Best of Travelpayouts: Summing up 2019

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We love summing up the year-end results because there is always so much to be proud of and feel good about. We want to share these memories and thank you for being a part of our success and achieving such mind-blowing results. Are you ready to learn about the dizzying heights we’ve reached this year and how impressive the upcoming year might be?

Best of Travelpayouts Summing up 2019

Encouraging numbers

Here are a few numbers clearly indicating that we are growing and have no intention to stop: 

  • Paid out this year: $6,481,137
  • Paid out since day one: $22,942,158
  • Top monthly payout: $37,500
  • Top payout per one order: $720
  • 65,000 new partners
  • 17 new advertisers 
  • 845,000 blog post views
  • 30 webinars
  • 16,300 tickets resolved by our support team

New advertisers

This year we connected with 17 new advertisers, including KAYAK,, and other well-known brands. We also terminated relations with five advertisers, but there is nothing wrong with that. We want our affiliates to partner with the best brands, who provide the highest conversion rates and are credible in the eyes of customers. So, you can be sure that our system only includes trustworthy partners. 

Success stories of our advertisers

In 2019, BlaBlaCar and Tripster showed the strongest growth among other brands. In March 2019, Tripster’s affiliate partners earned a record-high of $24,000 on tours in one month, having increased their income by 3.8 time compared to last year. Alexey Melchakov, CEO and founder of Tripster, shared his experience of working with Travelpayouts

BlaBlaCar entered the Russian affiliate market with the help of Travelpayouts. For the first quarter of 2009, the service provider’s sales rose by 40%. Stanislav Izmailov, marketing specialist at BlaBlaCar, told us how the company managed to achieve these results

Success stories of our affiliates

We are even more impressed with the success stories of our affiliates. In September, we published a blog post in which our affiliates shared their experience of partnering with the KAYAK affiliate program

A striking example of a successful affiliate at Travelpayouts is Jaseel Seethintakath, author of the FareFirst application. 

A few facts about the app:

  • Started September 2017
  • 20+ languages
  • ~ 120,000 active users per month

Also, don’t miss an inspiring story of Jaseel “An Amazing Success Story – Never Give Up!” on 

Online projects 

We launched our first significant online project by April, 1. Affiliates could spin roulette in our virtual casino and win a prize or money. 

In November, we celebrated Black Friday and shared exclusive promo codes from advertisers. 

Black Friday

And, a logical conclusion of the year was our Christmas project

We already have a lot of ideas for the coming year, and we promise it will be exciting. Join us on social media in order to stay in touch and be the first to know the latest news:

Offline events 

We increased the number of offline events because of how important it is to meet in person and discuss current situations. This year, we organized three meetups in Russia – one in St. Petersburg and two in Moscow. On September 28, we held an incredible Travelpayouts Affiliate Summit. It has already became an international event. We also proudly welcomed two foreign speakers: Mark from and Jaseel from FareFirst. We promise to invite even more interesting speakers. You wouldn’t believe this, but we are already preparing for next year’s summit, so join us in Moscow in late September. 

We are attending international conferences more and more often. This year, we visited 17 events and brought something useful from each one of them! The most significant occasions were Affiliate Summit West and ITB Berlin. By the way, we are attending the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas January 27-29, 2020. 

We are also excited to tell you that on January 27, we are organizing the first ever Travelpayouts meetup in the US at the Waldorf Astoria in Vegas! You can read more about the event and register here. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Product updates 

This year, we have outdone ourselves by improving the user dashboard and blog, releasing several Google Chrome browser extensions and updating our mobile SDK. 

Huge updates of the user dashboard

The Travelpayouts’ user dashboard was almost completely unchanged for five years. During this time, the company grew from a Aviasales affiliate program to a large affiliate network. Our previous user dashboard could no longer meet the needs of our business and affiliates. The main change was moving Aviasales and Hotellook to the rest of affiliate programs. We are no longer an affiliate program of one advertiser but a large network partnering with many well-known brands. To learn more, read the full review of the user dashboard updates in our blog. 

Redesigning the blog

We prepared for it for so long and have now finalized the blog redesign. There are still some small improvements that we are gradually implementing, but the blog has already become much more convenient and better looking. Next year, we plan on adding even more useful materials. 

TP Events

Soon, you’ll be able to learn about the upcoming events and webinars on the TP Events website. We’re finalizing its design and will present it to you shortly. 

Google Chrome browser extensions

  1. Travelpayouts extension for Chrome allows you to instantly generate affiliate links right on the advertiser’s website.
  2. Inspiration Tab is an inspiring extension for those who love traveling and are always in search of new places to visit. The Chrome extension “Inspiration Tab” allows you to add your affiliate ID to your links or make them lead to White Label. 

Mobile SDK and mobile application template

The main event this year is adding hotel search to Android SDK. We also made a few changes to iOS SDK. We also created a template for mobile applications (iOS, Android). You can download it from Github and further develop to make your project unique. 

We help affiliates earn more

After joining Travelpayouts, you will never be left alone with your problems. We lead our affiliates by their hands from the registration to first earnings, and from starting work to making impressive results. We published two very useful and detailed guides:

  1. 7 ways to jumpstart with Travelpayouts
  2. 10 easy steps to create a website

We also launched schools for several affiliate programs – these are newsletters in which advertisers teach affiliates how to make money with their brands. We try to only give useful information and statistics in our webinars to help you find new ideas and pursue them. Finally, we expanded our support team and now are able to answer your questions even faster. 

Our crew

Travelpayouts added another 28 people to the team! We are even surprised at how fast we’re growing and how many more ideas we can implement now. Stay with us and be a part of our success! You can read interviews with the team and learn about new crew members in the “About us” section of our blog. 

Media mentions

We are not shy about praising ourselves, but it is even more pleasant to hear someone else say it. Here, you can find what media wrote about us this year:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May next year bring you joyous events and even higher income with Travelpayouts!

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