Eggs in One Basket? Travelpayouts Says It’s the Best Strategy

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How many times has someone warned you to not “put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, we’re here to turn that notion upside down by showing you that consolidating your efforts with partner programs is not only convenient but also remarkably safe. Dive into our article to discover the compelling reasons behind this assertion.

Eggs in One Basket? Travelpayouts Says It’s the Best Strategy

All in One Place = Less Stress!

Imagine having one:

  • Comprehensive report for all partner programs
  • Login to create all affiliate links and widgets
  • Dedicated support service
  • Consistent monthly payout 

The time and energy you’d save by not hopping from one site to another to track statistics and collect earnings could instead be channeled into growing your site.

A platform built exclusively for travel brands, Travelpayouts helps you connect to over 100 reputable travel partner programs — without the hassle. Thanks to our unified platform, managing multiple travel partner programs has never been easier.

How Else Can You Benefit From Travelpayouts?

Technology Is the Key!

At Travelpayouts, we strive to enhance your travel blogging journey with our innovative tools. And it’s not just about improvements; we’re inventing new ways to make your experience more enjoyable and efficient. Here’s just a peek at what we offer:

  • Delegated Access: This feature allows you to securely add managers and virtual assistants to your Travelpayouts account without compromising sensitive information. It’s perfect for teams that want to collaborate seamlessly.
  • Chrome Extension: Designed for convenience and efficiency, our Chrome extension allows you to generate an affiliate link to any page on a brand’s website without leaving that page.
  • Link Shortener: This built-in link shortener creates attractive, trust-inspiring links that include the brand name through your personal account.

Our partners rave about how user-friendly Travelpayouts is from the get-go. We’re proud to announce that, based on partner feedback, our platform boasts the most intuitive personal account among affiliate programs, networks, and platforms!

I find Travelpayouts pretty easy to navigate and create links in. I think it’s an ideal setup for anyone who’s just starting out or anyone who’s experienced.

Mark Wyld, Wyld Family Travel

Same Rewards as Other Networks or Direct Affiliate Programs

When it comes to rewards, Travelpayouts is on par with direct brand affiliate programs and other affiliate networks. However, the perceived difference in rewards may be due to how these rewards are presented. Whereas a direct affiliate program might calculate the rate as a revenue share, we calculate it as a percentage of the booking value.

Additionally, to ensure everyone gets their fair share, we never skim off commission for any partner. We get paid by brands to attract quality traffic and prevent fraudulent bookings, meaning that any commission you receive is yours alone — we’re the ultimate intermediary.  

Okay, so we’ve covered the basics. Not bad, eh? But the question remains: how can you trust us and decide to put all your eggs into our basket?

Get To Know Us Better!

To address any hesitations, we encourage you to conduct your own research. Despite our 11 years of success in travel affiliate marketing — without missing a single commission payment — we understand the importance of trust. 

Explore reviews on TrustPilot, engage with travel blogger communities on Facebook, or reach out directly via email, social media, or blog post comments. We’re always here to answer your questions and alleviate any concerns.

We have also written several articles explaining the benefits we offer our partners. You will find in them answers to many of your questions:

Try Travelpayouts, Risk Free, Through LinkSwitcher! 

We’ve all heard the old adage that “to achieve greatness, you need to embrace risk”. But what if you could seize the opportunity without the worry of what might go wrong?

Let’s take, for example, the LinkSwitcher script. It requires no advanced technical skills to set up and seamlessly transform existing links from other affiliate networks or direct affiliate programs into Travelpayouts affiliate links.

Here’s the kicker: you can decide which brands’ links are converted. If you prefer to work directly with a specific brand, you can easily exclude it from the conversion process.

Worried about the commitment factor? That’s okay! If you decide Travelpayouts isn’t for you, simply remove the LinkSwitcher script from your site. Like magic, all your links will revert to their original state, just as they were before the integration. The transformation occurs only when a user clicks on a link, ensuring that your links remain untouched without the script.

Dive deeper into how this game-changing tool operates and discover how effortless installation can be by reading our detailed article on LinkSwitcher. 

Eggs in One Travelpayouts Basket: Convenient, Serene, Safe

Enjoy the same lucrative rewards from your favorite brands but through a more user-friendly platform that includes cutting-edge technology designed to streamline your blogging endeavors. Not to mention it comes with an outstanding support team dedicated to guiding you every step of the way.

So embrace the experiment! After all, experimentation is the key to discovering what really works for you. In the world of affiliate marketing, relying solely on others’ experiences just won’t cut it. Make your mark by trying out new strategies directly on your own site — the result may surprise you. 

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