Unlock Quality Content: Top Article Writing Services for Your Blog in 2024

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If you are looking for a writer to fill your blog with top-quality content, consider using some of the best content-writing services available to you. These platforms provide access to authors with different skillsets and rates, while allowing you to order article-writing services based on your budget and timeline. With so many tools available, it might be challenging to choose a single platform, especially if you do not want to waste time and money trying to find the perfect tool. This post presents some of the best article-writing services that you can safely try out to receive top-notch content and not overpay.

Best article writing services for your blog

What Is an Article-Writing Service?

An article-writing service is a program that connects authors in various niches to clients from all over the world. As a customer, you can order an article or a different form of content and set a deadline. With so many different platforms available, you can easily find a solution according to your budget and time requirements.

How can using content-writing services benefit bloggers and webmasters? First, they can save time by delegating content creation to niche experts. Second, with the best article-writing services, you can make sure that your content gets delivered before a certain deadline, as most services provide such a guarantee. In contrast, working directly with a writer may result in delays depending on that writer’s workload. Third, if the post does not correspond to your objectives and technical tasks, many content-writing tools allow you to reorder for free, which is not the case with freelance writers.

Best Article Writing Services

As a rule, niche online publishers who develop content marketing strategies for directing traffic require extensive web content. If you are having trouble writing unique blog posts yourself or even starting the writing process, consider hiring copywriting experts. Where can you find writers if you lack a team of staff members?

Article-writing websites are facilitators that offer a wide array of writers specializing in content creation for various types of websites. For example, it is possible to pick an author that focuses on reviews or long-reads, or even on a certain niche: medicine, law and more. It’s also possible to find someone who creates numerous types of written content for a blog.

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Below, you’ll find a description of some credible platforms offering article-writing services, which might help you grow your project.


A screenshot of the TextBroker homepage featuring a photo of a man with a laptop
TextBroker homepage

Textbroker is one of the cheap services, as it provides a full range of materials: blog posts, product descriptions, entire outreach campaigns and more, for an affordable price. The service focuses on the U.S. authors that create content with SEO in mind. It claims to provide publishers with writers that specialize in the chosen topics.

The platform operates on a 2- to 5-star rating system that makes pricing quite flexible. For instance, you can order a 2-star author for just 2.3 cents per word or a 5-star writer for 9 cents per word. Besides, the price is dependent on the type of cooperation you choose. The service offers Open Order, Direct Order, and Team Order systems. To know the exact price, use the service calculator.

It’s possible to make orders withoutbuying a monthly subscription.The process of ordering articles is quite complicated.
It features international applicationsto provide content in 36 languages.It is possible that your articles may go unwritten.
Flawless customer service. 
They upload and format documentsin the backend of the website andobtain images for the posts if needed. 


A screenshot of the Scripted homepage featuring a photo of young people at the library
Scripted homepage

If you’re looking for the best content writing services, don’t miss Scripted. It combines quality content and convenience of service. It will provide you with the original content for any topic imaginable. For example, it’s possible to put general points out to a group of writers and get thoughts and ideas back. You can get content for a blog, a website, social media and email newsletters.

The platform offers options affordable for small, medium businesses as well as large corporations. The subscription costs $199, $499, and customized pricing for enterprises per month. The platform also proposes an SEO strategy, content creation, publishing, account management and analytics. The authors set their own prices for writing articles.

Highly experienced writers.It’s a little more expensivethan other platforms
The client reps are ready tohelp and are communicative.Although the updates areuseful, they do happenrather frequently.
Easy-to-use interface. 


A screenshot of the iWriter homepage featuring a cartoon character with a laptop and a tea cup
iWriter homepage 

iWriter is also among the best SEO article-writing services since it provides any type of custom content including articles, article rewrites, blog posts, ebooks and product descriptions. On the home page, you can see a list of the most prolific and highest-rated authors. You can sign up on the website for free.

The prices depend on the number of words and the type of subscription. Depending on the plan, you will pay from $0.01 to $0.09 per word. Thus, a 1,000-word post will cost you from $10 to $90. 

You can pick some authorsas your “favorite writers” and saveyour time for future projects.You have no opportunity to returnthe article and ask the author tochange the text. Once it has been rejected,other clients will be able to make a purchase.
It’s possible to upload the articlestraight to a WordPress blog andthere are clear instructions onthe platform if you still don’t knowhow to proceed. 


A screenshot of the Writer Access homepage featuring a photo of a girl with a laptop
WriterAccess homepage

While thinking of the best blog-writing services, consider WriterAccess that offers top-rated freelance authors, editors, and content strategists. The writers’ quality rate is in the range of two to six stars.

The cost of content is from four up to seven cents per word. Besides, it requires a monthly fee to access several thousands of top-notch writers. The service offers three levels of membership that cost $41, $66, and $99 per month respectively when paid annually. The price depends on the marketplace. For the price of $41, you get general writers, for the price of $99 – editors and translators as well. You can also purchase content separately.

The service provides hugevolumes of content fast.It lacks the option of uploading andformatting pieces of content inthe backend of your site.
The opportunity to createorder templates for fastrecurring orders.
The platform works onlywith native English writers. 
Live chat to get support hassle-free. 


A screenshot of the ContentDevelopmentPros homepage featuring a photo of a girl
ContentDevelopmentPros homepage

When searching for professional writers or any other authors, take into account the content agency ContentDevelopmentPros. They can provide content across 10 industries and tons of niches. Besides, you can order ghostwriting pieces like eBooks and fiction books, the whole range of paperwork for business writing (business plans, applications, reviews, etc.), and editing services.

Their pricing depends on the type of services that you order. For example, blog writing will cost you $11.95 per page.

They format content and publish itdirectly on your WordPress website.A bit overwhelming website,not easy to navigate at first.
Up to five images for your contentare included if needed (however,additional fees are required).Delayed delivery is possible
You will receive your projectin a timely manner. 
The support is prompt, responsive,respectful and professional. 


A screenshot of the ClearVoice homepage featuring a photo of a woman with a tablet
ClearVoice homepage

Clear Voice is a comprehensive marketing platform that offers content creation and marketing services for your brand. Take advantage of one of the platform’s key features, managed content creation, to deliver materials and achieve your long-term goals of content marketing, lead generation, paid searches, digital marketing, social media advertising, and more.

This platform is a great choice if you want to scale your business and have a robust budget. The pricing is tailored to the client’s needs, so you can book a free online consultation for a cost estimate.

Great customer supportMay be too extensive if you simply need a few pieces of content every now and then or if you don’t want to generate a large number of posts
Helps to quickly and efficiently manage your flow of content 
The perfect solution if you need a lot of content and your business needs are growing 

The Content Panel

A screenshot of The Content Panel homepage featuring a photo of a young woman smiling
The Content Panel homepage

The Content Panel provides 100% unique content written by experts in your niche and features over 3,000 authors in its talent pool. You can order different types of content: blog posts, product descriptions, articles, copywriting, webpages, eBooks, white papers, SEO content, email newsletters, and more. You’ll even be assigned an account manager, who will guide your campaigns from start to finish.

The Content Panel can also manage content creation on a regular basis. Customizable blog management plans allow you to order a precise number of posts each month, as well as specify your topics and desired post length. Your account manager will send blog post ideas at the beginning of each iteration or you can suggest topics yourself.

There are even more unique services available from the platform. For example, the Content Panel uses artificial intelligence to pick writers with expertise in your specific niche. Creating your content will only take 48 hours. In addition, you can request revisions and alterations for free. The platform’s team also has content optimization expertise, as the Content Panel was formerly an SEO agency. Strong anti plagiarism tools ensure that clients receive only exclusive content. If it happens that you don’t like the content, you can get a new piece for no additional charge.

Pricing starts from $3.40 per 100 words. A 500-word article would cost from $17 per post. There is a 30-day refund policy for all blog management plans.

Fast, original, and inexpensive contentYou cannot order more than 50 posts per month
You can request revisions or reject content and receive your money backSEO optimization only for an additional cost
A dedicated account manager who will guide you from start to finish through all campaigns 


A screenshot of the Solvid homepage 
Solvid homepage

Solvid claims to be a leading content creation agency in London. This platform is a great fit for many bloggers, agencies, businesses, and online entrepreneurs across different niches, including hospitality, marketing, insurance, fintech, eCommerce, health, retail, services, and more. Solvid’s content has been published on Entrepreneur.com, HuffPost, TechRadar, and other publications.

All projects are delivered by in-house writers. You can order a variety of actionable and SEO content products, such as blog posts, guides, articles, White Papers, press releases, webpages, and more. It will only take 24 to 48 hours for a 1,000 word post to be delivered, which includes the time to conduct detailed research, proofreading, and revisions. Every piece of content also includes internal and external linking, keywords, plagiarism checks, stock images, search engine optimization, and more. You can also request unlimited edits until you like the result.

There are various types of membership plans available, depending on whether you want to pay annual fee, monthly fee, one-time fee, etc.

Variety of content types availableIt takes up to six days for long-form pieces to be completed
Unlimited edits and revisions 
Stock images, linking, SEO, keywords in every piece 


A screenshot of the Copify homepage with a featured post
Copify homepage

Copify promises to identify the perfect writer for your brand and deliver your copy within 48 hours. You can order SEO-optimized website content, blog posts with images and WordPress integration, product descriptions and reviews for eCommerce websites, articles, email newsletters, press releases, and more.

Blog owners can purchase monthly packages as well as specify the number of posts and topics that you need authors to cover. The platform will assign your task to writers and allow you to review copies online. If you are using WordPress, you can even get your posts published automatically.

Pricing depends on the number of words in the copy and the expertise of the writer. 

Inexpensive and high-quality materialsYou can’t count on getting the same article writer for all your posts
SEO optimizationMay not be the best option if you want to maintain a coherent brand voice

Hiring a Solo Writer

Some businesspersons or small companies prefer to look for a blog post writer or any other author outside of writing services and cooperate with freelancers or in-house teams, as they’re usually called. In addition, some copywriters have their own websites and can easily be found on the internet. Let’s clarify some nuances of partnership with those writers.

Where to Find

There’re plenty of dedicated platforms where a publisher can find an author. As a rule, they’re rather flexible and try to meet all your business needs. For example, Get a Copywriter offers native speakers and literate editors, a personal account manager, and unlimited revisions. 

A screenshot of the Get A Copywriter homepage featuring a cartoon character
Get a Copywriter homepage

It’s also possible to find high-quality writers on Upwork, but you should be realistic about the pricing there.

If looking for content writing companies that work only with full-time employees, consider Virtucom Group that cooperates with in-house writers from diverse fields, including tech, finance, health, the arts, education and more. Also, you can place an ad showing that you are in the search of an author.

A screenshot of the Virtucom Group homepage
Virtucom Group homepage

How to Pay

Content writing is remunerated per word, per page or per hour, depending on a project or the author preference. As a rule, you can discuss the price with a solo writer personally. If you collaborate with a writing company, you’ll be asked to make an agreement with a firm to ensure rational price and high quality of work. However, more and more solo writers prefer to sign contracts specifying the type of work deadlines, payment methods, and other details of the project.

Content Writing Service or Solo Writer

There is a great choice of writers that you can find for your website, but it’s crucial to understand the difference between hiring a solo writer and resorting to a dedicated platform.

A solo writer is an independent specialist with their own price, deadlines, and methods of work. You can find such a specialist on one of freelance platforms or upon the recommendation of their previously satisfied customer, for example. Normally, solo writers don’t ask you to sign any agreement if contacted personally. In case you use a platform, there will be basic regulations. Freelancers normally set their own price and deadline, and you can find any rate from cheap content writers to high-paid professionals.

On the other hand, such platforms are a good option when you have a huge project, and they normally charge less. Besides, you’ll have a wide range of writers. However, you will pay a double price: first, for the subscription, and then, for the text itself.

Wrapping It All Up

Before you hire a writer, think of your needs and objectives. Ask yourself such questions as “How many articles do I need?” or “How fast should the work be done?” to understand criteria and choose the best option for content creation. If you’re a newcomer in this field, place small orders on several platforms to analyze the results and choose the best offer, whether you are looking for a solo writer or content writing services.

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