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How Much You Can Earn From Travel Blogging: Income Report Roundup

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How much travel bloggers earn a month

How do travel bloggers make money? Earning money online seems to be a lucrative idea to many aspiring bloggers, but to begin generating a real income, you need to monetize your blog wisely. In this post, we’ve gathered 13 income reports from small to top-earning travel blogs. Read on to learn the most effective ways to make money with a travel blog and add them to your marketing strategy. Note that some reports were made before the pandemic, while others were created after it had started (which makes these achievements even more spectacular).

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Living the Dream: $9,872 in December 2021

Jeremy and Angie from Living The Dream
Jeremy and Angie from Living The Dream

Living the Dream is a travel blog dedicated to sharing once-in-a-lifetime, worldwide travel experiences. Jeremy and Angie are the authors of the blog who’ve been to over 70 countries on five continents and want to inspire more people to follow their lead and go on grand adventures.

One of the income and traffic reports shared on their blog is for December 2021. During this one month, they earned $9,200 with CPM ads and $672 with affiliate marketing for a total income of over $9,870. Their overall traffic reached 19,200 page views in the same month.

By Leah Claire: $1,172 in November 2021

Leah from By Leah Claire
Leah from By Leah Claire

Leah is the author of two blogs, one of which is called By Leah Claire. She’s also a blogger, freelancer, and photographer based in the US. With her blog, Leah aims to help people leave their comfort zones and explore the world. 

In November 2021, Leah made $1,172 from her two blogs through a mixture of affiliate marketing and advertising. On her secret lifestyle blog (the name of which Leah doesn’t disclose), she earned with the Amazon affiliate program ($219.29), Skimlinks ($10.50), Ezoic ($52.57) and Mediavine ($337.87). The blog featured over 27,000 monthly page views.

On her By Leah Claire travel blog, Leah earned money with the Amazon ($2.58) and Bluehost ($550.00) affiliate programs. This high commission with Bluehost was achieved by promoting the platform’s Black Friday offer. The website reached over 1,000 page views in November 2021.

Amy Fillinger: $2,500 in October 2021

Amy from Amy Fillinger
Amy from Amy Fillinger

Amy is a travel blogger as well as a honeymoon travel agent and destination wedding specialist for Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Mexico. On her blog, Amy shared her income for October 2021 ($867.59), which comprised two sources: ad income and affiliate sales. Her ad revenue from the Mediavine ad network amounted to $1,728.02, while her affiliate income was comprised of four sources: Discount Rental Cars ($519.07), Amazon ($221.46), Shareasale ($69.07), and CJ ($57.99). Amy’s page views for October 2021 were 51,990.

Adam Enfroy: $281,776 in June 2021

Adam Enfroy from Adam Enfroy blog
Adam Enfroy from Adam Enfroy blog

Adam Enfroy is a big-name blogger and affiliate marketer, who teaches online entrepreneurs how to create and grow their startups. Having started the blog a little more than two and a half years ago, Adam reached 341,684 page views and 46,856 email subscribers in June 2021. During that same month, his monthly revenue hit $281,776 thanks to three sources: Adam’s blogging course sales ($193,808), affiliate marketing ($80,950 from 63 different affiliate programs), and ad networks ($7,017). 

As Adam explains, he maximized his focus on growing affiliate revenue from the start, which led to steady business and audience growth. After two and a half years of sharing blogging tips on his blog, Adam launched a premium course which accounted for the lion’s share of his revenue during that same month.

Happily Ever Travels: $591 in November 2020

Dayna and Jake from Happily Ever Travels-min
Dayna and Jake from Happily Ever Travels

Dayna and Jake are experienced travelers as well as the creators of the Happily Ever Travels blog. They share tips on how to live abroad, travel cheaply, and learn new languages. During November 2020, which was, at that point, their best month financially, Dayna and Jake had three income streams: advertising through the Monumetric network ($240.33), the Airbnb affiliate program ($295.20), and the Amazon affiliate program ($55.97). In total, they earned $591.50. Dayna and Jake believe that one of their biggest successes of November 2020 was taking advantage of the Airbnb affiliate program, as people were seeking alternatives to hotel stays during the pandemic.

The Atlas Heart: $948 in January 2020

Mimi from the Atlas Heart
Mimi from The Atlas Heart

Mimi is an avid traveler, entrepreneur, California native, and the voice behind The Atlas Heart travel blog, which is aimed at sharing local insights and travel tips for exploring California. So, how much does a travel blogger make with a local blog? 

Mimi shared her travel blog income from January 2020, which accounted for a total of $948.30 and included three income sources: affiliate marketing (total income of $281.72 paid out by, Amazon, ShareASale, and Viator), display advertising with Mediavine ($509.08) and eBook sales ($157.50). Mimi also shared her monthly traffic statistics. Her page views in January 2020 reached 37,144 with 1,972 email subscribers, one new blog post, and one eBook.

What worked for The Atlas Heart during January 2020, according to Mimi, was preselling her new eBook, following a successful SEO strategy for a while (writing detailed mega posts with high-traffic keywords and quality backlinks) and increasing Pinterest traffic with some SEO efforts.

Ashley Abroad: $2,112 in September 2019

Ashley from Ashley Abroad
Ashley from Ashley Abroad

Ashley is the founder of the Ashley Abroad travel blog, which is dedicated to culture, history, food and travel adventures around the world. Ashley shared that her blog’s traffic and income in September 2019, which totaled to 70,827 page views and $2,112.61 correspondingly:

  • Advertising – $1,083.51
  • Affiliate income (Amazon) – $1,002.94
  • Affiliate income (not Amazon) – $15.98
  • Other (products, eBooks, etc.) – $8.85

Two Wandering Soles: $16,000 in April 2019

Katie and Ben from Two Wandering Soles
Katie and Ben from Two Wandering Soles

Katie and Ben are travel bloggers and the creators of the Two Wandering Soles blog, where they share their extensive global travel experience, tips and tricks for leading the campervan life, working abroad, and much more. On the blog, Katie and Ben share their income reports, including one for April 2019

That month, they earned over $10,670 via affiliate marketing by promoting over 30 affiliate programs, such as, Agoda,, and more. Interestingly, Katie and Ben find that smaller programs work better for their blog. Advertising brought in over $5,600, while sponsored posts and brand partnerships earned them $100. Two Wandering Soles hit 290,000 page views in April 2019.

Getaway Couple: $4,114 in January 2019

Rae and Jason from Getaway Couple
Rae and Jason from Getaway Couple

Rae and Jason Miller are the creators of the Getaway Couple travel blog on which they document their RV trips and share tips and tricks with the RV community. On their blog, Rae and Jason also post their income reports to encourage more people to dive into the blogging business. 

Thus, their January 2019 total revenue amounted to $4,114.92. It comprised several sources: YouTube Ads ($603.92), Sponsorship deals ($2,100), Amazon ($116.25) and other affiliate programs ($239.21), as well as product sales ($1,055.54). As for traffic statistics, Rae and Jason reached 10,767 page views in January 2019, with no blog posts published.

Adventure in You: $19,233 in June 2018

Tom and Anna from Adventure In You
Tom and Anna from Adventure In You

Tom and Anna are the travelers and creators of the Adventure in You travel blog. They met on a solo backpacking trip years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Adventure in You offers practical advice on adventure holidays, travel blogging, travel gear, and much more. Tom and Anna also share their income reports. For example, in June 2018, they reached over 497,700 page views and earned money through four income streams:

  • Display Advertising – $4,201.56
  • Affiliates – $5,343.06
  • Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships – $3,539.00
  • Products & Services – $6,150.24

Making Sense of Cents: $100,324 in June 2018

Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents
Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents

Michelle is a travel blogger and founder of the Making Sense of Cents travel blog, where she teaches how to earn money online through blogging and other streams. To motivate more people to start a blog or online business, Michelle shares her monthly traffic numbers and profits. For example, in June 2018, the website reached ~400,000 page views and earned an astounding $100,324. Affiliate marketing accounted for over half of the revenue ($57,228.00) and comprised several programs, such as Bluehost, survey companies, ConvertKit, Ebates, and many others. Sponsorships and advertising brought in $21,000, while sales of the Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course generated an additional $19,004, and display advertising earned $3,092.

It’s a Lovely Life: $208,558 in March 2018

Heather and her family from It's A Lovely Life
Heather and her family from It’s A Lovely Life

It’s A Lovely Life is a lifestyle and travel blog created by the Reese family, who share their secrets of traveling over 150 days a year while earning six-to-seven-figure income by blogging. You’ll learn how to organize family vacations and enjoy your trips, as well as how to start and grow your own blog. 

Heather and Pete shared their income report for March 2018, which amounted to $208,558.17. Sponsored content and affiliate income earned $106,123.41 (the latter included commissions from various affiliate programs, such as Tailwind, Picmonkey, Fiverr, Amazon, Bluehost, etc.) Another huge part of their income was generated by course sales ($102,434.76).

Helene in Between: $15,000 in October 2017

Helene from Helene In Between
Helene from Helene In Between

Helene from Helene In Between is a travel blogger who shares her love for traveling and helps more people discover their next best destination, grow their blog, and learn how to use social media. On her blog, Helene shared her income report for October 2017, which she earned while traveling for the full month. 

Her affiliate revenue was comprised of several sources, including: Siteground ($1,800), Genius Blogger’s Toolkit ($5,671.25), and other programs ($480). Sponsored posts earned Helene $5,000, while product sales (lightroom presets and an Instagram eBook) earned her over $1,700. Finally, Helene made more money advertising with Mediavine ($1,030.68). Her total income amounted to $15,755.18.

Now It’s Your Turn!

With the travel market constantly changing, there are new earning opportunities arising for bloggers all the time. If you aspire to get paid as a travel blogger, it’s crucial to know the various income sources that you can use to monetize your blog. For this purpose, it’s helpful to study examples of successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers and follow their lead. It’s also useful to diversify your income sources to leverage as many money-making opportunities as possible.

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