Results of our first webinar

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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We conducted a webinar on May 23 and now are ready to share main points, slides, and a video.

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Webinar Video “How to earn money on Travel”

Nikita Gurovskiy

Head of Affiliate Relations from Travelpayouts told the latest trends and changes in our Travel Affiliate Network.


Alex Tachalova

An independent marketer shared how you can design a content strategy by uncovering why links matter in SEO, learning what types of posts generate links within the travel industry, analyzing how other travel websites are earning links and utilizing the power of influencers and outreach.


Ivan Kozlov

Our VP Mobile uncovered new mobile SDK. He told why our super affiliates use it and how it helps to generate them a lot of money. Finally, he revealed main techniques and secrets on generating installs for your new app.


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