GetTransfer Affiliate Program: Transfers in More Than 150 Countries

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Join the new GetTransfer affiliate program and offer your clients safe, comfortable, and reliable transfers in 150+ countries. With GetTransfer, clients can travel by premium-class cars at the cost of economy-class. Affiliates receive a 10% commission of the order value with all extra services included.

GetTransfer Affiliate Program: Transfers in More Than 150 Countries

About GetTransfer 

GetTransfer is an online booking service for transfers and cars with drivers. GetTransfer ensures safety, comfort and the lowest prices for its services. 

The service does not set up tariffs, so drivers themselves decide on the cost of a ride. At the auction clients can choose the most suitable option with the best cost. Moreover, the client can also propose a cost for a transfer and wait for the drivers’ response.  

Screenshot of the homepage of with search results
The homepage of with search results

Advantages of Gettransfer for Travelers

  • The service is available in 150 countries, including some exotic destinations. It’s much more comfortable to order a transfer with a driver who’ll meet you at the airport with a name plate, when traveling in a foreign country with no knowledge of local language, taxi system, or public transport peculiarities. The driver checks the flight schedule and meets clients at the right time if the flight is delayed.
  • A wide range of countries within the same platform makes it easier to plan a trip for those who want to visit several places in a short time. 
  • When choosing a car, the client can see its photo, the driver’s rating, vehicle production year, and extra options included in the cost proposed by the driver. Such extra options include: Wi-Fi in a car, bottled water, booster chair. You may as well choose a baby cot for infants up to six months, a child seat for children up to  seven years, or a booster. 
  • The client can contact the driver in the GetTransfer app at any time.
  • The client can choose an option among those proposed by drivers or propose their own cost and wait for responses. 
  • GetTransfer guarantees the best price. If the client finds a better offer on another platform, GetTransfer will compensate for the price difference.
  • GetTransfer transfer can cost cheaper than a taxi ride for long distances over 20 km. Taxis have set tariffs and with GetTransfer drivers themselves can set the price. A long-distance ride from airports is frequently needed: e.g., Malpensa airport is 45 km away from Milan. Skavsta, which receives lowcosters from all over the world, is 100 km from Stockholm. A company or family might pay less for a car ride between cities and neighbouring countries than for a train/flight ticket. 
  • With the “find fellow travelers” option, you can save up on your trip: Your car cost doesn’t depend on the number of passengers. If the service finds fellow travelers, you’ll pay less for a ride. 
  • Free waiting time in airports is 60 minutes. In other places, like at the hotel, it is 15 minutes. This is longer than what taxi services offer.
  • A wide range of transport types: there are even plane and helicopter transfers for sophisticated customers.
  • The GetTransfer service is not only useful for independent travelers, but also for guides, tour organizers, companies serving VIP-clients, hotels, etc. 
  • It is possible to rent a car with a driver with an hourly rate. That is convenient when you need to drive across the city or have a few meetings within a day.

Gettransfer Affiliate Program

Affiliate reward is 10% of the order value, which is $100 on average. The cookie’s lifetime is 30 days. 

Affiliate program allows different traffic sources including email marketing, social networks, messengers. It also allows motivated traffic, coupons, and cashback. Affiliates can take advantage of lots of options for GetTransfer promotion. 

Advantages of Gettransfer Affiliate Program:

  • A wide audience. Transfer is an integral part of any trip. A potential client is anyone who goes on vacation at least once a year alone, with family, or with friends. Even if transfer is included into the package tour, you can sell it separately, especially to clients who travel with kids or elderly relatives.
  • Different income levels, expectations for comfort, type, and capacity of the vehicle are not a problem. All options are available on the same platform. For example, econom-class transfer from El Prat to Barcelona will cost around $25, while transfer on an off-roader will cost over $40 for the same distance.
  • High commission: 10% of the order value with all services included.
  • Opportunity to get a large sale. The traveler can book transfers in a few countries on the same platform.

Affiliate Tools

At the moment, affiliates can make use of affiliate links and banners.

How to Earn With Gettransfer

It is important to realize that transfers do not solely mean a trip from the airport to the hotel and back. According to the GetTransfer data, only about a half of users book transfers for such a route. It is more common to transfer from one city to another, or even from one country to another. 

Transfers for business trips are also getting more popular. The client arrives in a city for a day or two and needs to visit several meetings. A comfortable car with a driver in this case might be way more convenient than a taxi or public transport. 

Take it into account and try to cover diverse audiences. 

Gettransfer`S Audience

The most active users of the service are 25 to 44 years old. They use all transfer options including booking a car for business trips across the city. 

A very peculiar audience is people of 65+ years old that account for 9% of GetTransfer’s users. For elderly people, transfer is a great opportunity to make their trip more comfortable and stress free. By the way, it is highly likely that this category of travelers will have the transfer booked by their younger relatives, whom you can target content to, encouraging them to organize a comfortable trip for their parents or grandparents.

Screenshot with the audience data
The audience data

Great Britain, Russia, and the United States are top three most popular destinations, as ranked by the number of service users:

  • Great Britain— 13%
  • Russia— 8%
  • USA— 7 %
  • Spain and France — by 6%
  • Italy and Germany — by 5%
  • Turkey — 3%
  • Other countries — 47%

Booking Window

  1. 50% of clients book a transfer two-three days prior to the trip. 
  2. 15 % — six days prior to the trip.
  3. 12% — two weeks prior to the trip. 

If you sell flight tickets, hotels, or tours it might be rational to use ads on Facebook for the audience who have already bought something from you. 

Content and Traffic Sources

Good statistics come from content that includes a description of the service’s advantages and popular routes. According to the GetTransfer data, most of the traffic is gained from Facebook and Instagram stories. 

Here are a few examples of effective calls to action: 

  • Cheaper than taxis for rides over 20 km.
  • You can choose a car and a driver.
  • Free waiting time at the airport is 60 minutes.
  • Set your own price for a ride.
  • Get a ride by Mercedes C-class at the economy price.

Join the GetTransfer affiliate program in your Travelpayouts personal account and earn 10% on each booking.

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