The Black Friday Sprint Results

Maria Kuznetsova Maria Kuznetsova
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And so the Black Friday Sprint promotion comes to a close… Travelpayouts and top travel brands got together to provide our partners with a whole month of boosted earnings. Check out the winners in this article.

The main prize, a shiny new iPhone 15, was won by participant number 1073

All the winners in the Top Earners category by the participant number

Brand nameParticipant number
GetYourGuide2185, 1633, 1781
Radical Storage2343
Go City2602
Airalo2619, 3392
Tripadvisor3130, 2066, 2408
Hostelworld1073, 3023, 1190

All the winners in the Quick Start category by the participant number

Brand nameParticipant number

Increased reward rates and special offers from brands

We’re expecting even more special offers from brands in January, so stay tuned for updates via email and social media!

Timeless Tips for Earning with Travelpayouts

We shared some tips at the start of the promotion on how to earn more and show your competitive flare during the Black Friday Sprint. The advice is no less relevant now, so keep reading, apply those tips to your work, and watch as your earnings increase.

  1. Place more partner links and widgets. Choose your pages with the highest traffic and read the articles below on how to use tools quickly and effectively. 
  1. Delegate more tasks. This is one of the main tips that experienced travel bloggers mention frequently, including the renowned creator Somto Ugwueze (Somto Seeks). The more routine work you delegate, the more time you’ll have to prepare content, plan for and study new sources of traffic, and figure out the best ways to implement your affiliate tools. You can hire helpers to place partner links on your posts, and you don’t need to give them full access to your personal account. You can give them delegated access, which won’t allow them to see your earnings nor change any important account information.
  1. Bring in additional traffic to your most visited pages by using social networks, newsletter, or paid advertising. Try Pinterest, for example, which acts as a great source of traffic to tourism-oriented websites. Check out our blog post on using Pinterest in affiliate marketing.
  1. Creating new articles isn’t always the best way forward. Focusing on improving the content on your most visited pages can often lead to better results. For example, you could focus on updating existing information, adding something new, or integrating more partner links and widgets. The main advantage of this approach is that your top pages already have the main component to success – traffic! The aim is to figure out how to effectively convert it into sales. Have a read of the articles below on how to improve your content:
  1. Get inspired by the stories of our successful partners and perhaps even borrow some of their advice to further develop your own project!
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