How to Make a Technical Task for a Copywriter to Rank High

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Content quality is crucial to audience loyalty, search engine rankings, and, in no small measure, your total income. To produce high quality blog articles, it is not always necessary to hire the most expensive copywriters. By creating a technical task, you’ll ensure that even a mid-level writer understands your requirements and is capable of creating quality articles.

How to make a technical task for a copywriter to rank high

Why You Should Write a Technical Task

Not every webmaster has the time and skills to write their own articles, so hiring a copywriter is quite common. But why is it important to know how to create technical tasks for your writers?

First, a technical task helps explain what kind of content you need, which will ensure you receive the type of blog post you are expecting. 

Second, a thoroughly written technical task can cut down on your expenses for a copywriter and still ensure you receive quality material.

It is important, however, to work with a specialist who knows the ropes of your niche, audience, and presentation style.

Do Research

The first step to making a detailed, comprehensive technical task is to come up with a list of relevant keywords and study articles that are already available on the subject.


Make sure to include relevant keywords in your technical task. They’ll help you determine your article’s structure and guarantee that it will be shown at the top of the search results. 

To select keywords, you can use free online services, such as:

Study Top-10 Posts in the Google Search Results

Google your topic and analyze the top 10 (or even 20) articles in the search results for your query. This analysis will help you to compose the structure of your technical task so that your article covers the topic from all angles and ranks ahead of the existing materials in the SERP. This will significantly contribute to the successful completion of a technical task.

Write the Technical Task

It is necessary to understand how to create technical tasks if you want your copywriter to deliver the article you expect. Below, we have compiled some points to keep in mind. 


Proper text structure allows the specifics of the topic to be fully revealed. This can be best done through the waterfall effect. To do so, compose the structure using h1-h6 headings. It is not necessary to use all of them in a single article, as this decision depends on the topic. 

Remember to use relevant keywords for your headings and subheadings as well. This will be a good start for creating a technical task for a copywriter.

Text Length

Studying the top 10 articles can help you identify the best length requirements for your post. A good idea is to keep up with the trending results and slightly exceed their word length.

Specify an expected post length to prevent your copywriter from being unreasonably wordy or, conversely, too brief. 

What length is preferable for showing up on the first page of the Google search results? Most of the time, webmasters target long reads that allow them to include all the necessary keywords and cover the topic from different angles. 


Make sure to mention the uniqueness requirements for the blog post that you expect your copywriter to provide. The advisable percentage is 90%. You should link to reliable plagiarism checking services directly in the technical task.

This step is crucial for search engine optimization and improving your blog ranking. 


Include relevant keywords in the technical task. This will to the quality of your article. You can either use keywords in subheadings or list them separately. 

Also, determine keyword density. The general requirement is 3%. Remember that you are writing the text for real people and not just for the search engines. 


To help your copywriter to better understand the subject matter, make sure to list some articles that you like as references. Such benchmarks will facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject for the writer and help them deliver a quality text.

Media Files

In some cases, adding media to your blog post will make it more attractive and help put your ideas across to the public. You can mention in the technical task that it is advisable to use video, images, infographics, audio, and more.

To avoid misunderstandings, specify any file requirements, such as acceptable sources, file size, and so on.

To help you understand how to design a technical task, we’ve prepared one such example. You can even download it and use it as a template when setting tasks for your team.

How to Create the Perfect Technical Task

A well-composed technical task serves as a helping hand for your copywriter and helps get your idea across to the audience. 

Start by analyzing existing articles on the topic, indicating the desired structure for your blog post, and including keywords that will help your post hit the top 10 search results. Take time to list your requirements and you will never have to deal with poorly composed articles ever again. 

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