create your product, join one of affiliate marketing campaigns, find sponsors and advertisers). The course includes three and a half hours of video and a certificate upon completion.

Blogging 101

This online course covers the basics of blogging: how to build a website, write efficiently and set attainable goals, where to get content for your blog, how to use an editorial calendar, communicate with followers, use SEO and integrate social media for your blog promotion. The course is taught by Dan Blank, a recognized online media expert. It suits everyone who wants to build a blog or expand the existing platform. The materials are reduced to four sessions:

  • Session One: Setting Up Your Blog
  • Session Two: Creating Blog Content
  • Session Three: How to Manage Your Blog
  • Session Four: Build Your Audience

Why Take an Online Blogging Course

Travel blogs and vlogs are not only a way to share your experience, beautiful pictures and videos, but also an opportunity to monetize your content and generate active and passive income.

However, it requires a lot of time and knowledge to build a responsive website with an easy-to-use interface that will attract customers.

Taking a blogging course will save you effort and teach the basics in a short span of time. Some of the blogging for beginners courses are free and give a general overview, while others offers information for fee and give feedback from teachers.

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