Travel blogs you need to follow in 2022

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Travel is one of the ten most profitable blogging niches, and every year more and more blogs emerge. The ones that gain popularity all give practical advice and help organize their travel and dive into the fantasy of travel for those who can’t afford traveling for the time being. Naturally, there are many different types of blogs — from backpacking to luxury travel guides, from solo traveling to family holiday advice. In this post, we’ve accumulated 23 great travel bloggers from all walks of life that help their audiences make smart travel decisions.

Travel blogs you need to follow in 2021

Where Are Those Morgans

Where Are Those Morgans is a popular travel, hiking and photography blog run by Mark and Kristen Morgan. In 2018, this British-American couple quit their scientific careers, put everything into storage, tied the knot and set off on a never-ending honeymoon.

Now, they are both full time professional travel writers and photographers who explore, hike and capture the world’s most amazing landscapes with a mission to help others experience bucket list destinations around the world.

The World Travel Guy

This is an adventure travel blog by a Bali-based American world traveler and his wife. David is a full-time traveler who has been ‘on the road’ for 6 years and counting, and has been featured by some top companies in the travel industry.

David has solo travelled to almost every country in Asia and the Middle East, and started his travel blog in 2019. The blog is regularly updated with guides, tips, photos, and videos of scenic destinations around the world. David earns money with affiliate ads and photography licenses.

The Discovery Nut

The Discovery Nut is one of the best adventure blogs out there. The creator of this blog, Daria, describes herself as the “Discovery Nut.”

She started this website to encourage fellow travelers to get outside of their comfort zone and explore more.

The Discovery Nut features road trip itineraries, as well as guides to outdoor destinations and adventure tips for places across the globe.

Whether it’s an epic road trip along the West Coast filled with stops at national parks and scenic vistas, or a trip to Mexico featuring hidden beaches and small authentic towns, the Discovery Nut will inspire your inner wanderlust for adventure.


PlacesofJuma is a travel blog based in Europe. The Austrian travel bloggers, Jürgen and Martina, launched PlacesofJuma in 2017, and their blog is focused on adventure, travel photography, and how to organize perfect round trips. By 2022, they had published more than 800 articles about their travels around the world, where readers can learn more about the best places to visit and get useful tips and tricks about traveling.

The two love photography, and are therefore always exploring the most beautiful places and locations. You’ll mostly find guides for visiting Europe, but also for South-East Asia!

Dan Flying Solo

Dan Flying Solo
Dan Flying Solo homepage screenshot

Dan is a British travel blogger who went from two-day weekend trips to Europe to visiting over 50 countries within seven years. Once a restaurant manager, Dan now combines blogging with photography, videography, and  writing, and is also a creative director of his own media company based in Portugal.

Dan Flying Solo focuses on good value travel across Asia, Europe, Oceania, and other places. You’ll find tons of beautiful photos and videos and you can also subscribe to Dan’s YouTube channel.

A Broken Backpack

A broken backpack
A broken backpack homepage screenshot

Melissa Giroux is a Canadian travel blogger and the voice behind A Broken Backpack. Melissa is a living proof that you don’t need tons of savings to accomplish your travel dreams. Here, you’ll learn how she started traveling and blogging and is now leading a digital nomad life.

A Broken Backpack is the place where you can find tips on traveling on a dime around the world, but also advice on moving abroad (Melissa has guides on moving to Australia, the UK and Southeast Asia) and finding online work opportunities to support your travel. You’ll also learn how to choose the right travel gear and become a digital nomad. 

Lili’s Travel Plans

Lili’s story is about breaking free from the pressure of always having to be the best. In August 2017, she bought a one-way ticket to Tanzania and embarked on a one-and-a-half-year adventure, which encouraged her to launch a tour business in Moshi, Tanzania, where she currently lives.

On the blog, you can find travel guides to multiple destinations across Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. There are different kinds of posts including Lili’s travel stories, how-to guides, favorite places to visit, the list goes on.

The Blog Abroad

The Blog Abroad
The Blog Abroad homepage screenshot

Gloria Atanmo, the voice behind The Blog Abroad, has visited over 70 countries across six continents since graduating college and flying with a one-way ticket to Europe in 2013. Two years later, she was already blogging full-time, and now the blog makes her six-figure income.

The Blog Abroad is mainly devoted to female solo travelers, but it will be interesting for anyone looking for travel tips and tricks. The content is very diverse: from personal stories, travel guides, and updates to blogging strategies, lifestyle advice, and more. All posts have a personal touch, are fun and inspirational.

My Life’s A Travel Movie

My life’s a travel movie homepage screenshot

Alyssa Ramos has visited over 100 countries across seven continents and has now an audience of more than 300,000 subscribers. Once a veterinary technician, Alyssa also did freelance writing for some time and then started a career in travel blogging.

On My Life’s A Travel Movie, you can find all kinds of travel advice: itineraries, best photo spots, to-do lists, how-to move plans, and more. Alyssa also offers lifestyle advice, travel gear recommendations, and organizes solo travel group trips which you can sign up for.  

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky
Drew Binsky homepage screenshot

Drew Binsky is on the verge of visiting every country in the world, as he now has been to 191 countries. Drew started traveling back in college, then moved from the United States to South Korea to teach English and started his first travel blog. He is now a full-time video maker, travel blogger and content creator, with an audience of over six million followers on social media.

In this blog, you can find travel tips, golf stories, travel videos, and can also follow Drew on YouTube. 

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich is the creator of The Blonde Abroad travel blog devoted mainly to providing tips for solo and female travelers. Kiersten has visited over 70 countries and has over one million subscribers. She embarked on her first big trip six years ago and has been traveling ever since.

On The Blonde Abroad, you can browse posts by destination, type of trip (adventure, budget, luxury, etc), and also get lifestyle and photography advice.  

A Dangerous Business

Amanda Williams is an award-winning travel blogger from the United States. Her travel adventures started back in 2005, when she went on a trip to New Zealand, as a big fan of Lord of the Rings. In 2010 Amanda started blogging to document her travel adventures.

A Dangerous Business aims to show how to fit travel into your normal life and not quit your job or leave the loved ones behind. The blog features over 250,000 monthly visitors and has more than 95,000 followers on social media. There, you’ll find guides to global destinations, bucket list-style trips, inspirational posts, Amanda’s personal travel stories, packing advice, and guides to short-term vacations as part of her “10-day Adventure Project.” There are also tips for responsible tourism, which Amanda is a big fan of.

Backpacking Matt

Matt Kyhnn is the voice behind Backpacking Matt and also Planit NZ, New Zealand’s largest travel booking website. Matt moved to New Zealand back in 2010 and has lived there ever since.

Backpacking Matt is focused on providing advice on backpacking around New Zealand and showing that unconventional lifestyle can also be satisfying. You’ll also find travel guides to other global destinations, adventure stories, inspirational posts, travel reviews, the list goes on.

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin, the author of Be My Travel Muse, believes that solo traveling is the best way to become the bravest version of yourself, and through this blog, she aims to empower women to be confident and live the life of their dreams.

With over eight years of traveling experience, Kristin shares practical advice for trips around Europe, Asia, Americas, Africa, and Oceania. You’ll find tips on how to plan an outdoor adventure, backpack, go on a road trip or any other kind of a solo adventure. There are also travel gear recommendations, ebooks, online courses, and tours that you can book on Be My Travel Muse.

Borders of Adventure

Becki Enright is a British Travel Press award-winning writer and travel blogger. She’s been to 70 countries across six continents, has been blogging since 2012 and was featured in National Geographic,, the Guardian online, and Buzzfeed. 

Borders of Adventure is set up to inspire adventurous, responsible, and purposeful traveling. Destination guides and travel hacks are combined with social and political reporting, aiming to encourage travelers to have a positive impact on the communities they pass through. You’ll find guides to Europe, Asia, North and South America, Middle East, Oceania, and Africa.

World of Wanderlust

The world of wanderlust
World Of Wanderlust homepagescreenshot

Brooke Saward is an Australian travel blogger with over eight years of blogging experience and 80+ countries visited solo under her belt. She has recently moved to South Africa and is now based in Cape Town.

Word of Wanderlust is a space to encourage young people to travel around the world and not be afraid to do it solo to become more confident. You’ll find city guides, solo travel tips, road trips advice, adventure and luxury travel hacks as well as extensive lifestyle, entrepreneurship and home decor hints. There is also a book club section with book reviews and a travel blogging master course. The blog features tons of stunning photos and videos. 

Under 30 Experiences

Matt Wilson and Jared O’Toole are co-founders of the Under 30 Experiences travel blog and community. Just like the name suggests, the blog is aimed at inspiring millennials to travel stress-free and affordably.
Under 30 Experiences covers destinations in Asia, Europe, Central and South America, and Oceania.

You can also book a trip directly on the site, from hiking, kayaking and mountain climbing to city breaks, food and culture experiences. Most trips take five days or longer. There are last-minute deals and discounts.

Local Adventurer

Jacob Fu and Esther Julee, creators behind the Local Adventurer, are here to encourage people to appreciate the places where they live and explore them more. After moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Jacob and Esther decided on keeping up the tradition and relocating to a new city within the US every year, which they’ve been doing for the last seven years. 

Local Adventurer is in the top five travel blogs in the United States. You can find things-to-do, bucket lists, city break guides, best places lists for destinations inside the US and worldwide. 

David’s Been Here

David Hoffmann is a travel host, producer, and social media influencer. He has visited 78 countries, has shot 2,000 travel episodes and has been blogging since 2007. David has been named one of the top ten best travel videographers by USA Today.

On Davidsbeenhere, you can find extensive travel advice: from top lists and city guides to starting a blog and meeting celebrity travel addicts.

Wander Her Way

Dale, founder of Wander Her Way, aims to teach female travelers to properly plan their trips and make the most of them. Dale comes from a family of travelers, and she visited her first 20 countries before even graduating from college. Dale started blogging in 2018.

On Wander Her Way, you’ll find travel guides to destinations in Europe, North America, South America, with a speсial focus on trips to Disney World. Dale shares many travel tips: how to save money, book cheap flights, pack your luggage, travel eco-friendly, plan business trips, and more. There is also an extensive “How to start a travel blog” section.

Think Maverick

Think Maverick
Think Maverick homepage screenshot

Winson Ng, founder of Think Maverick, has built his own publishing business on Amazon and has received the financial freedom he always strived for. On this blog, Winson shares tips on self-publishing, blogging, social media management, online entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency and more. You’ll learn how to earn more by working less, where to invest money and how to become the better version of yourself.

You can start by signing up for a free 12-day email course on building a six-figure income with your blog or download free magazine issues.

Deft Nomad

DeftNomad is a blog aiming to inspire the deft community to travel the world and find online work opportunities. Here, you’ll learn about nomadic lifestyle, remote work opportunities, and get the best travel hacks such as how to apply for a visa, find cheap accommodation and flights, save money, etc. DeftNomad covers multiple destinations in Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, Oceania and more.

Keep calm and travel

Clelia is an Italian blogger who started full-time traveling at the age of 35 when she quit a steady job in London and bought a one-way ticket to Asia. Today, she runs three websites, one dedicated to traveling around Sardinia, second to beauty and lifestyle tips and the third Keep Calm and Travel.

On this blog, you can find travel guides to destinations in Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and Middle East. In the Blog section, you’ll find advice for all occasions: from understanding Italian gestures to making money online to humorous travel stories. There is also an extensive Sardinia page with travel hacks for exploring the island for all kinds of travelers: solo, couples, families, etc.

Yours Truly Rebecca

Yours Truly Rebecca homepage screenshot

Rebecca is a 23-year old travel blogger and self taught graphic designer from Malta who currently lives in Germany. So far, she’s been to 15 countries.

YoursTrulyRebecca is dedicated to travel advice for trips around Europe, blogging tips, hacks for studying abroad, and Rebecca’s specialty – Malta guides from a local, including a free ebook. 

Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps homepage screenshot
Never Ending Footsteps homepage screenshot

Lauren Juliff is a travel blogger with over nine years of travel and blogging experience. On NeverEndingFootsteps, she aims to show that travel is an easily achievable goal, and it can transform your personality for the better, help build up confidence and meet amazing friends in every corner of the Earth.

Lauren is also the author of the How Not to Travel the World memoir, summing up her backpacking adventures, and the Overcome Travel Anxiety course.

Indie Traveller

Marek Bron is a Dutch travel blogger behind the Indie Traveler. Marek’s story started in 2012, when a two-month trip to Thailand turned into a two-year adventure around the world. On IndieTraveler, Marek shares real stories and honest advice, hoping to encourage others to travel more.

On IndieTraveler, you can find travel guides to over 30 countries in Southeast Asia, Central and South Americas, Europe and Africa. Apart from destination-specific guides, Marek shares lifestyle advice for digital nomads, such as favorite podcasts, great travel apps, gear reviews, etc. to help readers travel smart.


Hammer & Guillaume launched their travel blog “A Fun Couple” in 2020 while being based in Seoul. Their blog quickly became a hit, writing about places not many people knew existed in South Korea.

Both are passionate about surf, yoga, photography, and of course travel, and they decided to start a world trip in early 2022. Follow their journey on their blog and social media for inspiring stories and great adventures.

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