TBEX North America: Our Incredible Days in San Juan

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We’re back from living la vida loca (bloga?) in Puerto Rico, and as always after TBEX, we’re feeling uplifted and inspired. So many ideas and plans after talking to partners and travel content masters!

For those who weren’t fortunate enough to make it to San Juan, we have a traditional little trip report.

TBEX North America: Our Incredible Days in San Juan

High-Altitude Schmoozing

As always, there was a lot of socializing, we did our best to answer everyone’s questions, and we learned a lot ourselves. During the conference, we discussed the problems and joys of travel blogging over cocktails, and then we kept things going after hours with a rooftop party. (You should know that San Juan looks gorgeous from above.) 

TBEX Travel Creator Awards

This year, we found a new way to support the travel community: by sponsoring awards recognizing the contribution of content creators to the industry. In April, we sponsored the Creator of the Year nomination at the WITS Bessie Awards, and in Puerto Rico, we presented the first-ever TBEX Travel Creator Awards!

We rolled out the red carpet for the bloggers, vloggers, photographers, podcasters, and influencers who bring the world to our fingertips with their one-of-a-kind content. 

And now, a round of applause for the TBEX Travel Creator Awards winners!

  1. Best Travel Blog: JourneyWoman: Solo Travel for Women 50+
  2. Best Travel Photography: Jeff Colhoun
  3. Best Travel Podcast: Amateur Traveler podcast
  4. Best Long Form Video: Nour Brahimi
  5. Best Short Form Video: Bobo and Chichi
  6. Outstanding Social Media Presence: Jen on a Jet Plane
  7. Best Brand Collaboration: Discover Puerto Rico

Learning About Earning

The menu at the conference included not just free cocktails, but plenty of food for thought. Industry leaders shared their insights on the latest travel trends, content creation strategies, and monetization techniques. One standout session was led by Juliana Broste, a renowned hobbyist blogger turned full-time travel entrepreneur, who provided valuable tips on leveraging affiliate marketing and partnerships to grow your brand.

TP’s Angelika with Juliana Broste and Maria DiCicco (blogger and TP partner) at the Travelpayouts rooftop party 

The workshops and breakout sessions were packed with actionable advice and practical skills ranging from SEO and social media growth to video production and storytelling. 

Here’s My Card

One of the major highlights of TBEX North America was getting the chance to forge exclusive partnerships with travel brands: many exhibitors and sponsors offered unique deals for attendees and arranged collaborations.. These kinds of brand partnerships are a great way to enhance content, get unique travel experiences, and add new monetization methods. We’ll be excited to see these partnerships leading to unique content creation and audience engagement opportunities.

Caves ‘n’ goats

Of course, the trip wasn’t just about TBEX – it was about San Juan, too. Organized tours and excursions allowed attendees to experience Puerto Rico’s rich culture, history, and natural beauty.

Our team learned a lot and gained some new skills, which are sure to come in handy on the job. Angelika immersed herself in local culture and learned to dance. Janis became a master goat milker. Yuta went on a food tour, while Nadia hiked the rainforest and swam in caves. 

There was a guided tour of Old San Juan, a visit to the El Yunque rainforest, and an evening at one of the island’s famous bioluminescent bays. These experiences not only enriched our understanding of Puerto Rico, but also provided endless content ideas.

Like all TBEXes, this one was a delight! We understand why some people come to every conference – you can’t get such an energy boost anywhere else. Not legally, anyway. So see you at TBEX Alaska!

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