The Travelocity Affiliate Program

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Travelocity is an online platform for booking accommodations, flights, vacation packages, and other travel services. Travelocity is part of the Expedia group of companies and provides customers with the widest possible choice of travel products. To make money on Travelocity’s services, you need to join the official affiliate program and use the affiliate tools to drive traffic to the brand’s website.

About Travelocity

Travelocity was founded in 1996 and was one of the very first online agencies. At the time the agency was founded, its main competitor was Orbitz. Today, these two companies are often compared to one another, but are both part of the Expedia Group.

Through Travelocity, customers can purchase literally all the services necessary for traveling:

  • Flights
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals
  • Cruises
  • Travel Packages
  • And others

Flights are not a primary service for Travelocity. In fact, the company’s main product is accommodations. On the main page, the first thing a tourist sees is “stays”. To view flight tickets, the traveler needs to switch to another form.

In reviews of Travelocity, many customers mention difficulties booking flight tickets:

  • There are no offers directly from airlines (purchase is possible only through an agency).
  • It is not possible to book tickets for a flight to three or more cities at once. Multi-city search is a very useful feature not only for experienced travelers, but also for any tourist who wants to return home from another airport.
  • Due to the lack of direct offers from airlines, the cost of flight tickets for some destinations is significantly higher than those of competitors.

In reviews of Travelocity, customers also note the advantages of the company:

  • Convenient ticket upgrade process: At the time of checkout, the company offers everything a traveler may need (luggage, seat, etc.)
  • Flight scores help travelers navigate and choose the best tickets.
  • Reducing the cost of services when booking several at once.

Bundling several services, such as flight tickets, hotels, and car rentals, allows customers to reduce the cost of each service. This is the main advantage of Travelocity. As a result, customers with such orders benefit significantly when booking services through Travelocity.

There are some similar platforms on which a customer can combine several services as well, such as Priceline.

How the Travelocity Affiliate Program Works

Travelocity shares revenue with partners who help sell its travel services. The Travelocity affiliate program works in the same way as many other programs:

  • Join the Travelocity affiliate program
  • Place tools on your travel blog
  • Every time a member of your audience buys a service, you earn a commission

A feature of the Travelocity affiliate program is that the company pays not only for flight tickets, but also for other services, such as hotels and car rentals. The exact amount of the commission depends on the specific product that was sold thanks to you.

Travelocity is only available through affiliate networks such as FlexOffers or CJ.

Terms of the Affiliate Program

The commission in the Travelocity affiliate program depends on the product:

Airline Tickets$2
Pre-Paid Hotel6%
Pay At Hotels3%
Car Rentals2%
Vacation Package3% 

You will receive income for all bookings made throughout the seven-day cookie lifetime. This means that, if the person who clicked on your link does not buy the service immediately, but returns to the official site in a couple of days and buys the service in question, you will still receive income.

Seven days is less than the average cookie lifetime, as most alternative flight affiliate programs usually offer a 30-day (one month) lifetime.

Benefits of Joining the Travelocity Affiliate Program

The main advantage of the Travelocity affiliate program is that you can earn not only on airline tickets, but also on other travel services, such as hotels and car rentals.

It is convenient for the client to be able to buy different travel services in one place. In this case, a customer doesn’t need to look for a trusted service provider or enter personal data and credit card information for several websites. However, this is relevant only if all the services on the site are available at a reasonable price.

For the client, Travelocity is also a convenient tool for planning their trip. Even if a person does not end up buying any service, thanks to filters and a visual representation of the trip, the client will be able to plan their trip in just a few clicks.

The Travelocity affiliate program is suitable not only for those who work in the US, but also for bloggers with traffic from other countries. The service is available in different regions of the world and accepts traffic from different locations. With that said, there are a number of restrictions that you need to familiarize yourself with before connecting.

Review of the Travelocity Affiliate Program

The Travelocity affiliate program is not very popular among travel bloggers. Therefore, it is difficult to find a decent number of reviews about the program. However, as the brand belongs to a large group of companies (Expedia Group), partners can count on a professional service.

As the company pays commissions on several services at once, the program can be a one-stop solution for partners. However, this advantage is also a detriment if you only want to earn on flights. Individually (if the client buys only a flight ticket), the cost for the client may be higher than the costs of competitors. For you, this means a low conversion rate, because the client chooses which services to purchase mostly based on prices.

In addition to the sometimes high price of flight tickets, the absence of an important feature (namely, the multi-city search) can also affect your ultimate conversion rate. Therefore, before joining the program, try the service yourself to see if it suits your audience.

The $2 commission does not depend on the cost of the flight ticket, which makes your income from expensive tickets negligible. If, among your audience, most tickets are bought for more than $100, then it is more profitable to join an alternative affiliate program. This is also worth doing because the cookie lifetime of seven days is low compared to the 30 days offered by many other programs.

For example, as an alternative to Travelocity, you can consider joining WayAway, which is a metasearch engine that allows customers to find tickets at the best price by comparing prices across hundreds of agencies and airlines. The brand pays affiliates half of its revenue (you will receive about 1.6% of the ticket price) and counts all sales within 30 days after customers click on the affiliate link.

WayAway offers customers a unique cashback opportunity from various travel services. This means that, when buying a ticket, a person can return part of the cost and eventually buy it for one of the lowest price on the market. WayAway partners can also earn by promoting the platform’s cashback service.

50% revenue share
30 days cookie lifetime
$10 per sale of WayAway Plus
The WayAway Partner Program
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