How Often You Should Post on Social Media

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With many businesses moving online, social networks have become key tools for brand promotion. 58% of marketers
use them to increase brand awareness, 41% to community engagement, and 35% to growing their audiences. For successful marketing, it’s important to stay in constant touch with your audience. But how many social media posts per day should you publish to grow your brand? Read on to learn about the best posting frequency for different social networks.

How often should you post on social media

Why You Need to Post Consistently

Social media success factors in content quality and consistency. Here are the main reasons why posting regularly matters:

  1. Take advantage of the algorithms. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube use algorithms that favor brands who post regularly. Consistency will encourage social networks to show your posts to the public more often.
  2. Boost engagement. If you post regularly, readers will look forward to your posts. Use Google Analytics or HubSpot to learn when your audience is active and find the best posting times.
  3. Make it easier. A good content plan saves time. If you schedule publications in advance, it will take less time than if you manually upload posts every day.
  4. Stay on users’ minds. The more often followers see your publications in their feeds, the longer they remember you. When the need arises, they will be more likely to think of your brand.

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How Often You Should Post on Social Networks

The next step is to identify your ideal social media posting frequency. As every social network has its own features, your strategy may change for each site. Read on to learn the best practices for various social platforms.


How often should a business post on Facebook? Expert recommendations vary from one post daily to three to five posts weekly. The Facebook algorithm prioritizes content from friends and relatives in users’ feeds, so it can be challenging to reach potential clients.

On the other hand, posting too much content may lead to unfollows and decrease your page engagement. How many Facebook posts per day is too many? HubSpot research revealed that two or more posts per day will only overwhelm customers and won’t help you attract a wider audience.

However, if your company size exceeds 10,000 subscribers, posting more than once per day may generate a higher number of clicks, while smaller organizations can experience increased engagement by posting one to five times per month.

So, when deciding how many times to post on Facebook, proceed from your audience size and consider your opportunities for creating content.


Expert views differ as to how many times to post on Instagram per day. Proceed from your audience’s expectations and the best practices within your niche, which can range from two to three posts per week to one to two Instagram posts per day. 

Check out the posting frequency with popular travel accounts and tailor it to your audience. This is an important step if you want to get to the Explore page on Instagram and optimize your posts for saves.

If you have an impressive content bank and are wondering how many Instagram posts a day you can safely publish, go with three publications, as more frequent posting can decrease your engagement. Also, try to find the best posting time, which, on average is between 10 AM and 3 PM.

So, when considering how often to post on Instagram, start with one post per day and correct your content plan depending on your audience’s feedback.


Preparing video content is time-consuming, so it may be hard to post on YouTube frequently. Here is what experts recommend:

  • Joseph Hogue, the voice behind “My Work From Home Money”, believes that posting more than twice a week gives viewers a regular portion of content without overloading them. 
  • Alan Spicer, a YouTube certified expert, states that releasing daily videos is the best option if you can provide content without sacrificing quality.
  • Dexxter Clark, a social media expert, ran an experiment and found that posting once per week generated the most engagement, while sharing videos daily generated only a 25% subscriber boost, and posting three times per week didn’t result in any significant changes.

Posting time should also be factored in. Thus, Thursdays and Fridays between 12 AM and 3 PM is considered the best time frame for sharing new videos. Mondays and Tuesdays don’t usually generate as much engagement.

So, how often should you post on YouTube? Start by uploading one video per week and increase the frequency if you have enough content to share.


A survey showed that traffic growth depends on posting frequency. Sharing pins a few times per week brought the most impressive results, while periodic bursts as well as posting over 10 pins a day wasn’t that effective.

Now, the Pinterest algorithm prioritizes new pins, so marketers stopped sharing 30 posts per day as they simply don’t have that much fresh content.

Dependence of traffic growth on posting frequency on Pinterest.

However, some bloggers still post rather frequently. For example, Louise Myers, a popular graphic designer, shares about five pins per day, with one to three posts being her daily minimum. 

So, how often should you post on social media like Pinterest? Begin with one pin per day and increase the number if you have enough material to share. 


Tweets have a rather short time span in terms of engagement (15-20 minutes on average). Given that, the more often you post, the longer you’ll hold your followers’ attention. Some experts recommend sharing 3–6 Tweets daily. The most famous Twitter accounts post 23 times daily on average.

So, how often should I post on Twitter? If you don’t want to overwhelm followers with content or don’t have that much news to spread, proceed from one to three tweets per day.


TikTok is a relatively new platform and there are different opinions on how many social media posts per day to publish. Start from one to three videos per day to foster your brand promotion and increase to four to five videos per day if you have enough material to share. 

So, how often should you publish videos on TikTok? Start by posting once per day. If you feel that you can do more, why not try to share more videos with your viewers and see what their reaction is?


LinkedIn is mostly a B2B marketing platform, so post quality shows your competence and prevails over posting frequency. In general, sharing content once per day is more than enough for brand promotion, but posting twice per week is also a common practice. Pay attention to the best time to share posts, which is considered to be between 8 AM and 3 PM.

So, how often should businesses post on social media like LinkedIn? A bare minimum is twice per week. If you can post more often, then keep posting once daily.

Tailor Posting Frequency to Your Brand

The best practices vary widely, so to create the right approach for your brand, consider the following tips:

  1. Define your goals. Understanding what you wish to achieve (brand recognition, sales, or customer loyalty) will help assess your performance and adjust your approach.
  2. Stay in touch with your audience. Spare some time to get in touch with your followers. Respond to their comments on your profile and also see what they post on their accounts. Try to be prompt, as 79% of users anticipate receiving replies from companies during the same day.
  3. Take into account features of each social channel. Create a strategy that will help leverage the particularities of each network.

How Often Should I Post on Social Networks

Social networking sites are important communication channels between businesses and users. By consistently sharing content, you can stay in touch with followers and remain at the top of their minds. Each social network has its own best posting frequency, but all platforms prioritize quality over quantity. Finding the right balance is the key to success.

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