Goeuro Is Changing the Brand and Increasing the Affiliate Reward

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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Starting February 26, GoEuro is going to be called Omio. The GoEuro team believes that this new brand name will better broadcast their vision to customers. Now is the time to update the company name on your affiliate websites. In addition, from March 4 through 17,  the Omio affiliate program is increasing the reward from 3.4% to 5.95% for all affiliates. For everyone who champs at the bit and wants to effectively use new tool, Omio also has prepared a selection of popular destinations.

GoEuro is changing the brand and increasing the affiliate reward

New Widget

The search form widget is available in your account under the tools section:

What Should You Do Now?

We are already automatically redirecting traffic from GoEuro to Omio, we’ve updated promotional materials and banners in the dashboard, and all tools are now transfering traffic to the new domain and support the new brand name.

You may also change the affiliate links and transfer traffic to new domains: omio.com, omio.es, omio.pt , omio.co.uk , omio.it, cz.omio.com, de.omio.com, omio.cn, omio.se, omio.fr, pl.omio.com, omio.nl, etc.

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