New version of Travel SDK to be released soon

Andrey Novoselov Andrey Novoselov
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By the end of April the mobile development division plans to release new SDK for mobile search integration for flights and hotels into iOS applications. By the way, our SDK projects always occupy leading positions in terms of payout amounts.

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We have decided to make a short announcement of the upcoming release.

What to expect in Travel SDK

  • Transformation in Travel SDK — hotel search has been added;
  • Updated design of the template application;
  • Preset colour schemes for the template application — you can easily select an option that suits the developer;
  • About Us section — a place where you can enter your contact information for feedback and place an App Store link for “rate/review this app”;
  • New language localizations — no Arabic language for now;
  • If necessary, you can disable flight and hotel search, or use both in one application.


Is it worth using in Apple Search Ads?

Yes, even with a budget of $10 per day, you can receive up to 100 installations per day, if you work well with ad groups, rates and other parameters. The Search Ads algorithm is like socialism, where all the players in the system are on equal footing without preferences.

How will the Travel SDK be affected by the creation of certain types of applications for individuals?

Officially, it’s now forbidden to send to the Store apps selling something (do not try to explain to Apple what you’re looking for) from individuals. But in fact, it all depends heavily on which reviewer you get. Some reviewers allow the app because they don’t notice or don’t understand or don’t know the rules, while some reviewers may reject your app right away. Generally, the review process does not follow any logic. Apps may be rejected because the name is at the end and not at the beginning, and may be allowed with the “title” and “keywords” fields mixed. But it’s worth trying anyway.

Tips from our ASO Manager

  1. Try to work in Canada, Australia, and other less popular countries. If you develop your first application, it will be difficult to start in Russia and the USA. Look for alternatives.
  2. Try at least to make the app look trustworthy from the outside. High-quality screenshots and an icon other than “background+airplane” will greatly increase the chances of app downloads.
  3. And don’t forget about metadata localization.

For more details about mobile app promotion, read the interview with our ASO manager Ilya Kukharev.

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