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Otherwise, we’ll punish you 🙁

Now we’ll talk about the rules of our affiliate program. Have you read them? In theory, you have, as you have agreed to the terms and conditions while registering in the affiliate program. But have you really read it? I don’t think so.

It is pretty boring to read long legal documents. So we won’t use specific terms and paragraphs of the offer against our partners. We side with you. But there are some rules to follow. Why? Now I’m going to make everything clear.

Subscription terms for 7 offers have been changed

First of all, no spam. What’s that? For example, when you start publishing our affiliate links on forums, in communities of social networks and other services, thus violating the rules of publication. As a result, the administrators of communities notice the link and complain to us about our site! Of course, such spammers are quickly found and punished. But some partners publish the link directly on our official Facebook page! It’s prohibited. Besides, link distribution by email without the user’s consent is regarded as a criminal offence, except the case when the link leads to your page or profile. If the user has agreed to be in correspondence with you, then it is not considered as spam.

You are not allowed to use the site URL containing the brand names of agencies and airlines obtained in our search results. Our partners supply us (and you) with money, so we work in close and mutually beneficial cooperation with them. The brand names in the site URL impede promotion of their resources. As the law is on their side, you should follow this rule as well. They have the right to take the matter to court, because the trademark belongs to them. However, we are not interested in such issues, so we remove the forms from sites ourselves and ban the partner who has violated our rules. The same regards the brand names containing mistakes, for instance, and so on.

What about contextual advertising from Google Adwords, Bing Ads and others? It is prohibited to redirect users to our domains (not yours) and publish ads dealing with our brands (Aviasales, Hotellook) and its derivatives. Why? Again, we take care of you! When several thousands of partners try to advertise themselves using the same keywords and domain, it leads to superfluous competition and enormous expenses. As a result, you waste much more time and money on advertising. We can cooperate with you: using White Label, you can practically copy Aviasales or Hotelook and earn interest on context. It is just what our top partners do – send PPC traffic to their websites and White Labels.

Touching upon more advanced themes (e.g. self-written browser plug-ins, etc.), their advertising activity both on our sites and on other partners’ sites is prohibited. You can contact our technical support service to learn more, if needed. But it is rather bad to steal cookies! I’m talking about mean cookie stuffing, of course, if you know what I mean.

These are the main rules we kindly ask you to follow. Otherwise, your account will be banned without cash payout. Travelpayouts takes zero tolerance stance on the affiliate network cheating.

By the way, we allow those things that you won’t find in any other affiliate programs. For example, you can buy tickets, hotels, etc. using your own affiliate link. You can also use design elements and content for your sites (within reasonable limits).

You see, our rules are aimed at making your life much easier. Here isn’t a hint of greed. Be sure of that. So let’s get on well!

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