5 Great Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting Services

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There are many aspects of digital marketing you should consider to succeed, and one of them is blogger outreach. It is beneficial in many ways. It provides greater exposure, more backlinks and higher ranking on search engines. Let’s look into the networks that will assist you in these tasks.

5 great blogger outreach and guest posting services

What Is Guest Posting

Guest posting is when you post articles on the website of another blogger. This is a mutually beneficial practice since you get links and new visitors to your site, and the host gets fresh content to hold the audience and provide a new perspective. Thus, guest posting is a perfect way to increase your online influence and build up new relations, let alone provide or receive free blog content.  

Here is an example of what a guest post looks like. It is a high-quality original material with information on the guest author and the link to their blog at the bottom of the guest post. This is how it’s done:

What Is Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach in its turn is more about collaboration. It’s one of the most influential methodologies when it comes to spreading the word. You might reach out to other bloggers within your niche to make a project together. With such campaigns, you’ve got a chance to acquire a new audience and enhance your influence in this particular niche. Of course, it’s better to get in contact with the most successful influencers in your niche, however, every attempt may turn out to be effective. 

Best Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting Services

To save time and effort, consider using one of the following types of blogger outreach and guest blog posting services. They will give you access to some of the best influencers within your niche and help establish successful cooperation. 



BlogDash offers access to more than 200,000 bloggers and provides full support for your cooperation (blogger outreach template and more). You will get data on many aspects of their blogs such as monetization, and more. The service has been on the market since 2011. 

BlogDash also provides PR services to strengthen your marketing strategy. The company guarantees results in just six weeks. You can contact the specialists directly to define your budget and request the service you are interested in. 


This platform is designed for both marketers and bloggers. This is a comfortable blogger outreach service since you don’t need to look for the offers. You get them directly according to your blog orientation. 

Here you will get:

  • A possibility to target keywords to receive alerts on your opportunities. So, if you are interested in everything related to traveling, just define your desirable budget and get a daily digest via email.
  • Complete data confidence. Only a user who created an opportunity knows about your offer.
  • A simple-to-use control panel with lots of opportunities from the marketers, allowing you to make money and track your earnings.
  • A possibility to choose whether you want to charge marketers or just take part in a certain campaign for free.

You can start a free trial here.


This is not a typical guest posting service, but rather a community of guest bloggers. It also has a blog with many useful tips for guest posting and a forum to share your experience. 

It unites bloggers and grants them an opportunity to make mutually beneficial deals. The concept of such interaction is quite simple:

  • An author writes an article. 
  • A blogger decides if this article fits their blog.
  • Both sides can arrange blog post promotions. 

There is a basic free option if you just want to give it a try, as well as premium and advanced features available if you want to have access to an article’s requests section or track the status of your published articles, for example.


This platform merges influencers, bloggers and traditional media. Its database accounts for more than 10 million search results. It’s suitable for both small start-ups and large agencies. GroupHigh offers various demographics settings and SEO metrics so that you can find the perfect partnership. As a result, you get more accurate suggestions. 

This blog outreach service offers a free seven-day trial. As for the pricing, it comes in two plans: $179 per month and $499 per month.


This is a free service that connects bloggers with guest posters. If you want to submit a post, look for the bloggers requesting guest posts. There are also many useful links to places with free content, contests and giveaways, as well as various articles about blogging. 

BloggerLinkUp is a rather simple guest posting software. But it is completely free, so why not give it a try?

How to Find Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting Services

There are many guest posting or blog outreach tools, but here are just a few examples. The importance of blogger outreach strategy is undoubted and can add a lot to the whole picture of your blogging success while creating additional backlinks and attracting new leads. Try out a few services to find the one that works best for you and increase your brand exposure.

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