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International travel is gradually improving after the pandemic put most of it on hold, with tourism expected to rise by 31.7% and international spending to increase by 93.8% in 2022. This is particularly true for adventure travelers, who are now looking for outdoor activities more frequently. Mapo Tapo provides customers with an opportunity to travel the world while doing their favorite sports, meet like-minded people and even support local climbing communities. Affiliates can earn an 8% commission on every completed booking, so the reward is about $50 on average. Read on to learn about Mapo Tapo’s unique offering and the advantages of its affiliate program.

Promote responsible sports tourism with Mapo Tapo

⚠️ Please note: as of December 1, 2023, the Mapo Tapo partner program at Travelpayouts has been closed. To continue earning in the Tours & Activities category, we recommend connecting to other partner programs in this niche. For example, you can join GetYourGuide, Viator, Tiqets, or other programs suitable for your project and audience.

About Mapo Tapo

The Mapo Tapo homepage
The Mapo Tapo homepage

Mapo Tapo is an outdoor travel company that develops extreme sports tourism in remote areas. Mapo Tapo’s ultimate goal is to foster sustainable economic growth in local communities and promote responsible tourism, as well as respect for the environment. Thus, a part of the profits from each trip is allocated to developing local climbing infrastructure.

With Mapo Tapo, tourists can:

  • Visit off-the-beaten-track destinations through rock climbing
  • Practice their favorite extreme sport
  • Meet other travel outdoor enthusiasts from different countries
  • Empower local climbing communities

On Mapo Tapo’s website, travelers can book climbing trips to Spain, Italy, Morocco, Croatia, Jordan, Portugal, Chile, and the Czech Republic. For convenience, one can filter offers by destination, trip duration (from two to seven nights), climbing skills, and interests. On each tour page, users can learn more about the destination, trip highlights, the guide, basecamps, and what is included in the pricing. To book a tour, you only need to pay a small deposit.

Tours from Mapo Tapo
Tours from Mapo Tapo

Advantages for Mapo Tapo’s Customers

  • Unique climbing tours to remote destinations worldwide
  • Certified guides with each tour
  • An opportunity to meet like-minded people and make friends
  • Leaving a positive influence on local communities
  • Competitive pricing and few alternatives in the market

The Mapo Tapo Affiliate Program

With Mapo Tapo, affiliates can earn an 8% commission on every completed booking. With the average tour price of about $600.0, one sale can bring about $48 in commission. 

Cookie lifetime is 90 days, so you can earn a reward if the user completes the reservation within three months after they first clicked your affiliate link.

You can earn on all purchases made on the desktop and mobile website versions, however, bookings in the app are not rewarded.

Only traffic from Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, and United States is accepted.

You can join the program with one of the following projects:

  • Website or blog
  • Mobile app
  • Newsletter
  • Social media page
  • Messenger
  • Video platform
  • Cashback project
  • Coupon or promo code website
  • Owning or working for a travel agency
  • Media buying
  • Or even if you want to use the program for your own travel or earn on your friends’ trips.

Advantages of Mapo Tapo’s Affiliate Program

  • 8% commission on completed bookings
  • 90-day cookie lifetime, which is 3 times longer than with similar programs in the niche
  • The program is available in English, Italian, and Spanish
  • A unique offer in the market with very few alternatives
  • Mapo Tapo provides affiliates with original content to help grow sales
  • Contributing to local tourism development worldwide

How to Earn With Mapo Tapo

Below, we’ve gathered some advice to help you earn with the Mapo Tapo affiliate program.

Market Conditions

Rock climbing is a fast-growing industry, as people are increasingly practicing sports and outdoor activities, especially since the outset of the pandemic. According to Mapo Tapo data, the brand saw over 300 new customers in July 2021, while the first quarter of 2022 witnessed about 40% of 2021 total clients. With COVID restrictions takedown, Mapo Tapo expects 3x or 4x growth in bookings in comparison to the last year.

Note that these kinds of activities are usually seasonal businesses, so about 70-75% of reservations are made from April to September. 

The pandemic has also influenced the booking window. Thus, during stricter COVID restrictions, most of the reservations were last-minute. Now that more restrictions are being lifted, travelers are planning their journeys two or three months in advance.

Brand’s Audience

  • Equal gender share for Mapo Tapo audience: about 50% male and 50% female customers.
  • Most customers are 25-34 or 35-44 years old
    Mapo Tapo audience statistics
  • Both singles and couples are part of the target audience
  • Usually, the customers discover Mapo Tapo in one of the three ways:
    • On social media thanks to a large community there, and then search for the brand online
    • Searching for “Climbing trips” or similar keywords on the internet and discovering the Mapo Tapo website
    • Through the lead generation and retargeting ads (Facebook and Google Ads campaigns), now less frequently

Brand’s Advantages

  • Mapo Tapo helps extreme sports enthusiasts find like-minded people and have safe trips together, accompanied by certified guides. As rock climbing is a rather dangerous activity, it’s better to do it at least with one companion for safety.
  • Mapo Tapo is all about sustainable tourism: it promotes lesser-known outdoor areas to help travelers escape crowdy places and places impact on local sports development. Thus, each trip on the brand’s website includes local guides and accommodation.
  • Every trip also includes a certified mountain guide, so beginners, as well as experts, can easily participate. Most offers from competitors in the market require previous sports experience.
  • In contrast to other businesses in the niche, Mapo Tapo offers ad hoc travel insurance that covers anything that could happen to customers during their trip. For example, helicopter rescue in remote areas, and so on. Such insurance is usually not included in competitors’ packages.
  • Climbing with other enthusiasts is less expensive than alone or with one partner. For instance, hiring a certified guide costs about €250 per day per person, so a 5-day trip for two people will cost at least €2,500 excluding accommodation and food, while Mapo Tapo offers the whole package for about €600 on average. Some destinations, such as Mallorca, only cost €499!

Popular Brand Products

  1. Mallorca
  2. Sicily East
  3. Liguria
  4. Croatia
  5. Camaiore, Tuscany
  6. Sicily West Climbing
  7. Sicily West Bouldering
  8. Jordan

Most trips are 5-day long. However, from April to September there is also an increase in demand for weekend experiences, for example, Climb and yoga in Liguria, Italy.

Best Practices to Promote Mapo Tapo

Take advantage of the biggest traffic sources that drive clients to Mapo Tapo

Mapo Tapo top traffic channels

“Other” includes ads, affiliate traffic, and other initiatives. Note that organic traffic is gradually taking the lead. Thus, since the beginning of 2022, it almost doubled. Traffic sources that convert users best are organic search, ads, referrals from other websites, and linkouts from social media. 

To warm up the audience, take advantage of the following sorts of content:

  • How to climb in destinations (you can learn more in Mapo Tapo magazine)
  • Content about outdoor activities and vacations
  • Content explaining what climbing is and how it works for beginners
  • Content on sustainable tourism
  • Content on local communities and rural areas
  • Content on the world’s remote areas to travel to
  • Content on group trips and new experience

To motivate the user to buy a product, use one of the following tips:

  • Explain how fun a Mapo Tapo group tour can be. Use inspirational content to make the user desire to experience the product.
  • Communicate all the benefits and features included in trip packages
  • Emphasize the sustainable side of the trips and discovery of remote rural areas.

Take advantage of the following calls to action:

  • “Rock-climbing trips for all levels”
  • “Travel responsibly, Climb off the beaten track, Empower locals”
  • “Certified Guide, B&B Accommodation, Accident Insurance, climb with us!”
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