Supercharged Black Friday for Travelpayouts Partners: Earn More and Win an iPhone 15!

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Take part in our Black Friday Sprint promotion and make use of exclusive promo codes and increased reward rates from brands, as well as the chance to win a brand new iPhone 15 and other prizes!

Supercharged Black Friday for Travelpayouts Partners: Earn More Over the Low Season and Win an iPhone 15!

Promotion period: November 17 — December 15, 2023

What Do Black Friday Sprint Participants Get?

  1. Exclusive promo codes and increased reward rates for the duration of the promotion that you won’t find elsewhere.
  2. The chance to win an iPhone 15, which will go to the partner who earns the most with participating brands throughout the promotion. 
  3. The chance to win other prizes from brands. Some brands will be giving out rewards to winners of the Top Earners and Quick Start nominations (newbies, the latter concerns you!) 

Which Brands Will Be Taking Part?

  • increased rate — 5% of booking value (usual rate — 4% of booking value)
  • Airalo: increased rate — 16% of booking value (usual rate — 12% of booking value)
  • AirHelp: increased rate — 22.5% of compensation value (usual rate — 13.5% of compensation value)
  • Omio: increased rate — 6.8% of booking value (usual rate — 6% of booking value)
  • Kiwitaxi: increased rate — 12-14% of booking value (usual rate — 9-11% of booking value)
  • Tiqets: increased rate — 10% of booking value (usual rate — 8% of booking value)
  • GetTransfer: increased rate — 11% of booking value (usual rate — 7% of booking value)

You can find the full list of brands and their special offers on the promotion landing page

More About Prizes and Nominations 

We’ll be selecting winners from three categories. There’s only one grand prize, but you can also win bonuses from brands. The winners will be announced on December 22.

  1. The Black Friday Sprint Grand Prize
    The Grand Prize is an iPhone 15, which will be taken home by the contestant who earns the most overall with participating brands throughout the promotion period.
  2. Top Earner for a specific brand
    Each of the brands mentioned below will reward up to three of their top earners with special conditions to help them earn even more after the promotion ends.
    Brands: Tiqets, Airhelp, Eatwith, Go City, GetYourGuide, Airalo, and other top brands. Find out more about the bonuses offered by the brands.
  1. Quick Start
    The same principle as above applies here, except you have to have never earned with the brand prior to the promotion to be eligible for the Quick Start nomination. Newbies, on your marks!
    Brands:, Airalo, Tiqets, Kiwitaxi, GetYourGuide, Go City, and other top brands. Find out more about the bonuses offered by the brands.

You can win multiple nominations. For example, take home the grand prize and be the top earner with multiple brands. Or you could win the Quick Start nomination for one brand and be the top earner for another.

Bonuses From Brands

Here are examples of just a few of the bonuses on offer. You can find the full list on this Notion page.

BrandNomination: Top EarnersNomination: Quick Start
Tiqets2 winners get €100 euros1 winner gets €100 euros
GetYourGuide3 winners get a €100 GYG voucher3 winners get a €100 GYG voucher
Airalo2 winners get an increased reward rate of 15% for the period Dec 16, 2023 – Jan 15, 20242 winners get an increased reward rate of 15% for the period Dec 16, 2023 – Jan 15, 2024

How to Take Part in the Black Friday Sprint

Take just 2 minutes of your time to sign up on the promotion landing page!

Access to brands’ promotional terms will open on November 17. A section will appear in your Travelpayouts personal account presenting the participating brands, and you’ll find detailed descriptions of each brand’s special offers and promo codes on their Travelpayouts pages for you to share with your audience. 

How to Get Ahead

We’ll be sending you useful tips on how to get the upper hand over your opponents! They’ll be coming your way throughout the promotion, so be sure to check your emails.

  1. Connect to all the participating brands. You’ll find the full list on the promotion landing page. Even if you’ve never worked with a particular brand, give it a try, as you might just end up winning the Quick Start nomination.
  2. Place more partner tools. Choose your pages with the highest traffic and read the articles below on how to use tools quickly and effectively. 
  1. Delegate more tasks. This is one of the main tips that experienced travel bloggers mention frequently, including the renowned creator Somto Ugwueze (Somto Seeks). The more routine work you delegate, the more time you’ll have to prepare content, plan for and study new sources of traffic, and figure out the best ways to implement your affiliate tools. You can hire helpers to place partner links on your posts, and you don’t need to give them full access to your personal account. You can give them delegated access, which won’t allow them to see your earnings nor change any important account information.
  1. Bring in additional traffic to your most visited pages by using social networks, newsletter, or paid advertising. Try Pinterest, for example, which acts as a great source of traffic to tourism-oriented websites. Check out our blog post on using Pinterest in affiliate marketing.
  1. Prepare new articles or update last years’ ones, focusing mainly on the upcoming winter holidays. If you’ve already got some great articles that bring in traffic, it would be a good idea to brush them up. Perhaps you have articles that just require a little more work on them to start bringing in traffic. And if you don’t yet have any suitable articles, write up a couple new ones – just don’t forget to keep point 4 in mind and think about how you’re going to get them to generate traffic. Read our guides on how to create useful content that sells: 
  1. Get inspired by the stories of our successful partners and perhaps even borrow some of their advice to further develop your own project! 

Ready to get started? Let’s grab this low season by the horns… and some prizes while you’re at it!