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How to Become Travel Blogger

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Travel Blogger

Become travel blogger and making money while traveling the world may sound as a dream, but anyone can afford to do so. While it may not be easy, it is definitely something that is worth looking into.

Become Travel Blogger – Steps to Travel Blog Success.

Decide to become travel blogger – Remember This is not easy!

At first it may be difficult for you to make a living from writing a travel blog, so you will need to have a steady income or savings to get by until you start becoming more successful. Those who have hardly anything for savings and purchase a one-way ticket to start traveling and writing a blog will find that they are going to be in big trouble later on.

If you do not have enough money to cover your various bills and expenses, it is important that you have a steady regular job while you are building up your travel blog. The sad fact is that there is no fast money to be made from writing travel blogs, as it is something that you will have to work on building up over time until you become more and more successful. When you save up enough money, you will have more time to work on doing research, reading, and writing blog posts.

You Can’t Give Up – Do not listen to losers.

I have heard from a lot of people that there is no money to be made in the travel niche and that it is impossible to compete with more established bloggers, but those who say these things didn’t put in the necessary time and effort to really become successful. Getting successful writing a travel blog isn’t easy, but it is definitely worth all of the hard work you will have to do.  If making a lot of money from writing a travel blog was easy, a lot more people would be rich and successful.

Select a specific niche – Generally, travel is considered a niche in and of itself, but if you want the best possible results you will need to target a specific audience. Blogging about travel in general requires many sources as well as a lot of time and hard work that may not get you anywhere.

Choose a specific topic – It can be a destination, sport tourism in general, travel by bicycle, luxury travel, backpacking, historical tourism, or something else altogether. You will want to focus on a more specific topic so you can do in-depth research and provide the readers with valuable information. Those who travel are always looking for answers about where they are going to prior to leaving on their trips, and a well-written article will definitely be able to benefit the both of you.

Create something interesting – There are a number of travel bloggers who have become famous without any experience in internet marketing; they just travel all over the place and share their ideas on social networks. A lot of people tend to respond to crazy, new, interesting ideas, and things they cannot afford themselves. The idea of traveling around the world with hardly any money or visiting extremely wild places appeals to many people.

The quality of the content you have on your blog is extremely important. It is better that you take the time to do the necessary research for your articles so they are actually helpful to readers. This is how you will be able to make a significant amount of money from your travel blog.

Watch and research travel market before you start

The travel industry changes based on a number of different factors, including financial crisis, political problems, and financial crisis, so what is popular one year could be a horrible choice for this one. If you do not have experience in the travel niche, you don’t have to worry. Writing in the travel niche isn’t as hard as it may seem, but you will have to use basic common sense when trying to come up with a good idea.

Assuming that 2015 was not the best year economically for most countries, currency is not stable, and there are problems with emigration and unemployment. In this situation is doesn’t look like anything will change anytime soon. Travelers look for travel options on a tight budget. There are some destinations that are safer to visit than others, and it is excellent for those who are planning to start in the travel niche because of the possibility of finding a new destination with low competition.

What I’m going to do is google “value destination 2016”, and the first link that came up with an article from “Lonely Planet.” This website suggested several different destinations that are worth looking into for a value vacation in 2016. I copied the names of these destinations one by one and checked them for competition using a special tool. I was surprised to see “Galica Spain” has low competition, good CPC and amount of monthly searches.

Keyword research in travel niche

As you can see from the picture above, the keyword “Galicia Spain” has 12 100 monthly searches, CPC is 1.37, and the overall competition is moderate. You can read about the competition and keyword research in the travel niche from the other post.

Using the picture below you can find statistics for the top 10 main competitors.

Keyword research in travel niche, competition research

I have done deeper keyword research and found about 25 keywords with 1000+ monthly searches, and all competition is easy to moderate.

Normally travel bloggers goes one of two ways:

There is one type of blogger that creates journal-type blogs. These bloggers usually talk about their adventures, describing the travel route they take and sharing pictures as well as videos. The biggest issue with these types of blogs is that you always need to keep updating the content and most readers will stop visiting you after your travel route is over.

Another kind of blogger creates informational articles that are similar to what you can see in the guide book about places to visit, advice to tourists, and how to articles. If you take the time to build your advice blog and write about places you live or a single target destination, your articles will tend to live a lot longer and get seen by more people on your blog. The problem with these articles, however, is that most of them do not have a lot of personality, so they can be quite boring.

If you want to take the right step and seriously want to become travel blogger, you will have to combine both methods and make a real connection with your readers and let your personality show through in the way you write your posts. You will also need to make sure that your posts offer real information that can help tourists make good decisions before they choose where to travel to.


  • Always write about something that interests you. If you select a subject that you do not enjoy or know about, the quality of your content won’t be very good.
  • Research the Competition—You should not really care about the competition in your niche if you want to be successful in the long-term, but you will need to analyze and study them in order to find what they missed so you can do it instead.
  • Make sure there is enough in your niche to write about.

Becoming a travel blogger and making money by traveling all over the world is more than affordable, but you should view it as business, building an audience over time so your work rewards you in a number of ways. Below you can learn the best ways to make money travel blogging: