Best Adsense Alternatives for Travel Blogs

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Monetizing your blog with Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money in the travel niche in 2022. It is widely used and universally accepted as one of the best contextual advertising platforms because of its high-quality ads. Apart from AdSense, many other ad platforms and methods allow you to earn money from travel blogging. We have collected all of them on this page.

Best Adsense Alternatives for Travel Blogs

What Is Google Adsense?

Before looking at the alternatives, let’s learn more about how Google AdSense works.

Google AdSense allows you to place advertisements on your website and earn money when your visitors click on the ads.

This model of earning is named “pay per click” (PPC). The commission varies between $0.01 and $2 per click. Sometimes you can earn more than $2 per click (for example $10-$20), but those clicks are very rare. It is better to target between $0.30 and $1.50 per click. This amount is much more realistic.

However, in 2022 it is not easy to create a Google AdSense account and get approval, especially if you have a new blog. Here are some of the main requirements for blogs:

  • Does not include prohibited content;
  • Gets at least 50 visitors daily.

These are not official requirements. Google simply requires a “good website,” but with low traffic in 2022 it is impossible to get approved. If you have fewer than 50 visitors daily, you may try to buy an already-approved account from someone. Usually such accounts cost around $20-$30 and can be bought on search engine forums.

Apart from the difficulties involved in registration, AdSense has strict rules for advertising. Therefore, Google AdSense will ban some bloggers. In this case, do not worry; there are a number of AdSense alternatives for blogs. You may use them as a complete alternative, or as an extra way to earn on a travel blog.

Why Should You Look For Adsense Alternatives?

As mentioned above, there are some reasons why you must examine the alternatives for AdSense.

  1. Declined to join AdSense — It’s very common for travel bloggers to be refused by Google AdSense because they do not meet AdSense’s requirements.
  2. Banned by AdSense —One day, you might get an email informing you that your AdSense account has been disabled or that you have been banned for violating an AdSense rule.
  3. Exaggerated Ad Block usage by your audience, which prevents AdSense from working — This means a fall in your earnings.
  4. AdSense may not bring you good earnings because of your niche. However, this reason is irrelevant for the travel niche.

When you came across one of the aforementioned situations, do not panic! Try another option and continue monetizing your blog.

Types of Networks for Blog Monetization

You can earn a lot if you know how to make money on your travel blog through different networks. Here, we will mention different ways to monetize your blog: namely, contextual advertising, selling advertising space on your blog, CPA and affiliate marketing, and other ways.

It is not possible to determine the best one because the best one for you depends on the qualifications of your blog. Therefore, you must learn all the methods, then choose the one or ones that will bring you the highest income. Moreover, don’t forget about AdSense completely; you can use it as well.

Adsense Alternative Ad Platforms

AdSense is a contextual advertising platform that displays a number of ads in your website. It chooses them according to content and keywords in your travel blog. AdSense can be difficult to join and has strict rules to obey. However, here you will learn about the 5 best Google AdSense alternatives. is one of the best AdSense alternatives in terms of quality ads and revenue share. It is a contextual ad platform generated by Yahoo and Bing. has some strict rules, like Google AdSense. However, compared to the waiting period for approval from AdSense, there is a quick response to join: only 2 days.

The earning model is PPC, through which you earn by clicks. The minimum payout is $100. Moreover, if you are admitted to the platform, you will get an extra 10% of your revenue for the first 3 months as a welcoming gift.

Propellerads Media

In 2011, PropellerAds Media was set up. It has grown quickly in providing services for advertisers. It is known for its developed technology for advertisements. The anti-AdBlock qualification of PropellerAds Media allows you to make money despite ad blockers. In addition, owners of the mobile app don’t have to worry about earning with the high-technology PropellerAds. It works in the mobile version of your blog without any problems.

PropellerAds Media

The earning model is Cost Per Thousand (CPM), which means you are paid for each 1000 views. This can be very advantageous for new bloggers. For each 1000 views, this platform pays $1-$4. The minimum payout is $25. With such good features, it is one of the AdSense best alternatives.


One of the other best Google AdSense alternatives on our list is RevContent. Good-quality ads and easy registration are among the advantages of this ad platform. As an AdSense best alternative, if you register for RevContent through a referral link, you will get much more revenue share and faster approval.


RevContent pays for each click on the advertisement (PPC). The cost varies between $0.01 and $0.10. Moreover, you can strategically use this platform with another one to boost your income.


The last one in our list of AdSense alternatives for travel blogs is Chitika, via which only contextual ads are available. To join, it does not require any minimum amount of traffic. Therefore, it is mostly preferred by newbie blog owners.


Nevertheless, you can customize the ads like colors or size if you receive good traffic. Also, it is very profitable for beginner bloggers in terms of minimum payouts, which is $10 for PayPal. Another way to get paid is by check, and the minimum amount is $50. Even though you may be pleased with Google AdSense, you are able to try Chitika in addition to working with AdSense.

Here is a summary that will allow you to see and better evaluate all the alternatives to AdSense.

Name of PlatformQualifications


Good-quality ads and revenue share

10% more revenue during first 3 months

Only 2 days’ duration to join

No minimum amount of traffic to join

High amount of minimum payout – $100

Strict terms and conditions like AdSense

PropellerAds MediaCPM



Runs on mobile version

$25 minimum payout

RevContentPPC; per click is $0.01-$0.10


Quality advertisements

Easy registration

Referral link – faster approval and better earnings



Runs on both mobile version and desktop

Allows you to ask for payment on any day; payout is sent in 1-2 days

Different types of payment are available

ChitikaCPM and PPC


Only contextual ads

No required minimum traffic

Customization of ads

Very small minimum payout – $10

Runs along with AdSense and other networks

Sell Advertising Space

Basically, you earn by selling advertising space but there is no need to worry about finding ads because they are shown automatically when you work with Google AdSense or However, these platforms get a share in return for their comfortable service. You don’t need to share your earnings with ads platforms; you can also find your own ads buyers, make agreements, and earn without a middleman.

Advantages to this means of monetization are paying no fee and determining the prices and rates for the ads. You also connect directly to the advertiser.

On the other hand, you have to find the buyers yourself and perhaps spend a lot of time on this.

Moreover, your income is not consistent and depends on your skills to find buyers. Selling advertising space is advised for big projects which have good traffic. In this type, the more traffic you have, the higher the amount of buyers and earnings you can get.

You can receive income not only in cash but in another form too. For example, you can advertise your airline and get a discount, post a link to the site, and get a link in response, etc. Do not focus on money; try different forms of cooperation, because you have direct contact with the buyer of the advertising!

 CPA and affiliate marketing

It is believed that affiliate marketing is much more convenient. It is a preferred method compared to AdSense and other methods of earning on the online travel niche. Basically, you choose the service you will recommend, share the product/service in your blog by embedding affiliate tools there, and get a commission when a visitor buys the service/product. The method of earning is called Cost Per Action (CPA).

Travelpayouts is a travel partnership platform. Join Travelpayouts to offer your visitors various travel-related services, such as flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rentals, excursions, and so on. You can earn on every sale.

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In addition, Travelpayouts has various tools that you can customize and embed into your blog to attract your audience’s attention. White Label is also available for blog owners who want to develop their own brand.

White Label

The platform shares up to 70% of revenue or up to 20% on each booking for a travel service, and uses different methods of payments, like bank transfers, PayPal, and ePayments. To learn more about Travelpayouts, click here.

How much you earn on the affiliate market depends on the offers of the chosen affiliate program. Therefore, it is crucial to study the terms of various affiliate programs. Here, read our article to detect the best affiliate program for your blog. We have also collected the best hotels affiliate programs. In addition, you can read our articles to learn more about how to earn on travel affiliate programs:

Other Means of Travel Blog Monetization

To earn money from travel blogging, there are some other ways apart from the ones described above.

  1. Selling your own product/service – this can bring you a good income if you sell your own product or services such as insurance, travel books, backpacks, photography lessons and so on;
  2. Creating and selling websites – if you think that you are good about creating and maintaining a good website, you can create/buy a website and develop it by investing your time and then sell it for a higher price on some websites such as;
  3. Building an email list also allows you to sell services to your loyal visitors and boost your income;
  4. Asking and admitting the donations from your visitors in return for your good service to them.

To learn more details about different ways to make money in travel blogging, look at our previous article, 10+ ways to monetize a website in 2022.

What Are the Best Adsense Alternatives for Travel Blogs in 2022?

Most travel bloggers have a problem with Google AdSense – in particular about its strict rules and conditions. Sometimes, people stick to one that they are used to, even if it does not earn them a good profit. However, different methods are always available. The golden rule of success is to try new and different methods to find the best one.

Among the alternatives of AdSense, the best one is definitely what you need and what is appropriate for your blog. Therefore, study more, learn more, try more, and be patient. Don’t give up. In the end, you will find the best AdSense alternative for your travel blog.

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