Most Frequently Searched Long-Tail Travel Keywords in the UK and USA

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According to HubSpot research, 50% of searches include four or more words. Commonly, younger websites and those with a limited budget find it difficult to fight for higher positions in the SERP. In such cases, it makes sense to pay attention to long-tail (LT) search queries (most of the time – but not necessarily – over three words) as competition is lower for these terms, which will lead to more traffic growth. On this page, you will learn how to search for long-tail keywords and find a useful list of the most frequently searched travel keywords in the UK and USA.

Why You Need Long-Tail Keywords

For webmasters, low competition is the key benefit of long-tail keywords. However, this is not the only benefit.

A user entering a LT query into a search engine usually has a specific idea of what they are looking for. In many cases, these users are closer to making a purchase then visitors using short queries. Promoting your website or blog with long-tail keywords is low-cost and easy because there is:

  • Less effort needed to advance LT queries, as you will not need an in-depth analysis of semantics;
  • Low competition, thanks to specific requests;
  • Low budget for contextual advertising as, along with good content, LT keywords will sooner or later help your site reach the top;
  • Usually, no need to buy links, as internal optimization will be enough;
  • Traffic growth, as the more pages the site has, the more entry points for potential customers and users there are. (You will need to create multiple pages with LT keywords.)

Finally, thanks to such keywords, you can fulfill narrow queries from users by offering highly useful content.

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords

There are two main ways to search: (1) using the most searched words on Google and (2) through feature articles and sites.

The first method works via Google Suggest. You begin to enter a request and the system displays possible endings to your search. For a travel-related search, you will see a series of the most searched travel keywords with a low tail. For instance, in the below example, we begin by entering “holiday in…” to see the following options:

You can also use the tips from Related Search at the bottom of the search page for more highly targeted top travel keywords.


The third feature of the Google search engine is “how to” questions and similar options. For example, if you ask the system how to travel cheaply, you will be presented with similar questions in the “people also ask” section. You can use these suggestions in their entirety or generate LT keywords based on them:

C:\Users\Ирина\Documents\Турики\LT keywords2.jpg

The next option for finding the best keywords is to use ideas from question-answer sites or thematic sites. In the first case, go to the selected QA site (for example: Quora) and enter the required keywords for travel and tourism, such as “last minute vacation”. View similar questions on the topic, which will be your LT queries.


The next option is to read various topic-based articles (especially travel guides) and search for the most used travel keywords.

In this case, we chose an article using the query “how to travel cheap”, read it, and determined that not all moments were disclosed. For example, in the sentence “For those interested in flying the other direction, East Asia is one of the cheapest places on Earth for travelers — with lodging and food offered at meager prices, particularly for long-term travel or for those willing to stay somewhere other than the big resort”, you do not see specific numbers or examples. One possible option for a LT keyword in this case is “prices for long-term travel in East Asia”.

The essence of the above methods is to give users the answers to specific questions that may interest them. If, after reading the article, you still have reasonable questions, then you can safely write your article under such a request. If your blog is useful, you can attract more traffic and money. Thus, one of the ways to earn money from website traffic is be solved.

Top 100 Most Frequently Searched Long-Tail Travel Keywords in the UK and USA

To make it easier for you to start using LT queries, we have provided a list of most frequently searched travel keywords in the UK and USA. Based on these terms, you can generate your own keywords and further develop your blog.


  • low cost flights from london to lname
  • direct flights to las vegas from manchester
  • direct flights to seville from manchester or liverpool
  • is it cheaper to book flights online or with a travel agent
  • cheap flights – book cheap flights to europe with ryanair
  • london air fare ,london airfare ,flight to london ,london flights ,flights to london
  • how can i get super cheap flights
  • flights from isle of man to manchester
  • cheap flights to dar-es-salaam
  • cheap flights to los angeles from london
  • can you cancel ryanair flights within 24 hours
  • do i need a passport for internal uk flights
  • pia flights from islamabad to manchester today
  • flights to the isle of man from liverpool
  • cheap flights to harare from london heathrow
  • flights from isle of man to london
  • flights from new york to las vegas
  • how to get cheap flights to orlando
  • cheap flights from london to new york
  • cheap flights and hotels to new york
  • direct flights to new york from birmingham
  • flights and hotels to new york city


  • first choice discount code 2022 holidays
  • last minute dog friendly caravan holidays
  • tui holidays to puerto de la cruz
  • singles holidays uk for over 50’s
  • how many holidays do you accrue a month
  • last minute villa holidays with flights
  • cheap caravan holidays uk last minute
  • can i book jet2 holidays by phone
  • cheap holidays in august all inclusive
  • travel republic holidays puerto del carmen
  • shearings coach holidays pick up points
  • last minute coach holidays in england
  • things to do in summer holidays
  • all inclusive coach holidays to spain
  • last minute holidays from bristol to anywhere
  • where is best for all inclusive holidays
  • cheap holidays in august in uk
  • when can you book 2022 holidays
  • package holidays to jersey by air


  • how much is a 1 day travel card
  • is it safe to travel to turkey
  • is it safe to travel to egypt
  • can you travel with a passport that expires in 2 months
  • how much is a day travel card
  • which is the best travel insurance company
  • best prepaid travel card for europe
  • frequently asked questions about time travel
  • who can travel to usa without visa
  • travel insurance for pre existing medical conditions
  • can i travel if my passport expires in 3 months
  • who are the best travel insurance companies
  • travel insurance with pre existing conditions
  • is it safe to travel to cyprus
  • how long do i need on my passport to travel to spain


  • best vacations for single guys to get laid
  • best family vacations in the united states
  • cheap all inclusive vacations from new york
  • caribbean vacations all inclusive resorts adults only
  • cheap all inclusive vacations for family of 5
  • all inclusive vacations in montego bay jamaica
  • cheap vacations from new york to caribbean
  • how much did bush spend on vacations
  • best deals on all inclusive caribbean vacations
  • best beaches on the east coast for family vacations
  • how to spend time in summer vacations
  • who has the cheapest all inclusive vacations
  • best vacations for single men over 40
  • best beach vacations in august/september
  • insight vacations best of spain and portugal
  • best time to buy all inclusive vacations
  • cheap all inclusive vacations for one person
  • best places for family vacations in florida

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords for Your Blog

Promotion using LT queries is a great way to entice customers, who are ready to make a purchase or share useful information, to your site. You can choose from the most frequently searched LT travel keywords using search engines and feature articles.

Most importantly, remember that the audience is looking for useful information. Your goal is to provide users with comprehensive data on the chosen topic when creating and monetizing a travel website. LT keywords will help cater to the needs of the audience and highlight which topics should be disclosed in the article.